Outer Limits Syndicated season 1 schedule

This 1995-1996 schedule came from Lee Whiteside's Science Fiction TV Shows Titles list (http://www.sftv.org/sftv/).

Week ofEpisode NumberEpisode
9/11/951Sandkings (Two hour)
9/18/952Valerie 23
9/25/953Second Soul
10/02/954The Voyage Home
10/09/955The New Breed
10/16/956Quality of Mercy
10/23/957Under the Bed
10/30/958I, Robot
11/06/959Caught In the Act
11/13/9510The Conversion
11/20/9511White Light Fever
11/27/9512The Choice
12/04/951RaSandkings (Part 1)
12/11/951RbSandkings (Part 2)
12/18/953RSecond Soul
12/25/952RValerie 23
1/01/9513Virtual Future
1/08/9614Blood Brothers
1/22/9616Living Hell
1/29/9617The Message
2/05/9618Dark Matters
2/12/9619If These Walls Could Talk
2/19/9620Corner of the Eye
2/26/964RVoyage Home
3/04/965RThe New Breed
Week ofEpisode NumberEpisode
3/11/966RThe Quality of Mercy
3/18/967RUnder the Bed
3/25/969RCaught in the Act
4/01/9610RThe Conversion
4/08/9611RWhite Light Fever
4/15/9612RThe Choice
4/22/968RI, Robot
4/29/9621Voice of Reason
5/06/9613RVirtual Future
5/13/9614RBlood Brothers
5/27/9616RLiving Hell
6/03/9617RThe Message
6/10/9618RDark Matters
6/17/9619RIf These Walls Could Talk
6/24/9620RCorner of the Eye
7/01/965RThe New Breed
7/08/964RThe Voyage Home
7/15/961RaThe Sandkings Part 1
7/22/961RbThe Sandkings Part 2
7/29/967RUnder the Bed
8/05/9612RThe Choice
8/12/9610RThe Conversion
8/19/969RCaught in the Act
9/02/9621RVoice of Reason

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