Outer Limits TNT 1997 schedule

In the summer of 1997 the TNT cable channel ran all the original Outer Limits episodes once. These are the airdates.

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Airdate Episode # Episode title
6/23/19974The Man With the Power
6/24/199715The Mice
6/25/199726The Guests
6/26/199719The Invisibles
6/30/199742The Inheritors (part 1)
7/01/199742The Inheritors (part 2)
7/02/199711It Crawled Out of the Woodwork
7/03/199746The Brain of Colonel Barham
7/07/19972The Hundred Days of the Dragon
7/08/199716Controlled Experiment
7/09/19978The Human Factor
7/10/199743Keeper of the Purple Twilight
7/14/19971The Galaxy Being
7/15/199720The Bellero Shield
7/16/199731The Chameleon
7/17/199714The Zanti Misfits
7/18/199725The Mutant
7/21/199713Tourist Attraction
7/22/19973The Architects of Fear
7/23/199723Second Chance
7/24/199747The Premonition
7/25/199739The Invisible Enemy
7/28/199737Demon With a Glass Hand
7/29/19979Corpus Earthling
7/30/199727Fun and Games
8/01/199735Behold Eck!
8/04/19975The Sixth Finger
8/06/199722Specimen Unknown
8/07/199741I, Robot
8/08/199729A Feasibility Study
8/11/199734Cold Hands, Warm Heart
8/12/199712The Borderland
8/13/199728The Special One
8/14/199738Cry of Silence
8/15/199721The Children of Spider Country
8/18/19976The Man Who Was Never Born
8/19/199732The Forms of Things Unknown
8/20/199740Wolf 359
8/21/199736Expanding Human
8/22/199744The Duplicate Man
8/26/199748The Probe
8/27/199730Production and Decay of Strange Particles
8/29/199717Don't Open Till Doomsday

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