Eight is Enough

Never Try Eating Nectarines Since Juice May Dispense
In the pilot we meet the Bradford clan, consisting of eight very
independent children ranging in age from 8-23, each experiencing the
growing pains of youth. Also, Tom learns the importance of family
relationships when David moves out.

Mary brings home a pregnant friend, matilda, whose attitudes toward
marriage upset Tom. She learns the joys of parenthood and paternal Tom
helps deliver the baby.

The Gipper Case
Tom is challenged to a family touch football game by his dentist. He
learns that winning is not the only thing that counts.

Pieces Of Eight
Tom 's chance at managing the newspaper runs into trouble when the
printers go on strike. The whole family pitches in to help earn extra

Women, Ducks And The Domino Theory
Topsy-turvy time at the Bradfords when Tommy has his "dream girl" stand
him up; neither David nor Tom wants to go on their annual hunt; Nancy
wants to be cheerleader and Elizabeth gets grounded over cufew.

David learns about life at a party the family throws to celebrate doctor
Maxwell's 25th anniversary, as his date and Maxwell don't get along.

Togetherness can be really funny when the whole Bradford household is
quarantined, including Nancy's blind date, after Mary's boyfriend comes
down with a mysterious ailment.

V Is For Vivian
Tom's sister shows up for a visit and turns the Bradford house upside-down
when she encourages the kids to pursue their dreams and goals.

Hit And Run
Joannie has a fender-bender with a real estate developer who is already
upset with Bradford's column opposing his project. Meanwhile, Elizabeth
goes from three prom dates to none when they all show up at the same time.

Is There A Doctor In The House?
Doctor Maxwell moves in after a fight with his wife and drives the family
crazy with his fussy ways. David tries to raise money to cover a bad check
he wrote at a poker game.

Trial Marriage
While Mary becomes involved with a young psychiatry student, Abby is
introduced into the picture as a tutor for Tommy who broke his ankle
during a family touch football game.

David takes a roommate who romances both Joannie and Susan. Tom drives
Nicholas crazy with his over-attention and Tommy organizes a garage sale.

Double Trouble
The kids try to get Abby and Tom back together after they cool their
relationship. The problem is that Tom and ellen, whom the kids fix up, hit
it off and Abby isn't jealous. Nancy enters the "miss sacramento" beauty
contest and David hangs around a laundromat in hopes of meeting girls.

Mortgage Burning Blues
Tom has finally paid off his mortgage. Unfortunately, the kids get into a
melee when Susan punches a heckler at David and Tommy's singing
appearance and Tom has to remortgage the house to pay the damages.

Dark Horse
Tom proposes to Abby after she and Mary are able to work out their
difficulties over Mary's running for the school board. Abby accepts Tom's

The Bard And The Bod
Joannie is offered a role in a shakespearean play for the same night that
Abby is going to tell her ex-father-in-law of her plans to marry Tom. Tom
buys an engagement ring through David's friend that turns out to be hot.

Children Of The Groom (part 1 of 2)
Tom and Abby's wedding almost doesn't happen when the Bradford children
become involved in planning it. (part 1 of 2).

Children Of The Groom (part 2 of 2)
The Bradford house is even crazier than usual with the wedding plans.
Abby and Elizabeth develop a special relationship. (part 2 of 2).

I Quit
Off to san francisco on a combination honeymoon and acceptance of an
award for his column, Tom also finds that the kids wrangle their way
along and the chaos begins.

All's Fair In Love And War
The son of Tom's wartime buddy comes to visit to set up a new r.o.t.c. ,
which does not please Mary's liberal anti-war feelings. Over the course of
time they learn to respect each other's beliefs. Nicholas has problems
with a bully and another of Tommy's money making schemes backfires.

The Return Of Auntie V
Tom's eccentric sister comes to town and decides that the Bradfords need a
new home. The kids are excited, but as they fix up the house for sale they
begin to fall in love with it again.

Yes, Nicholas, There Is A Santa Claus (part 1 of 2)
Christimas is temporarily put on hold in the Bradford house when the
family's presents are stolen. (part 1 of 2).

Yes, Nicholas, There Is A Santa Claus (part 2 of 2)
The Bradfords celebrate the true meaning of christmas. Tommy receives a
very special gift.

Dear Miss Dinah
Tom is drafted into doing a "dear Abby" column for the paper. Abby decides
to stay at home more and drives everyone, including herself, a little crazy
trying to be a betty crocker-type.

A Hair Of The Dog
Tommy borrows David's apartment to study and winds up throwing a party.
The kids give Tom a unique birthday present -- a day of peace -- and it
drives him crazy.

Author, Author
Tom takes a leave of absence to write a book about his family. He can't
get it published the normal way, but has a special issue done for each
member of the family.

Much Ado About Garbage
Tom has garbage trouble and writes a tongue-in-cheek column. That's when
his troubles start to pile up... Along with his garbage.

Hard Hats And Hard Heads
David quits his construction job and joins the newspaper as a copyboy.
Tommy tries out for the football team and the girls have a dieting contest
with no winners.

Seven Days In February
Joannie, Susan and Nancy meet three guys at a disco and love times three
drives the Bradford household crazy. David is fixed up on a blind date
that turns out to be his sister, Mary, and Tommy is trying to win tickets
to a rock concert.

The Boyfriend
Susan brings a boy home for dinner and gets jealous over his working with
Abby. Nicholas is appointed water commissioner at home and gets fired for
being too tough.

Great Expectations
Bradford learns a lesson about parental pressure when Tommy, trying to
please him, buys a term paper from a high school hustler.

Long Night's Journey Into Day
To keep Abby awake after an accident, the family takes turns telling
stories which are flashbacks from previous episodes.

The Lost Weekend
Abby and Tom go for a visit to her parents. While they are away, the house
is overrun with chaos and the kids barely manage to get things back in
order before Tom and Abby return.

Poor Little Rich Girl
David meets an attractive young woman who is the daughter of a wealthy
construction man. Joannie tries to get the family to communicate better
using encounter-like truth games. Bradford, while helping Nicholas build
a coaster car, takes over completely.

Who's On First?
Joannie tries to get the family to entertain at a benefit for a children's
home. Nicholas believes he has seen a ufo, but it is only a practical joke
by one of the neighborhood kids.

Who's Crazy Here?
Tom thinks he is going nuts when insomnia hits and Tommy becomes two
characters -- "disco kid" and "mellow man" -- to impress his dates.

Nine Is Too Much
Tom is talked into coaching Nicholas' little league team and runs into push
parents. When he quits as coach, Abby takes over and finds a pushy parent
-- Tom.

Here We Go Again / Oh, No... Not again!
It's i.r.s. Audit time for Tom and the family pitches in to help. Abby has
her own problems when she thinks she is going to have a baby.

Cinderella Understudy
Crazy times at the Bradford house when Joannie wants to be an actress;
Susan tries to impress a new man with Abby's car; and Nicholas can't get
away from a girl who has a crush on him.

Milk And Sympathy
Love hits Nicholas when he gets a crush on his teacher. He buys her
self-portrait at a garage sale and tries to hide it from the kids, who
think there is a valuable painting underneath.

The Flunked And The Funked
Nancy rebels when she decides to quit school and find a job. Bradford
wants her to stay, but finally helps her get an interview. While this is
going on, Nicholas and Irving, who are making prank calls, receive their
own from David and Tommy.

Cops And Toddlers
Susan decides to become a cop, and Nancy opens a day care center at the
Bradford house. While she fails the written test, Susan helps Nancy
control the kids, who are running amok, and finds that she likes it enough
to go back to school as an education major.

The Hipbone Connected To The Thighbone
Mary needs a place of her own to study for exams in medical school. She
finally moves back home and the whole family coaches her. Meanwhile,
Tommy is learning to drive and needs Tom's help when he is embarrassed
to be seen with his teachers -- Susan and Nancy.

Fast And Loose
David flirts with danger and loses his job after his close friend suddenly
passes away. The kids try to help and eventually David cleans up his act.
Nicholas tries to help by offering David a kitten from a litter of a stray
cat he has taken in.

The War Between The Bradfords
It's the men versus the woman when Abby is to give a speech for women's
week open house.

All The Vice-president's Men
The fun begins when the vice-president picks the Bradfords as america's
typical family, thanks to Nicholas's invitation to thanksgiving dinner.

You Won't Have Nicholas To Kick Around Anymore (part 1 of 2)
After feeling left out of family plans and accidentally starting a fire,
Nicholas runs away. (part 1 of 2).

You Won't Have Nicholas To Kick Around Anymore (part 2 of 2)
Nicholas befriends an old con man who performs his best scam trying to get
Nicholas back to the Bradfords. (part 2 of 2).

Alone At Last
Abby and Tom devise a sneaky plan to have some time alone -- they send the
kids camping for the weekend.

The Yearning Point
Both Elizabeth and Tommy learn that there is no easy way to success when
she is trying to win a dance scholarship and he is trying to earn some
extra money.

Moving Out
When Joannie, Susan and Nancy try living "on their own" in an apartment, Tom
has trouble accepting that his daughters are growing up.

Mother's Rule
To keep the rest of the Bradford children at home, Tom sets up a no-rules
system showing everyone that it is possible to have too much of a good

Inlaws And Outlaws
Abby's mother comes to visit, followed by her father, and musical rooms
becomes the name of the game.

Horror Story
A rainy night in sacramento turns the Bradford house upside-down. Joannie
is studying the film "psycho" and the lights go out when her date shows up
-- a look-alike for tony perkins. Tommy and Elizabeth think he is an
escaped convict while Nicholas plays secret agent.

Just The Ten Of Us
Tom's chance for "father of the year" grow slim after David and Janet
decide to become roomates.

Best Of Friends
The Bradfords rally to support Tommy who takes responsibility for his
friend lori's pregnancy, though he knows he is not the father. Meanwhile,
Nicholas and Irving have their own problems when the cappleton sisters
open a lavish lemonade stand down the street.

The Kid Who Came To Dinner
Nicholas brings home his best baseball friend, bobby, a foster child he
wants to adopt. They decide to sail down the sacramento river. Abby's
friend and his wife begin to consider adopting bobby.

The Better Part Of Valor
When Abby becomes a substitute teacher, the troubles begin for Tommy as
she flunks the star basketball player. Tommy learns to stand up for what
is right.

Dads, Daughters, Different Drummers
Joannie is take with the local drama critic who gives her a good review.
Bradford thinks he is a phony and tries to break up their romance. David
decides to open his own construction business and the whole family pitches
in to help him.

The Final Days
Everyone is studying for finals at the Bradford house while Tom runs into
trouble with a senior citizen over a youth-oriented article he has written.

The Graduates
Tom is invited to give the commencement address at Elizabeth's high school
graduation just as she and her friend pull a senior prank which backfires.
It's also graduation time for Joannie (college), who isn't sure of what
lies ahead in the real world.

Marriage And Other Flights Of Fancy (part 1 of 2)
David sets out on a cross-country adventure. Tom finally sells a short
story, but finds it published in a man's magazine more famous for its
"illustrations" than its literature. (part 1 of 2).

Marriage And Other Flights Of Fancy (part 2 of 2)
David and his traveling campanion get caught up in a hang gliding
competition and learn a few lessons about life. (part 2 of 2).

Merle The Pearl
Nicholas meets a new girl and tries to impress her by introducing her to
Merle "the pearl" a local baseball star. Merle falls for Susan and
Nicholas gets his first kiss.

The Cupid Crises
The fun begins when Merle confides to Nicholas that he is going to propose
to Susan while David is trying to win back Janet. Nicholas acts as the
go-between for everyone.

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
Merle and Susan decide to move up the wedding plans. The date is also the
same one David and Janet have picked -- and fun begins.

Ten Ships In The Night
Chaos hits the Bradford house when everyone's activities go around the
clock. This drives Tom bananas and he finally calls a family meeting at 3
a.m. To rearrange the goings on.

The Devil And Mr. Bradford
The fun begins when Joannie "scoops" Tom on a story on a porno theater for
her new job at a television station. The problem is that the theature is
owned by a public corporation and Tom is a stockholder.

Big Shoes, Little Feet
A new closeness develops between Nicholas and Abby after a substitute
teacher expects him to live up to high standards set by his brothers and

Fathers And Other Strangers (part 1 of 2)
Tom's sister, vivian wants to take the Bradfords to hawaii for a vacation.
The real reason is that she has found out that Tom's long-lost father is
living there. (part 1 of 2).

Fathers And Other Strangers (part 2 of 2)
Tears, understanding and good cheer as Tom and his father finally make up
when the family tries to get them together. (part 2 of 2).

Letter To One Bradford
Nicholas receives a chain letter and really believes that bad luck will
follow if it is broken. He finally learns that it is nonsense after
putting the family through the ringer.

Separate Ways
Bradford is up to his ears with kids when Susan returns home after a spat
with Merle, while Nicholas is on strike for more allowance, and Mary and
Elizabeth try to bill him for fixing the thermostat.

The girls try to cheer up Susan who is down in the dumps. Merle arrives to
win her back and finds out she is going to have their baby.

The Night They Raided Bradfords
Things are not as they seem at the Bradford house when Merle's sister,
linda mae, comes from the farm for a visit. It's a comedy of errors when
she calls the police after misunderstanding the family's crazy life style.

Brotherhood, Sisterhood
Bradford talks David into hiring Tommy, who then has to stand up to his
fellow workers on his own. Nicholas spends the day with Tom at the office,
and Elizabeth tries to follow her sisters' advice on how to meet a nice

Mary, He's Married
Mary learns that being an adult can be painful when she falls for a
resident at the hospital who is unavailable. Joannie wants to do a
documentary on her family and Nicholas goes into business selling wrinkle

My Son, The Prom Queen
After losing out to an all-girl rock band, Tommy decides to run for prom

The Courage To Be
Tommy tries to help his friend Ernie, who won't admit he has a problem.
They split-up over this and Bradford steps in to help.

Semi-centennial Bradford
Turning 50 does not thrill Tom when he feels the pressure of the
youth-movement at work, and Nicholas is helping Merle come up with a
name for the new baby.

The Commitment
Tommy presents Jill with a class ring. When his ideas of a relationship
aren't the same as hers, he misinterprets kindness from Mary's friend,
kerry, and gets deeper in trouble.

Seven More Days In February
During the winter break, the Bradford girls meet new men which drive Tom
and Abby crazy. Meanwhile, Tommy gets fixed-up with a niece of Bradford's

The Return Of Joe Simons
Joe simons, the con man who helped Nicholas return from san diego, shows
up pretending to have struck it rich in the yukon and drives the family

Bradfrod Vs Bradford
David is jealous over Janet's working with a male colleague. Bradford
counsels David and Abby counsels Janet, and they end up happily together.

Abby takes off alone when her dead husband's friend shows up and brings
back her memories. She works out her feelings and returns to the family.
Meanwhile, Nicholas finds going steady is not all fun when the girl is more
interested in the bracelet he gives her than in him.

Official Positions
Abby's thesis gets a publishing offer while Tom can't get his accepted.
They pool their efforts, after competitive feelings are straightened out,
to co-author his book. Nicholas gets his friend's mom a job helping with
the book.

A Matter Of Mentors
Joannie gets her chance at a big story and blows it. An experienced
reporter makes her his partner and the result is an important scoop.

Roll Over Bradford
Tommy wants to be a professional musician rather than go to college.
Though Tom disagrees, he still is able to encourage him, which brings them

A Little Triangle
A warm touching story when Abby and Tom come to the rescue as Nancy
befriends the 5-year-old daughter of a young widower. She loves the girl,
but is not in love with the father.

Finally Grad Night / Grad Night
While the Bradfords let Tommy and a few friends quietly celebrate
graduation at the house, Nicholas calls on them for help. The party goes
on without them as party crashers show up.

And Baby Makes Nine (part 1 of 2)
Susan keeps her pregnancy problems from Merle when his career takes a
leap forward. Elizabeth must make an important decision. (part 1 of 2).

And Baby Makes Nine (part 2 of 2)
Complications in Susan's pregnancy shake the Bradford household.
Elizabeth comes to terms with her living arrangement. (part 2 of 2).

This introduces Abby's nephew Jeremy to the Bradford family. His behavior
upsets the family, but all ends well as he becomes the newest member of
the Bradfords.

Welcome To Memorial, Dr. Bradford
Abby takes a counseling job at an inner-city high school filled with
trouble. Tom drives the famly crazy after his driver's license expires and
they become his chauffeurs.

When joan's parents visit the Bradford household to see the family and
their great-grandchild, a conflict with Abby occurs. Grandpa and Abby
make up and finally accept joan's death in a touching story.

Ernie introduces Tommy to a slightly older woman who has a 4-year old
son. When he falls for her, she has second thoughts. Abby registers
Jeremy for school and Nicholas supervises the conversion of the garage
into Susan and Merle's apartment.

Maltese Airline Bag
Nicholas and his friend melvin get more than they bargained for when they
start a messenger service. One of their first deliveries turns out to be
an airline bag full of money to be used for political bribes.

Caught up in a newspaper strike, Tom tries to bring the feuding parties
together thanks to something Nicholas says about giving and compromise.
To help the financial crunch, Nicholas starts a barter system in the

A political appointment for Bradford ends up more than he can live with.
Joannie goes undercover to get the goods on a video dating company and
Nicholas rebels from his "cutesy" image.

Darlene Dilemma
Jeremy falls for darlene, a 16-year-old student of Abby's, who likes to
flirt. Nancy gets a modeling job with obvious shortcomings, and Nicholas
tries to impress a 12-year-old girl with his cooking ability.

Second Thoughts
Joannie takes some time off from work to reconsider her career and falls
for a co-worker. Nancy finds out fame has a price when she becomes the
"sunshine soda girl."

David's Rib
Joannie involves David in the renovation of an old opera house. However,
Janet is the legal counsel for the developer who wants to build low-
income housing on the site. Merle returns from new york for a visit
with Susan and the baby, and Nicholas receives a horse from his old
friend, joe simons.

For their fifth anniversary, Bradford and Abby decide to renew their
wedding vows as the kids plan the big party.

The Way We Were
Tommy and Ernie, back from college with a "preppy" look, run into Jill,
Tommy's old girlfriend. When Jill picks Ernie over Tommy, David helps him
realize that reliving the past is not the real world. Nicholas gets a job
delivering papers from Tom's competitor.

If The Glass Slipper Fits...
Nancy's modeling career reaches a crossroad over a jeans ad. Elizabeth is
trying to attract alan anderson, who only sees her as a friend, and
Nicholas goes apartment hunting for David.

The Best Little Telethon In Sacramento
Joannie is given the job of organizing the talent for the station's
telethon. She recruits the family to perform and Nicholas saves the day
with his on-the-air speech and performance.

Yet Another Seven Days In February?
This year it's the boys' turn to meet new women. Tommy charms the
daughter of a radio station owner, David meets her divorced mother,
and Jeremy runs himself ragged trying to keep up with a beautiful sports

Idolbreaker (part 1 of 2)
Tommy's career is about to take off when an old girlfriend returns with
news. The girls adopt a bum named max, and Nicholas stands up to a bully
to impress a girl. (part 1 of 2).

Idolbreaker (part 2 of 2)
Ellen decides not to marry Tommy. He still wants to marry her, but at the
last minute they realize it is not the right thing. Nicholas plans a
surprise birthday for Jeremy. (part 2 of 2).

Starting Over
David and Janet consider starting over. Jeremy finds a skull in the
Bradford yard and Nicholas hopes he will make the basketball team as
Elizabeth is dating the coach.

After a shoulder injury ends his career, Merle comes upon Nicholas and his
friends playing ball. He is offered a job of assistant coach of the high
school team.

Father Knows Best?
Jeremy's father returns for a visit and wants to take him back to los
angeles. Four of David's high school buddies return for their ten-year