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Episode Guides

These are episode guides created by the Inner Mind. The revision date is when the content of the guide was last changed and does not include things like formatting changes. For full sized versions of some of the pictures in the guides see the pictures section.

Also see the guides in the Young Indy and Outer Limits sections of this website, and the episode guides other people have created.

The Type means: List=episode titles; Guide=have synopses. The table columns can be sorted by clicking on the table headers. Clicking again changes the sort direction which the arrow indicates.

Episode Guide Type Format Revision Date
Aaron's Way guide text August 6, 2010
Alfred Hitchcock Hour (episode list) list text August 8, 2023
Alfred Hitchcock Hour (episode guide) guide text August 8, 2023
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (60's series) - chronological list text December 4, 1993
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (60's series) - sortable list text December 4, 1993
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (80's series) guide text September 8, 2023
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (80's series) guide PDF September 14, 2023
Amazing Stories (80's series) guide text September 3, 1999
Amazing Stories (80's series) guide PDF September 3, 1999
Are You Afraid of the Dark list text August 27, 2000
The Avengers guide text April 15, 1995
Avonlea or Road to Avonlea list text May 22, 2014
Call to Glory guide text February 2, 1992
Christy list text March 25, 1996
Darkroom guide text January 12, 1992
Dwight In Shining Armor (episode list) list text April 12, 2021
Dwight In Shining Armor (episode guide) guide text May 25, 2021
Eerie Indiana guide text March 5, 2020
Eerie Indiana guide PDF March 5, 2020
Eerie Indiana (quick reference guide) guide PDF March 26, 1994
Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension guide text September 21, 2013
The Fantastic Journey guide text July 3, 2023
The Fugitive guide text July 2, 1999
The Ghost and Mrs Muir guide text June 17, 2020
Harts of the West guide text April 4, 2022
Highway to Heaven list text July 2, 1999
The Hitchhiker list text November 17, 2020
Hondo guide text August 11, 2023
Land of the Giants list text March 30, 2020
Logan's Run guide text June 12, 2023
Lost in Space (60's series) (episode list) list text March 4, 2024
Lost in Space (60's series) (episode guide) guide text March 18, 2024
Monsters (episode list) list text May 9, 2023
Monsters (episode guide) guide text May 9, 2023
Nanny and the Professor (episode list) list text June 29, 2021
Nanny and the Professor (episode guide) guide text June 29, 2021
The New Adventures of Beans Baxter guide text July 15, 1997
Otherworld guide text March 16, 1998
Paradise/Guns of Paradise guide text July 23, 2020
The Ray Bradbury Theater guide text June 14, 1993
The Ray Bradbury Theater guide PDF June 14, 1993
Shining Time Station list text June 29, 1997
Space Rangers guide text April 4, 2020
Tales From the Darkside (episode list) list text January 7, 2021
Tales From the Darkside (episode guide) guide text January 26, 2021
Tales From the Neverending Story guide text May 16, 2004
The Torkelsons/Almost Home guide text April 15, 1995
UFO guide text November 19, 2010
UFO guide PDF November 19, 2010
Voyage of the Mimi list text January 12, 1992
Wild Kat guide text December 15, 2003
Zoom (1990s) guide text August 9, 2010

Most computers come with a way to view PDF files but if yours dosen't the free Adobe Acrobat Reader is available from the Adobe web site for many computer platforms.

The Postscript to PDF conversion for the Eerie guide was done by John Switzer. The rest were done by the Inner Mind.