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Season 7

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131. Family Values - March 16, 2001

A man believes all his family problems will be solved when he purchases a robot to help around the house.

[Guest Starring]
Tom Arnold
Catherine Mary Stewart
Gerard Plunkett
Kimberley Warnat
Giacomo Baessato
Alfred E. Humphreys
Beverley Elliott
Written byJames Crocker
Directed byMike Rohl
Michael DaingerfieldDelivery Person
Jordan WellerZack
Graham WardleMax
Brent JD SheppardMan on TV
Jade PawlukClay
Clay St. ThomasHost on TV

132. Patient Zero - March 23, 2001

A man travels back to the past to find and kill the carrier of a deadly plague that threatens to annihilate mankind.

[Guest Starring]
Michael Rooker
Tanya Allen
Laurie Murdoch
Gillian Barber
David Cubitt
Written byJohn-Michael Maas
Directed byMario Azzopardi
Patrick McManusDr. Mandel
Myfanwy MeilenBeckett's Wife
Karina CarreckNurse
Aaron JosephBasketball Kid
Kyra AzzopardiCatherine
Bruce CampbellCoffee Guy

Notes: Kyra Azzopardi is the daughter of director Mario Azzopardi.

133. A New Life - March 30, 2001

A stressed out businessman and his girlfriend leave town to join an influential cult.

[Guest Starring]
Brad Rowe
Jeremy Sisto
Michelle Beaudoin
Nick Mancusoas Father
Written byMark Stern
Directed byMario Azzopardi
Holly FergusonHeather
Michael EklandJacob
Jeremy van den DriesenPolk

134. The Surrogate - April 6, 2001

A struggling artist signs up for a surrogate birth program.

[Guest Starring]
Heather Donahue
Erich Anderson
Ocean Hellman
Cheryl Wilson
Ian Robison
Elizabeth McLaughlin
William MacDonald
Written byA L Katz
Directed byKen Girotti
G. Patrick CurrieBen
RoninDr. Chan
Enid-Raye AdamsEmily
Simone BaillyAdministrator
Samantha McKennaDebbie

135. The Vessel - April 13, 2001

An arrogant author survives a tragic space-shuttle mishap.

[Guest Starring]
Jere Burns
Bruce Gray
Tom Butler
Jay Brazeau
Marie Stillin
Zachary Ansley
Chilton Crane
Written bySam Egan
Directed byJimmy Kaufman
Anthony DeLongisCommander McCarty
Erica CarrollNurse
Deni DeLoryAlexis
Jordan WatsonTimothy
Joe MaffeiLandlord
Bill MeilenOld Drunk
Brian ArnoldNeswcaster
Thomas J. PotterTattooed Thug

Notes: Acknowledgment in the closing credits: Space program footage courtesy of NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Media Services Corp.

136. Mona Lisa - April 20, 2001

An android escapes her labratory to search for friendship.

[Guest Starring]
Rachel Ticotin
Laura Harris
Timothy Webber
Michael David Simms
Written byJohn Schulian
Directed byBrad Turner
Biski GugusheChief Technician
Mark BrandonThe Gentleman
Michael P. NortheyVern
Rick PoltarukBanjo
Dean WrayAl McDermot
Dax BelangerSecurity Guard
Derek MorrisonDeadbeat
Julia TortolanoAmanda
Sylvesta Stuart & James RalphOminous Men

137. Replica - April 27, 2001

A biogeneticist illegally clones his comatose wife.

[Guest Starring]
Sherilyn Fenn
Peter Outerbridge
Garwin Sanford
Kwesi Ameyaw
Written bySam Egan
Directed byBrad Turner
Michele BogdanowNurse
Derek PeakmanDr. Pastore
John TreleavenInvestor
Haili PageYoung Nora
Lindsay JamesonNora's Mother
J.M. LandryNora's Father

138. Think Like A Dinosaur - June 15, 2001

One human is the only permanent occupant of a station located on a vast empty plain of the moon. His companions are an emotionless lizard-like alien species who have developed a highly advanced means of long distance travel by 'jumping' through space.

[Guest Starring]
Enrico Colantoni
Linnea Sharples
David Lewis
Based on the Short Story byJames Patrick Kelly
Written byMark Stern
Directed byJorge Montesi
Peter GrierSteve
Scott McNeilSilloin / Linna

139. Alien Shop - June 22, 2001

An alien shapeshifter who runs an unusual antique and bric-a-brac store has some interesting lessons to offer earthly residents.

[Guest Starring]
Johnathon Schaech
Michelle Harrison
Alex Diakun
Tom Heaton
Story byPen Densham
Teleplay byPen Densham & Nora O'Brien
Directed byPeter DeLuise
P. Lynn JohnsonLucy
Arnie WaltersFather Pat
Dee Jay JacksonJoe
Ralph AldermanPhil
Maxine MillerMrs. Fitzgerald
Russell FerrierCop
Leanne AdachiDr. Healy
Howard SiegelBum
Kevin BlatchJewelry Salesman
Dan SheaOld Man/Cop
Keith ProvostDealership Manager
Jeffrey BallardYoung Boy

140. Worlds Within - June 29, 2001

A female physicist suffering from a terminal disease starts to have visions of a boy in a vegetative state.

[Guest Starring]
Joanna Going
Geraint Wyn Davies
William B. Davis
Haig Sutherland
Written byMichael Sadowski
Directed byBrian Giddens
Samantha SewellMother
Khaira LedeyoJane
Johannah NewmarchNancy
Shawn ReisJensen
Devin Douglas DrewitzYoung Boy
Marcy GoldbergObnoxious Woman
Glenn EnnisGuard
Igor MorozovRussian Scientist

141. In the Blood - July 6, 2001

An exploratory mission into space passes through a quantum hole torn into the very fabric of the universe and enters another continuum, a trans-space just beneath its surface.

[Guest Starring]
Irene Bedard
Greg Evigan
Monique Mojica
Helene Joy
Cameron Daddo
Written byAlan Brennert
Directed byJorge Montesi

142. Flower Child - July 21, 2001

A seductive woman challenges a young couple's ideas of commitment and monogamy.

[Guest Starring]
Jeremy London
Rebecca Reichert
Jud Tylor
Kavan Smith
Ken Tremblett
Written byJeffrey Hirschfield
Directed byBrad Turner
James CrescenzoSylvano
Christina JastrzembskaMary

143. Free Spirit - July 28, 2001

A strange entity possesses schizophrenics in a mental asylum.

[Guest Starring]
Dina Meyer
Colin Ferguson
Barbara Tyson
Ty Olsson
Ron Selmour
Written byDanny McBride
Directed byBrad Turner
Xantha RadleySarah
John R. TaylorLeon
Robert WeissBlue Tech
Ben Gehrke, Darren Birch & Aaron DouglasTest Subjects
Darryl ScheelarBen
Steve ArcherLead Cop
Oga NwobsiTV Anchorwoman
Noah BeggsPrison Guard

144. Mindreacher - August 4, 2001

A doctor puts her sanity on the line when testing a psychological tool allowing her to enter her patients' minds.

[Guest Starring]
Jamie Luner
Patrick McKenna
John Pyper-Ferguson
Terry David Mulligan
Britt Irvin
Barbara Pollard
Excerpt byChris Ruppenthal
Written byNaomi Janzen
Directed byJimmy Kaufman
Rekha SharmaReese
Yvonne MeyersGuard
Marcel MaillardHomeless Man
Simon BurnettPriest
Mike LapageSecurity Guard
Katherine HaynesWoman
Artine BrownDrunk

Notes: The excerpt was from Seeds of Destruction.

145. Time to Time - August 11, 2001

A dedicated daughter trips back in time to change her Dad's destiny.

[Guest Starring]
Kristin Lehman
Paul Popowich
Alex Diakun
Ingrid Kavelaars
Ryan Robbins
andChris William Martin
Excerpts bySam Egan
Written bySam Egan
Directed byJames Head
David PaulsTravis
Grace ParkSatchko
Jessica AmleeYoung Lorelle
Emy AnekeJames
Aaron CravenROTC Student
Audra RickettsTiana
Lee TockarPothead
Cory ChetyrbokHippie

Notes: The excerpts were from Tribunal and Gettysburg.

146. Abduction - August 18, 2001

An alien makes an offer to five high school students.

[Guest Starring]
Zachery Ty Bryan
Jesse Cadotte
Jesse Moss
Meghan Ory
Kandyse McClure
Eric Schneider
Written byJames Crocker
Directed byMario Azzopardi
Don KlinePrincipal

147. Rule of Law - August 25, 2001

A circuit court judge goes to a frontier planet that has never known the judicial system. His first trial is of an alien accused of being in an attack where several humans were killed.

[Guest Starring]
Dennis Haysbert
Scott Hylands
Anne Marie Loder
Carrie Genzel
Shaun Johnston
Matthew Walker
andMichael Ironside
Written byTracy Torme & John-Michael Maas
Directed byMike Rohl
Ian MarshMedusan Defendant
Michasha ArmstrongHmong
Robert FreemanArmstrong
Gerry SouthMatt
Todd SandomirskyDov
Frank C. TurnerOld Man
Paul WhitneyBailiff
Martin SimsAndy
Catherine Lough HaggquistEileen
Charles ZuckermannMedusan Chieftain

148. Lion's Den - September 8, 2001

A high-school wrestling team takes new drugs which cause some unexpected changes.

[Guest Starring]
John Wesley Shipp
Roger R. Cross
Duncan Fraser
Sarah Deakins
andShawn Ashmore
Story byMatthew Hastings & Bart Baker
Teleplay byMatthew Hastings
Directed byMatthew Hastings
Crystal BubleLinda
Noel FisherBrae
Larry MusserLarry Leonard
Jeremy GuilbautBrent
Alex RaeWarren
P.J. PrinslooEric
Robbie HollowayRobb
Chris AllenBlonde Wrestler

149. The Tipping Point - September 15, 2001

A programmer who claimed someone was out to get him mysteriously vanishes after trying to download some software from the company's mainframe. His replacement finds out there is a secret project, called Prometheus, to create a universal language that will allow any computer to instantaneously talk to any other computer. If instantaneous communication between millions of computers can be achieved the computers may act as neutrons within the brain in which non-thinking computers merge into a thinking intelligence - the tipping point. When this happens someone will be able to rule the world by using computers.

[Guest Starring]
Kerr Smith
Gabrielle Miller
David Lovgren
Gus Lynch
Jim Byrnes
Written byPaul Mones
Directed byBrent Karl Clackson
Jonathan CherryAndy
Rob BrunerBryce
Allan GrayPrometheus
Anthony HarrisonDetective Saunders
Erica Carroll & Katherine HaynesEnergy Beings

150. Dark Child - January 4, 2002

An alien abductee 17 years ago copes with a teen daughter.

[Guest Starring]
Nora Dunn
Andrew Airlie
Katharine Isabelle
Written byMichael Sloan
Directed bySteve Anker
Kathleen DuborgKaren
Jane SowerbySusan
Brandy HeidrickMarilyn
Christine KennedyCandace
Rhonda DentYounger Laura
Danny DanadoHarry
Dallas ThompsonAllyson
Chris GibsonPharmacist
Neil SchellDr. Campbell
David ThomsonMr. Garvey

151. The Human Factor - January 11, 2002

In the year 2059 humans fight an android who's artificial intelligence has determined that the spread of colonization by destructive humans must be stopped.

[Guest Starring]
Robert Duncan McNeill
Zack Ward
Stephen Spender
Kevan Ohtsji
Laara Sadiq
Excerpts by
James Crocker, Carleton Eastlake, Sam Egan, Geoffrey Hollands, Lawrence Meyers, Grant Rosenberg, Naren Shankar, Mark Stern, Garth Gerald Wilson, Brad Wright
Written bySteven Aspis & Grady Hall
Directed byRobert Habros
Malcolm StewartGarrison
Talia RangerKaila
Catherine ZakJen Grover

Notes: The excerpts were from Phobos Rising, Hearts and Minds, Manifest Destiny, Something About Harry, The Haven, Final Exam, Final Appeal, The Vaccine, and Replica.

152. Human Trials - January 18, 2002

A decorated soldier undergoes life-and-death tests for a mysterious mission.

[Guest Starring]
Jason Gedrick
Lochlyn Munro
Leanne Adachi
andKim Coates
Excerpts by
Alan Brennert, Sam Egan, Hart Hanson, Grant Rosenberg, Chris Ruppenthal, Michael Sadowski, Naren Shankar, Tracy Torme
The Human Operators based on the Short Story by Harlan Ellison & A.E. van Vogt
Story byGrady Hall & Brian Nohr
Teleplay byMark Stern
Directed byBrad Turner
Dean MarshallMason
Glynis DaviesDr. Baker
Brent Karl ClacksonSergeant Skeeter

Notes: The excerpts were from Nightmare, Hearts and Minds, The Human Operators, In the Blood, Monster, The Voyage Home, Tempests, and World's Within.

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