The Outer Limits (1990s series) Episode Guide Introduction

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Series Notes

In the U.S. the series first airs on cable and later in syndication. Showtime ran 6 seasons of the series then cancelled it after which the Sci-Fi Channel picked up the series. The Outer Limits was planned from the start to run in syndication and alternate versions of some scenes were filmed to replace the ones shown on cable. The series has aired in a number of other countries including Canada and the U.K. Except for the double length episodes, the running time of the episodes has been 44 minutes 20 seconds.

Guide Notes

The credits are generally listed in order they appear in the show. Things not actually listed in the credits are enclosed in brackets. Character names obtained from watching the show and other sources are enclosed in braces since the spelling might not be certain. The seasons in the guide refer to the filming seasons. Air dates are the first showing in the U.S. on Showtime or starting with season 7 on the Sci-Fi Channel. The number afer the date is the production number.

The viewer warnings Showtime might display before the episodes start are:
AC   Adult Content
AL   Adult Language
BN   Brief Nudity
MV   Mild Violence
N   Nudity
RP   Rape
SC   Strong Sexual Content
V   Violence

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