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Welcome to the episode guide section of the Inner Mind website. This section has episode guides for television series including sci-fi, fantasy, horror, drama and comedy genres. The guides range in content from simple lists of episodes to more complete guides with cast, writers, directors, production personal, guest stars, and synopses. Included are guides I have done as well as some created by others. There are a few pictures and sound files for some of the shows. There is other TV related information and a F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) for the section.

There are also quizzes for TV series where questions are asked that you can try to answer. Currently there is only a Doctor Who quiz for the 1990s series.

There are quotes from various TV series. You select a TV show and a random quote from it will be displayed. Included are TV shows which have episodes guides here as well as other TV series.

Feedback on my pages is always appreciated. Use the feedback form or

Episode Guides

TV with Avengers show
TV with Lost in Space show
TV with Otherworld show
TV with Dwight In Shining Armor show