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Episode Guides Sounds

This page has sound files for some TV shows with episode guides on this site.

Sound file information:
Wave: 8bit/8kHz/mono
Real Audio: 16bit/8kHz/mono

For Real Audio info and players see this RealAudio Wikipedia article

Also see the sounds in the Young Indy and Outer Limits sections.

File Size TV Program
143k Aaron's Way
110k Alfred Hitchcock
120k Almost Home
133k Amazing Stories
91k The Avengers
158k Avonlea
221k Call to Glory
85k The Fugitive (opening narration)
116k The Ghost and Mrs Muir
129k Grizzly Adams
122k Land of the Giants
112k Lost in Space
125k Nanny and the Professor
34k The New Adventures of Beans Baxter (music 1)
79k The New Adventures of Beans Baxter (opening narration)
59k The New Adventures of Beans Baxter (music 2)
58k Otherworld (opening narration)
131k Otherworld (music)
174k The Ray Bradbury Theater (opening narration)
120k Space Rangers
120k Tales From the Neverending Story
174k Voyage of the Mimi

All the sound file editing is done by the Inner Mind except where noted.