Outer Limits Television Show
Outer Limits TV Show

The Outer Limits section has information for the television show with this name. The series was an anthology with an emphasis on science fiction stories. Both the 1960s and 1990s incarnations of the show are included.

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Young Indiana Jones Television Show
Young Indiana Jones TV Show

The Young Indiana Jones section has information on the The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles television show. The series is based on characters in the Indiana Jones feature films and follows the Indiana Jones character as he was growing up. During his travels he meets various historical people and has many adventures.

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Television Show Episode Guides
TV Show Episode Guides

The Episode Guides section has guides from sci-fi, fantasy, and drama television shows as well as a few other types of shows. They include episode guides I have created as well as a few done by others.

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Syfy (Sci-Fi) Channel Schedule
Syfy Schedule

The Syfy Schedule section has television schedule listings for the U.S. SyFy cable channel. There are both recent schedules and schedules going back to when SyFy started.

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Movie Top Lists
Movie Top Lists

The Movie Lists section contains year end top 10 lists for former movie critics Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert, and others. There are also American Film Institute's top 100 American films lists.

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Software and Applications
Software and APPs

The Software section has computer programs and APPs I have written. Currently there are two. The GUIquotes program displays quotes from files. There are quote files from more than 70 TV shows which can be used with the program. The Proportions Calculator app finds an unknown value in a proportion. The app works with Android devices.

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Picturesque Photo Views Photography Blog
Picturesque Photo Views Photo Blog

Picturesque Photo Views is a photography blog containing pictures of scenery, parks, gardens, nature, animals, buildings, festivals, travels, or anything else we find beautiful or interesting. The pictures are ones I have taken or are from family and friends. The blog is located on its own domain name.

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