Outer Limits Sounds

This page has some music excerpts and sound effects from a few new and original Outer Limits episodes.

Sound file information:
Wave: 8bit/8kHz/mono
Real Audio: 16bit/8kHz/mono

For Real Audio info and players see this RealAudio Wikipedia article

New Outer Limits sounds

Episode Time Real Audio
Theme 1:00 120k
Valerie 23 :47 94k
Sandkings :42 86k
Quality of Mercy :46 93k
New Breed 1:08 136k
Stitch In Time :43 90k

Original Outer Limits Sounds

Episode or sound effect Time Real Audio Wave
Control voice opening 1:08 136k 545k
The Man Who Was Never Born :31 63k
The Hundred Days of the Dragon :43 87k
Nightmare :29 58k
Tone and probing the galaxies :33 66k
Time portal crossing :08 17k 65k
Mind link transfer :44 89k
Control voice sign off :12 25k 98k