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The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

    Compiled by Lee Whiteside
    Updated 6/13/94
    Bruce Campbell as Brisco County, Jr.
    Julius Carry   as James "Lord Bowler" Lonefeather
    Christian Clemenson as Socrates Poole
    Created by Jeffrey Boam and Carlton Cuse
    Recurring cast:
    Billy Drago  as  John Bly
    John Astin  as  Professor Wickwire
    Jeff Phillips  as  Whip Morgan
    Kelly Rutherford  as  Dixie Cousins
    Brandon Maggart  as  Professor Coles
    Comet is played by five different horses (info from E.T. report)
    Strip  - Trick horse that does the "talking" and pushing
    Streak - Rarin' horse
    Bucks  - Fast riding scenes
    Copper - A non-action horse (i.e. stays still while Bruce is
             talking or guns are firing)
    Comet  - Rookie horse (probably not used much)
    The episodes are listed in the following format:
    Episode # (original airing order)
    Episode Title (not shown onscreen)
    Episode Airdate
    Writer, Director
    Chapter Titles (shown onscreen)
    Episode Synopsis
    01. Premiere   8/27/93
      Chapter One-"The Blast Supper"
      Chapter Two-"Scarred Feet Turn Up the Heat"
      Chapter Three-"Hot Flames, Two Dames and Loose Reins"
      Chapter Four-"Lowdown Showdown"
      Chapter Five-"Yell to Your Horse"
      Chapter Six-"Spur of the Moment"
      Chapter Seven-"Grave Peril"
       Brisco County, Jr. turns bounty hunter and agrees to hunt down the
       John Bly gang, who were responsible for the death of his lawman father.
    02. The Orb Scholar  9/03/93
        Writer: Carlton Cuse, Director: Andy Tennant
      Chapter One-"Our Ace in a Hole"
      Chapter Two-"RSVP to RIP"
       Brisco follows a lead on John Bly supplied by a childhood friend, and runs
       across a scholarly man in Colorado who somehow gained possession of the
    03. No Man's Land  9/10/93
        W: Tom Chehak, D: Kim Manners
      Chapter One-"No Man's Land"
      Chapter Two-"Tanks For the Memories"
      Brisco follows the bank-robbing Swill brothers right
      into No-Man's Land, a isolated community where only women
      live and work. Lord Bowler is hired to find the missing
      prototype for a "mobile battlewagon".
    04. Brisco in Jalisco  9/17/93
        W: Carlton Cuse, D: Jim Contner
      Chapter One-"Brisco in Jalisco"
      Chapter Two-"Guns or Hutter"
       Brisco and Socrates cross the border on the trail of
       a load of stolen guns, and find Dixie and themselves caught
       in the middle of the crossfire between a Mexican general and
       a revolutionary and his followers.
    05. Socrates' Sister   9/24/93
        W: Chris Ruppenthal, D: Greg Beeman
      Chapter One-"Get the Drop, Tie 'Em Up, Shoot 'Em Dead Rawhide"
      Chapter Two-"Tight Ropes and Sunken Hopes"
       Brisco rounds up a smooth talking crook, but things
       get a little sticky when Socrates' sister shows up to defend
       the scoundrel.
    06. Riverboat  10/1/93
        W: John Warren, D: Fred Gerber
      Chapter One-"Rushin' Roulette"
      Chapter Two-"Bone Dry"
       Brisco rides to the rescue in Louisiana when
       Socrates runs afoul of a riverboat gambler.
    07. Pirates  10/8/93
        W: Richard Outten, D: Dan Attias
      Chapter One-"Quick Sands of Time"
      Chapter Two-"A Pile of Dynamite, a Keg of Wine and Thou"
       Brisco and Bowler pursue a displaced Caribbean pirate.
    08. Senior Spirit  10/15/93
        W: John MacNamara, D: Michael Lange
      Chapter One-"Leap of Faith"
      Chapter Two-"Father Knows Best"
       Brisco receives some help from his late father as he tries to rescue
       the kidnapped son of a robber baron from John Bly.
    09. Brisco For the Defense  10/22/93
        W: David Simkins & John MacNamara, D: Andy Tennant
      Chapter One-"Trial By Hurry"
      Chapter Two-"Runaway Twain"
       Brisco is drafted to defend an old friend, a doctor
       accused of murdering a prominent citizen in a Wild West town.
    10. Showdown  10/29/93
        W: David Simkins, D: Kim Manners
      Chapter One-"Tender Hearts, Tenderloins"
      Chapter Two-"Number One With a Bullet"
       Brisco returns to his home town to help his
       childhood friend and her father defeat a cattle baron.
    11. Deep in The Heart of Dixie  11/5/93
        W: Kern & Werth, D: Joe Napolitano
      Chapter One-"Tension Headache"
      Chapter Two-"Mission Impossible"
       Brisco and Dixie find romance as he helps her elude
       an assassin sent by a big-time politico.
    12. Crystal Hawks  11/12/93
        W: Carlton Cuse & John McNamara, D: Win Phelps
      Chapter One-"The Piano Lesson"
      Chapter Two-"Zen and the Art of Orb Maintenance"
       Brisco finds the tables turned when a pretty bounty
       hunter picks up his trail so she can bring him in for a  killing.
    13. Steel Horses  11/19/93
        W: Tom Chehak, D: Kim Manners
      Chapter One-"Steel Horses"
      Chapter Two-"Sleazy Riders"
       Brisco and Bowler agree to try and save Socrates' job by retrieving
       four prototype motorcycles stolen by a gang intent on highjacking
       the orb from a high-speed government transport.
    14. Mail Order Brides  12/10/93
        W: Tom Chehak, Wirth & David Simkins, D: Michael Shultz
      Chapter One-"For Whom the Bull Tolls"
      Chapter Two-"Relief Fom the Bullpen"
       Outlaw brothers get into hot water with Brisco and Bowler when they steal
       the dowries of three mail-order brides.
    15. AKA Kansas    12/17/93
        W: Carlton Cuse, Kern & John MacNamara, D: Rob Bowman
      Chapter One-"Not a Welcome Wagon"
      Chapter Two-"Here's Looking at You, Kid"
       Brisco learns that his girlfriend's ex-husband not only wants to steal
       government property, but also has his sights set on Dixie.
    16. Bounty Hunter's Convention  1/7/94
        W: Jim Novack, D: Kim Manners
      Chapter One-"Rub a Dub Dub Watch Out For The Tub"
      Chapter Two-"A Day At The Beach"
       Brisco, Bowler, and Socrates attend a bounty hunter convention
       to pool ideas about catching John Bly.
    17. Fountain of Youth   1/14/94
        W: Kate Baker, D: Michael Caffey
      Chapter One-"Boiling Point"
      Chapter Two-"Future Shock"
       Nothing is quite as it appears to be when Brisco and Bowler respond to
       what they think is a message from Prof. Coles and end up on a
       collision course with John Bly.
    18. Hard Rock 2/04/94
        W: John McNamara, D: Joe Scanlon
      Chapter One-"A Grizzly Situation"
      Chapter Two-"Hondo Accord"
       Brisco and Bowler arrive in Hard Rock, where the sheriff seems a lot like
       Elvis.  Introduces new sidekick Whip Morgan.
    19.  The Brooklyn Dodgers     2/11/94
        W: Don Marcus, D: Kim Manners
      Chapter One-"Heavy Metal"
      Chapter Two-"Top o' the World, Ma"
       Brisco and Lord Bowler escort two orphans set to inherit a fortune across
       California.  Socrates learns that the kid's mother is, in fact, alive.
    20. Bye Bly  2/18/94
        W: Carlton Cuse, D: Kim Manners
      Chapter One:"As Time Goes Bly"
      Chapter Two:"Bye Bly"
       A naked time traveller from the future warns Brisco that Bly is about to
       escape from his orb prison and that he has to stop him to save the world.
    21. Ned Zed  3/11/94
        W: Jeffery Boam, D: Bryan Spicer
      Chapter One-"I'll Be Sawing You in All the Old Familiar Places "
      Chapter Two-"When All is Zed and Done"
       Brisco tries to thwart Ned Zed, a notorius robber, after a new and
       supposedly theft proof bank opens.
    22. Stagecoach 4/01/94
        W: Jeffery Vlaming, D: Felix Alcala
      Chapter One-"Babe Scoping"
      Chapter Two-"A Kiss Before Dying"
       Brisco and Bowler transport a spy (Emma Steed) to Mexico.
    23. Wild Card  4/08/94
        W: Kern & Wirth, D: Larry Shaw
      Chapter One-"Magnum Force"
      Chapter Two-"House of Cards"
       Dixie's sister becomes a mob target when she resists their plan to
       take over her Reno nightclub.
    24. And Baby Makes 3  4/22/94
        W: Tracy Friedman, D: Kevin Bright
      Chapter One-"Missed Carriage of Justice"
      Chapter Two-"Up Hutter's Creek Without a Paddle"
       Brisco has a personal vendetta against a warlord who intends to
       kidnap the infant heir to the Chinese throne.
    25. Bad Luck Betty   4/29/94
        W: Blake & Jackson, D: Joe Scanlon
      Chapter One-"It Only Hearse When I Laugh"
      Chapter Two-"A Grave Situation"
       Brisco and Bowler join forces with a clumsy female deputy to save
       Socrates from the threatening ghost of an undertaker.
    26. High Treason Part 1  5/13/94
        W: Kern, Wirth, Tom Chehak & Carlton Cuse, D: Kim Manners
      Chapter One-"The Unprofessionals"
      Chapter Two-"Better Luck in the Next World"
       Brisco and Bowler are put on trial for Treason.
    27. High Treason Part 2  5/20/94
        W: Kern, Wirth, Tom Chehak & Carlont Cuse, D: Joe Scanlon
      Chapter One-"Heaven Can Wait"
      Chapter Two-"Life After Death"
       A "superposse" is on the trail of Brisco and Bowler, who have been
       convicted of treason.
    Brisco County Airings
    (I'm not completely sure of some of the Sunday night airings)
    Air Date  Ep #      Title
     8/27/93    1       Pilot
     8/29/93    1R      Pilot (Sunday Night)
     9/03/93    2       The Orb Scholar
     9/05/93(?) 2R      The Orb Scholar
     9/10/93    3       No Man's Land
     9/17/93    4       Brisco In Jalisco
     9/24/93    5       Socrates' Sister
    10/01/93    6       Riverboat
    10/03/93(?) 6R      Riverboat
    10/08/93    7       Pirates
    10/10/93    7R      Pirates
    10/15/93    8       Senior Spirit
    10/22/93    9       Brisco for the Defense
    10/29/93   10       Showdown
    11/05/93   11       Deep in the Heart of Dixie
    11/12/93   12       Crystal Hawks
    11/19/93   13       Steel Horses
    11/26/93            [pre-empted]
    12/03/93    3R      No Man's Land
    12/10/93   14       Mail Order Brides
    12/17/93   15       AKA Kansas
    12/24/93    4R      Brisco in Jalisco
    12/31/93    5R      Socrates' Sister
     1/07/94   16       Bounty Hunter's Convention
     1/14/94   17       Fountain of Youth
     1/21/94    6R      Riverboat
     1/28/94            [pre-empted]
     2/04/94   18       Hard Rock
     2/11/94   19       The Brooklyn Dodgers
     2/18/94   20       Bye Bly
     2/20/94   12R      Crystal Hawks (Sunday showing)
     2/25/94            [pre-empted for "Hot Shots"]
     3/04/94    8R      Senior Spirit
     3/08/94   12R      Crystal Hawks (8 pm ET/PT Tuesday)
     3/11/94   21       Ned Zed
     3/18/94   11R      Deep in the Heart of Dixie
     3/25/94   15R      AKA Kansas
     4/01/94   22       Stagecoach
     4/08/94   23       Wild Card
     4/15/94   13R      Steel Horses
     4/22/94   24       And Baby Makes 3
     4/29/94   25       Bad Luck Betty
     5/06/94            [pre-empted by UFO Special]
     5/13/94   26       High Treason Part 1
     5/20/94   27       High Treason Part 2
     5/27/94    9R      Brisco For the Defense
     6/03/94   14R      Mail Order Brides
     6/10/94    7R      Pirates!
     6/17/94   16R     Bounty Hunter's Convention
                [Moving to Sunday nights]
    Thanks to the following for help in compiling this guide:
    Rita  E. Owen
    Phil Alberhasky
    Lindy Cooksey
    Loren Heisey
    Radford Polinsky
    Shelby Bush
    w/d from listing posted by ez041349

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