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The Inner Mind came into existence back in the 1990s. The World Wide Web (WWW) was just getting started and it looked like it was going to be the next big thing. I wanted to learn more about it so I took a class at a local college on building web sites. To practice what I was learning I needed some content so chose two of my favorite shows at the time, the Outer Limits and Young indiana Jones. At that time the WWW did not very much information on these shows so after the class ended I published the site on June 18, 1996 using space on my internet provider at the time, peak.org.

Over the next couple of years more content for the shows was added. Two more sections were created, one with episode guides I created for other television shows. The second section had Siskel and Ebert's yearly top 10 lists and schedules for the U.S Sci-Fi cable channel. The site generated enough interest that I decided to give it a more permanent home. I also wanted a domain name so I looked at all the shows I had done episode guides for ideas and chose innermind.com which was available at that time. I also got a web host and opened the site there on October 1, 1998. Some interactive functionality of the time was added to some sections which included guest books, discussion forums, and voting polls.

After the Outer Limits and Young Indiana Jones shows stopped creating new episodes interest in these shows declined over the years. In the early 2010s the interactive features were dropped because they were mostly getting just spam. The site still gets a steady stream of traffic so I maintain it as a place for people to find the information on the site. Some sections continue to have a bit of new content added. In 2011 the section for the GUIquotes program was added and in 2013 the Proportions Calculator app section was added.

The web master of the Inner Mind is Loren Heisey. I created and maintain all of the site. A few of the television sections had content contributed by others which I try to acknowledge in those sections. From this site it should be obvious I enjoy following various television shows. I also enjoy hiking and exploring the greater outdoors some of which can be found at the Picturesque Photo Views photography blog. My professional background is developing and testing computer hardware, first for Hewlet-Packard and later for Sony. More recently I have been freelancing involving computer hardware. Currently I am working on making a job change to becoming a web developer.

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