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A few of the other credits

   * Supervising Producers           Brad Markowitz, Chris Ruppenthal,
                                     Naren Shankar, James Crocker
   * Co-Executive Producers          Michael Cassutt, Manny Coto,
                                     Jonathan Glassner, Scott Shepherd,
                                     Sam Egan, Brad Wright, Bill Froehlich,
                                     Carleton Eastlake, Chris Ruppenthal,
                                     Grant Rosenberg, AL Katz, Brent Karl
                                     Clackson, Steven Aspis
   * Producers                       Justis Greene, Brent Karl Clackson,
                                     Will Dixon, Scott Peters
   * Executive Producers             Pen Densham, Richard B. Lewis, John
                                     Watson, Jonathan Glassner, Sam Egan,
                                     Mark Stern, Michael Sloan, Matthew
                                     Hastings, Steven Aspis
     Theme By                        Mark Mancina and John Van Tongeren
   * Music By                        Mark Mancina, John Van Tongeren,
                                     Fred Mollin, Stephen Graziano,
                                     J. Peter Robinson, Steven M. Stern,
                                     Peter Berstein, Christophe Beck,
                                     Joel Goldsmith, Randy Miller, Ray
                                     Bunch, David Bergeaud, Graeme Coleman,
                                     David Bergeaud, Robbie Steininger,
                                     Robbie Buchanan, Adrian Gurvitz,
                                     Richard Barton Lewis, Nicholas Pike,
                                     Christopher Franke, Claude Foisy,
                                     Patric Caird, Jim Guttridge, Daryl
     Control Voice                   Kevin Conway
     Filmed on location in British Columbia, Canada
     A Trilogy Entertainment Group and Atlantis Films Limited Production
     MGM domestic television distribution
     A presentation of Showtime Networks Inc.

* These vary from episode to episode and season to season


In 1995 the series had 7 Cable Ace nominations and won for Directing a Dramatic Special or Series for Sandkings. In Canada's Gemini Awards the series also had 7 nominations.

In 1996 the Outer Limits won the Cable Ace award for best Dramatic Series. The other nominations were Actress In a Dramatic Special or Series (Amanda Plummer for A Stitch In Time), Writing a Dramatic Special or Series (Steven Barnes for A Stitch In Time and Brad Wright for Trial By Fire), Art Direction in a Dramatic Special or Series/Movie or Miniseries (Richard Cook, Allan Galajda, Steven Geaghan and Susan Parker for The Light Brigade), and Make-Up (Joe Colwell, Tibor Farkas, Joel Harlow, Steve Johnson, Mark Killingsworth, Leon Laderach, David Snyder and Fay Von Schroeder for Afterlife).

Also in 1996 Amanda Plummer got a Guest actress in a drama series Emmy award.

In the 15th annual Gemini Awards (2000) John Van Tongeren won for Best Original Music Score for a Dramatic Series (Tribunal episode). However Outer Limits lost for Best Achievement in Make-Up (Fay von Schroeder, Joe Colwell, Dave DePuis, Tibor Farkas, Steve Johnson for Donor episode), Best Writing in a Dramatic Series (Sam Egan for Tribunal episode), and Best Dramatic Series.

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