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Welcome Back, Kotter Quick Episode Guide

    01. "Welcome Back, Kotter" (Pilot)
        Gabe is introduced to the Sweathogs.
    02. "The Election"
        Vinnie runs for student body president.
    03. "Basket Case"
        Freddy wants to play basketball instead of pass his classes.
    04. "Whodunnit?"
        A girl claims one of the Sweathogs got her pregnant.
    05. "The Great Debate"
        The Sweathogs debate another class.
    06. "No More Mr. Nice Guy"
        Mr. Woodman temporarily becomes a nice guy.
    07. "One of Our Sweathogs Is Missing"
        Epstein loses a fight and runs away.
    08. "Classroom Marriage"
        The Sweathogs try to stop Freddy from getting married.
    09. "Mr. Kotter, Teacher"
        Gabe is accused of not following standard teaching procedures.
    10. "Barbarino's Girl"
        Vinnie is tutored by Judy.
    11. "The Reunion"
        Gabe isn't happy about seeing an old schoolmate.
    12. "California Dreamin'"
        A new Sweathog girl distracts all the Sweathogs.
    13. "Arrivederci, Arnold"
        Horshack gets promoted out of the Sweathogs.
    14. "The Sit-In"
        The Sweathogs protest the cafeteria's liver.
    15. "The Longest Weekend"
        Julie goes away on a ski trip to Vermont.
    16. "Doctor Epstein, I Presume...?"
        Epstein takes care of his sick hamster.
    17. "Follow the Leader" (Part 1)
        Julie complains that Gabe never spends any time with her, part 1.
    18. "Follow the Leader" (Part 2)
        Julie complains that Gabe never spends any time with her, part 2.
    19. "One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
        Gabe has to combine the Sweathogs with Ms. Fishbeck's class when a flu
        epidemic goes around.
    20. "The Telethon"
        The Sweathogs put on a telethon.
    21. "Kotter Makes Good"
        Gabe has to take tests with the Sweathogs.
    22. "Father Vinnie"
        Vinnie's grandmother wants him to become a priest.
    23. "Sweatside Story"
        The Sweathogs try to form a gang.
    24. "A Love Story"
         Vinnie tries to go out with Epstein's sister.
    25. "Gabe Under Pressure"
        Gabe is afraid to go to the doctor for a stomach pain.
    26. "The Museum"
        The Sweathogs get trapped in a museum.
    27. "Career Day"
        Gabe is offered a job by a wealthy Oriental.
    28. "Inherit the Halibut"
        The Sweathogs accuse Freddy of stealing some money.
    29. "Sweathog Clinic for the Cure of Smoking"
        The Sweathogs try to stop Epstein from smoking.
    30. "Chicken a la Kotter"
        Gabe has to work as Captain Chicken to pay for a root canal.
    31. "The Fight"
        Vinnie doesn't do Freddy's homework causing the Sweathogs to have a fight.
    32. "Sweathog, Nebraska Style"
        Julie's visiting sister goes out with Epstein.
    33. "Sadie Hawkins Day"
        Vinnie doesn't have a date for the Sadie Hawkins dance.
    34. "Hello Ms. Chips"
        A new student-teacher tries to teach the Sweathogs.
    35. "Whatever Happened to Arnold" (Part 1)
        Vinnie replaces Horshack as Cyrano de Vergeac in a school play.
    36. "Whatever Happened to Arnold" (Part 2)
        When his fifth father dies, Horshack gets a part-time job from his
        uncle to help support his family.
    37. "Horshack vs. Carvelli"
        Horshack wants to fight Carvelli
    38. "Hark, the Sweatkings"
        The Sweathogs want to help a homeless man.
    39. "Sweatgate Scandal"
        The Sweathogs work on the school newspaper to investigate a burglary.
    40. "Caruso's Way"
        Vinnie is slapped by his gym teacher.
    41. "Kotter & Son"
        Gabe's father comes for a visit.
    42. "The Littlest Sweathog"
        Gabe finds out that Julie's pregnant.
    43. "I'm Having Their Baby"
        While Gabe is away, the Sweathogs disturb Julie.
    44. "Radio Free Freddie"
        Freddy becomes a DJ at a local radio station.
    45. "I Wonder Who's Kissing Gabe Now"
        The art teacher falls in love with Gabe.
    46. "Buddy Can You Spare a Million?"
        Vinnie and the Sweathogs almost win the lottery.
    47. "And Baby Makes Four" (Part 1)
        Julie goes into labor.
    48. "And Baby Makes Four" (Part 2)
        Julie has twins.
    49. "And Baby Makes Four" (Part 3)
        Julie's parents come for a visit to see the twins.
    50. "Just Testing"
        Vinnie crams for a school test.
    51. "The De-Programming of Arnold Horshack"
        Horshack joins a religious cult.
    52. "What a Move!"
        Epstein finds an apartment for the Kotters.
    53. "A Novel Idea"
        Mr. Woodman writes a novel about the Sweathogs.
    54. "Barbarino in Love" (Part 1)
        Vinnie spends time with a girl instead of rehearse with the Sweathogs,
        part 1.
    55. "Barbarino in Love" (Part 2)
        Vinnie spends time with a girl instead of rehearse with the Sweathogs,
        part 2.
    56. "Kotter for Vice-Principal"
        Gabe considers becoming vice-principal.
    57. "Swine & Punishment"
        Freddy cheats on an English test.
    58. "Epstein's Madonna"
        Epstein paints a nude on the school wall.
    59. "Angie"
        A new girl wants to join the Sweathogs.
    60. "Sweatwork"
        Horshack becomes a fanatic on the school radio station.
    61. "Meet Your New Teacher: Batteries Not Included"
        Gabe is afraid of being replaced by a computer
    62. "Epstein's Term Paper"
        The Sweathogs turn in phony term papers.
    63. "There's No Business..." (Part 1)
        Gabe tries being a stand-up comedian, part 1.
    64. "There's No Business..." (Part 2)
        Gabe tries being a stand-up comedian, part 2.
    65. "What Goes Up"
        Freddy takes drugs.
    66. "Goodbye Mr. Kripps"
        Vinnie blames himself for his shop teacher's heart attack.
    67. "Horshack & Madame X"
        Horshack falls in love with Julie.
    68. "The Kiss"
        Gabe is accused of kissing a girl who fainted.
    69. "Close Encounters of the Carvelli Kind"
        Carvelli tells stories about aliens.
    70. "The Return of Hotsy Totsy"
        The Sweathogs try to help a drop-out Sweathog get a good job.
    71. "Sweathog Christmas Special"
        The Sweathogs share Christmas memories.
    72. "Sweathog Back-to-School Special"
        The Sweathogs remenisce about past episodes as they start a new semester.
    73. "Frog Day Afternoon" (title included in episode)
        Horshack refuses to dissect a frog in biology class.
    74. "Beau's Jest" (title included in episode)
        A new student, Beau De Labarre, sets up Epstein with a bad date.
    75. "The Sweatmobile" (title included in episode)
        The Sweathogs try to buy a used car from Vinnie's uncle.
    76. "Don't Come Up and See Me Sometime"
        Vinnie throws the Sweathogs out of his new apartment.
    77. "The Drop-Ins" (Part 1)
        The Sweathogs are upset when Gabe becomes vice-principal.
    78. "The Drop-Ins" (Part 2)
        The Sweathogs decide to come back to school.
    79. "Once Upon a Ledge"
        Horshack stops a student from comitting suicide.
    80. "Barbarino's Boo Boo"
        Vinnie loses Mr. Woodman in the hospital.
    81. "Washington's Clone" (title included in episode)
        A student imitates Freddy.
    82. "X-Rated Education" (title included in episode)
        The Sweathogs try to watch an X-rated film.
    83. "The Barbarino Blues" (title included in episode)
        Vinnie is depressed when his girlfriend dumps him.
    84. "A Little Fright Music" (title included in episode)
        The Sweathogs want to change Mr. Woodman's school song.
    85. "Bride and Gloom" (title included in episode)
        Epstein asks Vinnie to marry his immigrant cousin.
    86. "The Goodbye Guy" (title included in episode)
        Epstein almost moves in with Mr. Woodman's niece.
    87. "A Winter's Coat Tale" (title included in episode)
        Vinnie's new coat is stolen.
    88. "Barbarino's Baby" (title included in episode)
        Barbarino has to deliver a baby in an elevator.
    89. "Sweat Smell of Success" (title included in episode)
        Epstein turns the school newspaper into a tabloid.
    90. "I'm Okay, But You're Not" (title included in episode)
        Beau plays pranks on Mr. Woodman.
    91. "The Gang Show" (title included in episode)
        Epstein and Freddy enter a talent show.
    92. "Come Back, Little Arnold" (title included in episode)
        Horshack develops a drinking problem.
    93. "Oo-oo, I Do, Part I" (title included in episode)
        Horshack proposes marriage.
    94. "Oo-oo, I Do, Part II" (title included in episode)
        Horshack gets married.
    95. "The Bread Winners" (title included in episode)
        Epstein gets in a fight when Freddy takes his job.

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