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Rawhide Episode Guide

    Incident Of The Tumbleweed Wagon
    The cattle drive, headed by trail boss Gil Favor and his chief "ramrod"
    Rowdy Yates, shares camp with a marshal and his deputy who are taking
    prisoners for a court trial via a tumbleweed wagon.
    Incident At Alabaster Plain
    A water stop at a mission promises a delightful break in the hard work of
    driving cattle until all the hands are invited to a wedding party.
    Incident With An Executioner
    Trail boss Gil Favor and ramrod Rowdy Yates encounter a stage coach
    accident while driving their cattle north. They discover the travelers are
    being menaced by a professional killer.
    Incident Of The Widowed Dove
    Trail boss Gil Favor sees his crew of cattle drivers seeking release from
    the tensions of trail life by indulging in a shatteringly violent day off
    in a tough frontier town.
    Incident On The Edge Of Madness
    A half-crazed southern aristocrat threatens the cattle drive when he
    entices most of the hands with the promise of creating a new confederate
    Incident Of The Power And The Plow
    Gil Favor and Rowdy Yates must confront jed restonan egotistical land
    baron, who nearly causes an indian uprising just to teach his son a lesson.
    Incident At Barker Springs
    Trail boss Gil Favor and ramrod Rowdy Yates find themselves involved in
    brother's crusade for revenge after one of their trail hands is shot to
    Incident West Of Lano
    Four sisters are found huddled around their broken-down show wagon as trail
    boss Gil Favor and his ramrod Rowdy Yates drive their cattle north to
    Incident Of The Town In Terror
    Trail boss Gil Favor and his ramrod Rowdy Yates face the stalking terror of
    a life-devouring epidemic which strikes their cattle drive while on the
    open plains.
    Incident Of The Golden Calf
    Trail boss Gil Favor and his ramrod Rowdy Yates find themselves victims of
    a rival trail boss determined to deprive them of their herd at give-away
    Incident Of The Coyote Weed
    Trail boss Gil Favor and his ramrod Rowdy Yates become the target of a
    vicious gang of bandits who make the plains their stalking grounds.
    Incident Of The Chubasco
    A massive wind-swept plateau is the scene of a contest between Gil Favor
    and jefferson devereaux -- the boss of the country through which the drive
    is passing.
    Incident Of The Curious Street
    Gil Favor and Rowdy Yates leave their cattle drive to hunt a half dozen
    strays and stumble upon a woman and her teen-aged daughter being held
    prisoner in an abandoned town.
    Incident Of The Dog Days
    Trail boss Gil Favor faces the roughest test a cattle driver can meet when
    he takes his herd across the bone-dry staked plains, risking the herd and
    his reputation as a trail boss.
    Incident Of The Calico Gun
    Midway across a desert valley with their herd, trail boss Gil Favor and his
    ramrod Rowdy Yates encounter a cabin in flames and its only survivor, young
    jenny watson.
    Incident Of Fear In The Streets
    Trail boss Gil Favor and his ramrod Rowdy Yates leave the herd and race to
    a nearby town doctor for Pete Nolan, who has been badly gored by a steer.
    Incident Of The Misplaced Indians
    While scouting a campsite, Rowdy Yates stumbles on a serene-looking cabin -
     the pathway of which is littered with dead indians.
    Incident Below The Brazos
    While herding their cattle through paradise alley, Gil Favor and Rowdy
    Yates are met by a group of defiant farmers, led by powerful eli becker.
    Incident Of The Dry Drive
    With their cattle in danger from dying of thirst, trail boss Gil Favor and
    Rowdy Yates face an added threat from aging tyrant, jess hode, who harbors
    bitter resentment toward the cattle drivers.
    Incident Of The Judas Trap
    Under attack from wolves, the cattlemen seek help from a rancher, medrina
    Incident In No Man's Land
    Investigating a series of explosions which threaten to stampede their
    cattle, Gil Favor and Rowdy Yates discover a settlement inhabited only by
    Incident Of The Burst Of Evil
    The crew of the cattle drive captures a wild-looking man who has been
    stalking their camp.
    Incident Of The Day Of The Dead
    While waiting in town to pick-up mail for the cattle drive, Rowdy Yates
    performs an act of bravery by rescuing a runaway horse.
    Incident Of The Roman Candles
    Trail boss Gil Favor, ramrod Rowdy Yates, and scout Pete Nolan find a young
    boy armed with roman candles.
    Incident At Dangerfield Dip
    An infant found on the cattle drive to sedalia is a prelude to trouble for
    Gil Favor and Rowdy Yates.
    Incident Of The Shambling Man
    The cattle drive encounters a former bareknuckled fighter, harry wittman,
    and his ruthless daughter-in-law, rose.
    Incident At Jacob's Well
    When encountering a barren farm, the cattle drive has its horses stolen by
    Incident Of The Thirteenth Man
    When they enter the town of blanton, Rowdy Yates and wishbone are coerced
    into becoming jurors in a fixed murder trial.
    Incident At The Buffalo Smokehouse
    The cattle drive push to beat a fast-moving prairie fire which is hot on
    their heels.
    Incident Of The Haunted Hills
    Tasunka, an outcast member of an indian tribe, leads the cattle drive to a
    watering hole in an area inhabited by indians.
    Incident Of The Stalking Tree
    When Gil Favor agrees to hunt a puma for a young widow he must also contend
    with the woman's jealous suitor.
    Incident Of The Valley In Shadow
    Three bounty hunters join the sedalia-bound cattle drive, having been hired
    by trial boss Gil Favor as extra hands.
    Incident Of The Blue Fire
    Gil Favor and Rowdy Yates fear an impending electrical storm may provoke a
    stampede by their 3,000 head of steer.
    Incident At Spanish Rock
    Gil Favor and Rowdy Yates are approached by mexican soldiers who demand one
    of their men, frank volero.
    Incident Of The Druid Curse
    The curse of an ancient culture creates mystery and intrigue for the
    sedalia-bound cattle drive.
    Incident At Red River Station
    The cattle drive encounters a dedicated physician, dr. Solomon flood, who
    is prevented from administering smallpox vaccine by a stubborn
    Incident Of The Devil And His Due
    Gil Favor is mistakenly accused of murdering the owner of a farmhouse.
    Incident Of The Wanted Painter
    Gil Favor and Rowdy Yates are accused of being accomplices to a murder/art
    Incident Of The Tinkers Dam
    T.j. Wishbone is shot off his horse by renegade indians.
    Incident Of The Night Horse
    Gil Favor meets a vicious old enemy when he and Rowdy Yates discover some
    of their cattle snared in mustang traps.
    Incident Of The Sharpshooter
    As the cattle drive nears the town of prairie springs, it meets with a
    notorious outlaw posing as attorney,jonathon williams.
    Incident Of The Dust Flower
    Scout Pete Nolan stands in for a spinster's make-believe fiance.
    Incident At Sulphur Creek
    Three thousand head of cattle are forced to halt when almost all of the
    drivers' work horses are stolen.
    Incident Of The Champagne Bottles
    Gil Favor orders the cattle drive to put as much distance as possible
    between them and a wagon loaded with nitroglycerine.
    Incident Of The Stargazer
    Pete Nolan and wishbone face a fiery death when they attempt to save the
    life of an astronomer's wife.
    Incident Of The Dancing Death
    The cattle drivers are accused of murder when one of their horses is found
    alongside the body of a gypsy prince.
    Incident Of The Arana Sacar
    The cattlemen are fooled by a scoundrel who promises them liquor at a
    nearby trading post.
    Incident Of The 100 Amulets
    Gil Favor and Rowdy Yates face a fear-crazed crowd of witch hunters.
    Incident Of The Deserter
    Wishbone quits the sedalia-bound cattle drive to open a restaurant of his
    own with a frontier widow.
    Incident Of The Murder Steer
    After four men join the cattle drive, a series of murders begin.
    Incident Of The Music Maker
    A swiss gunsmith sabotages the guns of the cattle drivers in an ingenious
    plan to rustle the herd.
    Incident Of The Silent Web
    A horror-stricken little girl apparently becomes mute after witnessing the
    murder of her father.
    Incident Of The Last Chance
    Newlywed bostonians, bert and marcia eaton, en route to an uncle's ranch,
    seek refuge with the cattle drive after their wagon is caught in a flash
    Incident Of The Garden Of Eden
    Rowdy Yates is sent to a small town to buy cattle to replace those lost
    during the drive from san antonio.
    Incident At Rojo Canyon
    The cattle drive allows a singer and her manager to join them as she
    searches for her father, only to discover the man's home has been burned by
    renegade confederate soldiers still fighting the civil war.
    Incident Of The Challenge
    Gil Favor is saved from a blinding dust storm by a mexican mystic searching
    for the daughter of a holy princess.
    Incident At Dragoon Crossing
    Gil Favor falls ill and asks a veteran trail boss, john cord, to continue
    the drive - not knowing the man is conspiring with an outlaw gang.
    Incident Of The Night Visitor
    A cattle driver in the Gil Favor outfit intercepts an important nocturnal
    Incident Of The Slavemaster
    Trail boss Gil Favor and scout Pete Nolan investigate a story of a man
    named somers, who claims he was held a slave for eight years.
    Incident On The Road To Yesterday
    Ralph bartlet is caught by the cattle drivers as he attempts to return
    money he had stolen from Gil Favor ten years ago.
    Incident At Superstition Prairie
    Wishbone, the cattle drive cook, refuses to let an old indian die.
    Incident At Poco Tiempo
    Rowdy Yates and cattle drover jim quince are unhorsed by a landslide and
    subsequently find themselves on a stagecoach with two nuns who are forced
    by two outlaws to carry loot to an accomplice to save a priest from death.
    Incident Of The Captive
    Mrs. Martha mushgrove arrives at the drivers' camp to tell her son, mushy,
    he is to return home to operate his late father's barber shop. To avoid
    returning, mushy schemes to have his mother kidnapped.
    Incident Of The Buffalo Soldier
    While herding cattle, ramrod Rowdy Yates and jim quince meet corporal
    washington who later kills a fellow trooper and flees on Rowdy's horse.
    Incident Of The Broken Word
    A deceitful rancher tries to sell infected cattle to trail boss Gil Favor.
    He learns that the rancher's wife is a woman out of his own past.
    Incident At The Top Of The World
    A howling prairie storm and a cattle driver with emotional problems hamper
    the sedalia-bound cattle drive.
    Incident Of The Promised Land
    A market panic faces Gil Favor and his three thousand-head cattle drive
    when they finally reach sedalia, missouri.
    Incident Of The Big Blowout
    When the cattle drive reaches its terminus in sedalia, cattle boss gil
    favor and his ramrod, Rowdy Yates, find intrigue in their celebration.
    Incident Of The Fish Out Of Water
    Cattle boss Gil Favor travels to philadelphia to visit his two young
    daughters and finds a pawnee indian enslaved by a carnival boss.
    Incident On The Road Back
    Trail boss Gil Favor, carrying a large sum of money from the sale of his
    cattle herd in sedalia, is arrested and charged with horse stealing.
    Incident Of The New Start
    Gil Favor is forced to relinquish his job as trail boss.
    Incident Of The Running Iron
    One of Gil Favor's cattle drivers, jim quince, faces a hangman's rope for
    cattle rustling.
    Incident Near Gloomy River
    The drivers are puzzled over the disappearance of drinking water from a
    stream which was used for the cattle.
    Incident Of The Boomerang
    Richard goffage, an australian rancher with a small herd of cattle
    eventually bound for australia, joins the sedalia-bound drive through
    comanche territory.
    Incident Of His Brother's Keeper
    Scout Pete Nolan becomes embroiled in a domestic triangle when an invalid,
    paul evans, asks him to take his wife, laurie, to a dance.
    Incident In The Middle Of Nowhere
    Trail boss Gil Favor and his ramrod, Rowdy Yates, attempting desperately to
    find water for their thirsty herd, come across a ballet being performed in
    the middle of nowhere by a professional troupe hired by an old eccentric
    desert rat named mackay.
    Incident Of The Phantom Bugler
    An outlaw band of guerrillas led by captain donahue hold up the
    sedalia-bound cattle drive at a river crossing.
    Incident Of The Lost Idol
    Trail boss Gil Favor becomes guardian for two homeless children.
    Incident Of The Running Man
    Rowdy Yates runs into a nightmare of intrigue and suspense when he attempts
    to warn an army outpost of an impending attack by a band of outlaws.
    Incident Of The Painted Lady
    Trail boss Gil Favor is faced with losing his entire herd because of a
    swindle perpetrated by the boss of an earlier cattle drive.
    Incident Before Black Pass
    After escaping from his tribe's reservation, a kiowa indian chief captures
    two of Gil Favor's men as hostages to insure safe travel to freedom.
    Incident Of The Blackstorms
    A notorious outlaw seeks to regain the love of his only son.
    Incident Of The Night On The Town
    A court order and a beautiful, wealthy woman halt trail boss Gil Favor and
    the sedalia-bound cattle drive.
    Incident Of The Wager On Payday
    A bank president's son, who robs his father's bank as a joke, discovers
    that robbery and murder are no laughing matters.
    Incident At Rio Salado
    The greed of Rowdy's long-missing father involves the drivers in a fatal
    encounter with mexican outlaws.
    Incident Of The Sendoff
    Gil Favor meets hermit-like brush-rat and learns the truth about a lost
    caravan of settlers.
    Incident Of The Long Shakedown
    Gil Favor's determination to shake down his drivers almost costs him his
    friends and his herd.
    Judgement At Hondo Seco
    A jurist with a rigid concept of justice sentences his own brother to hang
    for a minor offense.
    Incident Of The Lost Tribe
    Cheyenne indians rustle 30 head of Gil Favor's cattle and capture four of
    his men to use as hostages until the tribe reaches mexico.
    Incident Of The Inside Man
    Gil Favor has to count on a cocky young man in a tight spot -- but can't be
    sure whether he's a friend or enemy.
    Incident Of The Black Sheep
    Sheep-hating Rowdy Yates convinces a band of belligerent sheep-herders that
    it's better to talk then fight.
    Incident Of The Prairie Elephant
    Wishbone is sent to guide a trouble-ridden circus train to a nearby town
    after the circus' lion nearly panics Gil Favor's herd.
    Incident Of The Little Fishes
    A dedicated scientist causes a near mutiny on Gil Favor's drive when he
    tries to stock the sacramento river with fish.
    Incident Of The Gentleman's Gentleman
    A english valet whose master has been killed by buffalo hunters joins the
    trail drive and insists he become Gil Favor's man servant.
    Incident Of The Blue Spy
    Gil Favor's drivers are delighted when a beautiful actress staggers into
    their camp -- until they learn she was once a yankee spy.
    Twenty-five Santa Clauses
    The drivers plan a mid-summer christmas party for a sick boy whose foster
    father is not the santa claus he pretends to be.
    Incident Of The Long Count
    Three outlaws worth $15,000 in bounties prove hard to count for part-time
    census takers Rowdy, Pete and wishbone.
    The Captain's Wife
    Gil Favor and his men come upon a U.S. Army fort commanded by a woman and
    inhabited with a few civillians.
    The Peddler
    A friendly peddler's ability to bargain saves Gil Favor's men from an
    attack by a tribe of hungry cheyennes.
    Boss's Daughters
    A wealthy rancher tries to adopt Gil Favor's two daughters, who travel from
    philadelphia to see their father.
    Deserters Patrol
    Gil Favor and Pete Nolan temporarily join the U.S. Army to negotiate a
    trade of six army deserters for one crow indian chief.
    The Greedy Town
    A distraught mother offers the town of dry rock $300,000 if it will clear
    her dead son's name of murder and robbery.
    Grandma's Money
    While Rowdy Yates is sent to collect payment on 300 head of cattle, he
    meets a little old "grandma" with larceny on her mind.
    The Pitchwagon
    A pitchman's estranged wife agrees to help raise money for the family of a
    driver who died while saving the pitchman's life.
    Hostage Child
    A starving indian boy inadvertently causes his sister, married to an
    indian-hating army officer, to reveal that she is an indian.
    The Immigrants
    Three drivers, imprisoned for trespassing by an exiled prussian count, try
    to americanize the nobleman and his fellow immigrants.
    The Child-woman
    Mushy's attempt to save his 15 year-old cousin, posie, from the clutches of
    a gambler ultimately involve all the men.
    A Woman's Place
    A doctor, mistrusted because she is a woman, fights prejudice, men, a quack
    and the law to save the life a wounded driver.
    The Sons of an american general and an indian chief both disagree with
    their fathers on how to prevent a bloody war.
    The House Of The Hunter
    A man seeking revenge for the death of his son imprisons seven people in a
    lonely house in the middle of texas.
    Gold Fever
    Rowdy Yates and clay forrester start a gold rush when they discover nuggets
    judiciously placed by a canny old prospector.
    The Devil And The Deep Blue
    Gil Favor proves that a trail boss stands up for his profession even if it
    means his herd is beaten to market by a competitor.
    Incident Of El Toro
    A wild bull causes the death of a driver and threatens to stampede gil
    favor's herd.
    Incident Of The Hunter
    A bounty hunter joins Gil Favor's drivers and each man fears he is the
    hunter's quarry.
    Incident Of The Portrait
    After her father is murdered, a blind girl joins the trail drive as a
    passenge -- with her father's killer as her driver.
    Incident At Cactus Wells
    An ex-convict suspects one of Gil Favor's drivers as his wife's murderer.
    Incident Of The Prodigal Son
    Suffering from thirst and exposure, the son of a wealthy man is found on
    the trail by Gil Favor's drivers.
    Incident Of The Four Horsemen
    In a small town to recruit new drivers, gill favor and clay forrester are
    involved in a wedding, a gun fight and a land dispute.
    Incident Of The Lost Woman
    The drivers protect a young woman and child fleeing from the family of her
    dead husband.
    Incident Of The Dogfaces
    Gil Favor offers three battle-scarred soldiers temporary protection from
    hostile comanche indians.
    Incident Of The Wolvers
    Rowdy Yates reluctantly enlists the aid of a ruthless wolf-hunter when the
    herd is threatened by large pack of wolves.
    Incident At Sugar Creek
    When the herd is threatened with tick fever, an attempt to purchase
    medication is frustrated by a town's embroilment in an old hatred.
    Incident Of The Reluctant Bridegroom
    Rowdy Yates drinks a considerable quantity of doped beer and wakes up the
    next morning to find himself a married man.
    Incident Of The Querencias
    A rancher down on his luck, but up on his whiskey, persuades Gil Favor to
    allow him to travel with the herd as far as colorado.
    Incident At Quivira
    Mushy falls under the spell of a wild-eyed old prospector and follows him
    to the fabled city of quivera.
    Incident Of Decision
    Bandits use information unwittingly supplied by a crippled boy to overpower
    Gil Favor's drivers and to steal their cattle and horses.
    Incident Of The Buryin' Man
    The drivers aid an itinerant undertaker with a broken hearse which he uses
    not for funerals, but for printing counterfeit money.
    Incident Of The Trail's End
    Unaware that the man is going blind, Gil Favor asks his former trail boss,
    harry axton, to join the drive.
    Incident At Spider Rock
    Rowdy Yates rescues a pretty saloon singer from a mob, only to have her
    kidnapped by two of his own men.
    Incident Of The Mountain Man
    Rowdy Yates rescues a legendary old pioneer from a lynch rope, but must
    pursue him into the mountains when he pioneer escapes.
    Incident At Crooked Hat
    A new driver wounds the younger brother of a cattleman in a gun battle he
    sought to avoid and cattleman vows vengeance.
    Incident Of Judgement Day
    Rowdy Yates is brought to "trial" by his former confederate army buddies
    who believe he betrayed their planned escape from a union prison.
    Incident Of The Gallows Tree
    After participating in a wild evening in town with the other drivers, jim
    quince is accused of murdering a prominent citizen.
    Incident Of The Married Widow
    The drivers are dumbfounded to discover a woman who owns a saloon claims to
    be the widow of their boss, Gil Favor.
    Incident Of The Pale Rider
    A brother seeks revenge against calhoun, who killed his brother in self
    Incident Of The Comanchero
    A godless comanchero. Left to die on a torture rack by members of his own
    band, is rescued by a pair of nuns.
    Incident Of The Clown
    A philologist tries to prove that the drivers' problems with the comanches
    can be solved merely by speaking their language.
    Incident Of The Black Ace
    A wandering gypsy's dishonesty and beautiful daughter bring the wrath of an
    angry suitor down on the heads of the drivers.
    Incident Of The Hostages
    Rowdy Yates negotiates an exchange of 40 head of cattle for three captive
    white orphans held by arapaho indians.
    Incident Of White Eyes
    Gil Favor leads a stagecoach full of passengers to their destination
    following an indian attack.
    Incident At Rio Doloroso
    Gil Favor and Rowdy Yates are captured by the people of a mexican
    settlement in texas and falsely accused of trespassing and murder.
    Incident At Alkali Sink
    A frontier wedding becomes a struggle of wills when an angry father comes
    to take his daughter away from her bridegroom.
    With The cattle drive over, the men are ready to celebrate when they are
    quarantined in an abilene hotel because one of them has smallpox.
    Incident Of The Red Wind
    A new driver secretly plans to take over as trail boss to follow his
    obsession of driving cattle through impassable country.
    Incident Of Iron Bull
    The drivers aid an army colonel who they later discover is sought by
    comanches because he led a massacre in a comanche town.
    Incident At El Crucero
    An unexpected fence halts Gil Favor's herd and a pretty face diverts the
    trail boss himself.
    Incident Of The Travellin' Man
    A travelling tennessee sharecropper with leg irons on his ankle and a chip
    on his shoulder is found half-dead by drivers.
    Incident At Paradise
    Rowdy Yates assumes the role of protector of a stubborn old man who refuses
    to be driven from his farm by a cattleman.
    Incident At Farragut Pass
    A stern, elderly woman forces Gil Favor to hire her arrogant grandson as a
    Incident At Two Graves
    An aging irish prize fighter, who is intent upon reaching a mysterious
    mountain destination, joins the cattle drive.
    Incident Of The Rawhiders
    Rowdy tangles with a lady rawhider and nearly becomes a bridegroom, under
    the strange code of the rawhider clan.
    Incident Of The Prophecy
    When driver charlie "rabbit" waters accidentally kills a disreputable
    townsman, the victim's brothers swear vengeance.
    Incident At Confidence Creek
    A man is aided by the drivers and promptly shows his gratitude by stealing
    the ownership papers of the herd.
    Incident Of The Death Dancer
    Trail boss Gil Favor hires a hunter to protect his herd from an escaped
    circus lion the hunter is tracking.
    Incident Of The Wild Deuces
    Mushy mushgrove's poker take proves so troublesome to him that he purposely
    attempts to lose the winnings in another game.
    Incident Of The Geisha
    A japanese girl helps hey soos, who has disobeyed orders, regain the favor
    of his bosses.
    Incident At Ten Trees
    Gil Favor and his drivers fight to save a mentally-disturbed woman from
    being burned as a witch by the cheyenne indians.
    Incident Of The Rusty Shotgun
    Three brothers mistake wishbone for their sister's fiance and try to
    strong-arm him into marriage.
    Incident Of Midnight Cave
    Wishbone becomes blind after a bad fall from a steep cliff.
    Incident Of The Dowry Dundee
    A beautiful woman whose possessions include a porcelain tub, a suit of
    armor, and four scottish bulls is rescued by Rowdy and quince.
    Incident At Gila Flats
    The drivers face full-scale war if the U.S. Army doesn't fulfill the terms
    of a treaty it made with an apache indian tribe.
    Incident Of The Pied Piper
    An orphanage operator sells some of Gil Favor's cattle in the naive belief
    that they're strays.
    Incident Of The Swindler
    Trail boss Gil Favor catches a horse thief who turns out to be a former
    friend of wishbone, the camp cook.
    Incident Of The Wanderer
    A black-garbed man walks into the drivers' camp during a thunderstorm, but
    his clothing is absolutely dry.
    Incident At Zebulon
    Gil Favor singlehandedly seeks revenge when members of a masked
    organization horsewhip him and lynch one of his drivers.
    Incident At Hourglass
    The drive runs into the trouble when a U.S. Army dam project halts the herd
    and trail boss Gil Favor is accused of murder.
    Incident Of The Odyssey
    A strange, happy little transient brings contentment to the overworked
    drivers and happiness to a bitter saloon singer.
    Incident Of The Banker
    A bank president takes trail boss Gil Favor's place and favor becomes a
    head of a bank.
    Incident At Deadhorse (part 1 of 2)
    A professional hangman learns he has been sent to execute the town's most
    popular and powerful citizen.
    Incident At Deadhorse (part 2 of 2)
    A condemned man makes a drastic decision when he realizes an attempt to
    thwart his hanging will cause a bloody conflict.
    Incident Of The Gilded Goddess
    Gil Favor is shot in the back when he refuses to accept a beautiful woman's
    story that she is innocent of a murder charge.
    Incident At Seven Fingers
    The drivers hire a man they later learn is a fugitive from a U.S. Army
    general court martial.
    Incident Of The Peyote Cup
    A strange indian tribe captures hey soos and forces him to drink a
    non-fatal poison.
    The Race
    Rowdy Yates leaves the favor cattle drive, gets a herd of his own, and
    takes on his former boss in a race to a railhead.
    The Enormous Fist
    Trail boss Gil Favor receives a marraige proposal and a threat of death,
    both from the same family.
    A Bankrupt cattle baron plans to recoup his ranch lands with money stolen
    from a bank.
    The Lost Herd
    Gil Favor's reputation as trail boss is jeopardized when he starts a drive
    with a herd of cattle and ends it with nine head.
    The Backshooter
    Rowdy Yates is accused of shooting a man in the back and faces death when
    he tries to carry out the dying man's last request.
    A Man Called Mushy
    Slow-witted mushy is duped by four gypsies who convince him they are the
    rightful owners of the wagons and horses he is guarding.
    A Gunfighter's wife tries to stop him from carrying out his last job before
    retiring -- killing a town's most popular citizen.
    Damon's Road (part 1 of 2)
    Gil Favor unwittingly involves his drivers in a scheme which leads them to
    working for the railroad instead of herding cattle.
    Damon's Road (part 2 of 2)
    Railroad boss jonathan damon convinces the drivers that cattle driving is
    passe and railroading is the thing of the future.
    Corporal Dasovik
    An army corporal finds himself in charge of a squad of men of which he is
    the weakest member.
    The Photographer
    Ramrod Rowdy Yates becomes an unwilling assistant to a photographer bent on
    taking pictures of dangerous outlaws.
    No Dogs Or Drovers
    At the end of a long, hard trail drive, Gil Favor's cattlemen arrive at a
    town that refuses to cater to cattle drivers.
    The Meeting
    Trail boss Gil Favor is kidnapped by two highwaymen and forced to accompany
    them to a remote cabin rendezvous.
    The Book
    Rowdy Yates and driver ernie torres are tricked into the schemes of a man
    who trains gunfighters.
    A Cantankerous old driver directs his fear of being old and uneducated into
    a grudge fight with Gil Favor.
    A Time For Waiting
    Rowdy Yates tries to justify changing his testimony in a murder case to
    keep an old friend from hanging.
    Moment In The Sun
    A small town U.S. Marshall finally gets a chance to become famous.
    Texas Fever
    Gil Favor saves driver Pete Nolan from be hanged for a murder he didn't
    Blood Harvest
    A father joins the cattle drive to check up on his wayward son - one of the
    The Violent Land
    Gil and Rowdy meet an indian chief who has captured a beautiful white girl
    whose family has offered $10,000 reward for her return.
    The Winter Soldier
    Trail boss Gil Favor refuses to hire a man he suspects of army desertion.
    Prairie Fire
    Wishbone takes over leadership of a herd that belonged to a dead friend,
    and runs into difficulties with the drivers.
    The Retreat
    The commandant of the army fort plots to steal the government payroll when
    he retires because he believes the army has mistreated him.
    The Empty Sleeve
    A one-armed driver who can work, ride and fight better than most of his
    two-armed colleagues joins the cattle drive.
    The Last Order
    The drivers are attacked by renegade soldiers when they accidentally become
    custodians of a $50,000 confederate war chest.
    Mrs. Harmon
    Wishbone, attracted to a woman mistreated by her husband, decides to leave
    the drive.
    The Calf Woman
    A spinster ranch woman tries to keep her beautiful and flirtatious younger
    sister from becoming involved with passing cattle drivers.
    The Spanish Camp
    The favor cattle drive is held up by a doctor and his assistant who are
    searching for lost spanish treasure.
    El Hombre Bravo
    Gil Favor becomes involved in a mexican revolution when he befriends a man
    who is a heroic symbol to the rebel forces.
    The Gray Rock Hotel
    A beautiful woman who believes she was wronged by her husband swears
    vengeance against all men.
    Encounter At Boot Hill
    Rowdy Yates becomes involved in small-town intrigue when two of his drivers
    try to save a pair of itinerants from being hanged.
    Ride A Crooked Mile
    A killer involves Rowdy Yates and his drivers in his plan to keep
    possession of a champion stallion.
    Six Weeks To Bent Fork
    As the victim of an old confidence game, Rowdy Yates accepts an offer to
    bring a herd through in a specified time.
    Walk Into Terror
    Drivers blake and quince are buried in an abandoned mine when they fire at
    an attacking bear and the concussion causes a cave-in.
    Escort To Doom
    Rowdy Yates tries to insure the safety of his drivers by hiring a sinister
    band of hungry indians to help him drive the herd.
    Hostage For Hanging
    A vicious old mountain woman's back-country family holds Rowdy Yates for
    ransom when he tries to buy their horses.
    The Vasquez Woman
    Jed colby and the wife of a rebel leader are held as hostages in a mexican
    border revolution.
    Clash At Broken Gulf
    Rowdy Yates and his driver become involved in the local politics of a small
    town and a militant suffragette reform movement.
    The Pursuit
    A united states marshal arrests driver jed colby for an nearly forgotten
    Brush War At Buford
    A young southerner carries vestiges of the civil war to the western range
    even though it means trouble.
    The Testing Post
    A band of cattle rustlers, masquerading as an army surveying party,
    threatens to hijack the Yates herd.
    Crossing At White Feather
    Rowdy Yates' chances of getting a big herd across a treacherous river are
    hampered by an alcoholic guide.
    Duel At Daybreak
    Trail boss Rowdy Yates tries to stop a duel between a young driver and a
    ranch foreman.
    Incident Of The Woman Trap
    Three wagon loads of attractive "mail-order" brides, misled about their
    destination, get help from Gil Favor's drivers.

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