Space Rangers

Revision date: January 2, 1995

Compiled by Loren Heisey


Series notes

Set in the 22nd century, this science fiction adventure follows the exploits of a group of futuristic police stationed at a remote outpost in deep space. The outpost was called Fort Hope and was located on Planet Avalon.


Guide notes

The 6 episodes are listed in 3 chronicles since that is how they were released on video and are now shown most places.



         Jeff Kaake                  Captain John Boon
         Marjorie Monaghan           JoJo
         Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa        Zylyn
         Jack McGee                  Doc
         Clint Howard                Mimmer
         Danny Quinn                 Danny Kincaid
         Gottfried John              Erik Weiss
         Linda Hunt                  Commander Chennault

A few other credits

         Created by                  Pen Densham
         Music by                    Hans Zimmer & Mark Mancina
         Co-Producer                 M. Jay Roach
         Coordinating Producer       Mark A. Stern
         Line Producer               Tim Harbert
         Producers                   Rachel Talalay & Herbert J. Wright
         Executive Producers         Richard B. Lewis, John Watson,
                                     Scott Brazil & Pen Densham
         Senior Producer             Robert Halmi, Jr.
         Associate Producers         Bob Weber & Martin Cohen
         Story Editor                Bret Plate


Space Rangers: The Chronicles I

     Special Guest Star
         Wings Hauser
     Guest Starring
         Amy Steel
         Ricki Latini III            boy
         Salli Elise Richardson      Makita
         Sharon Mahoney
         Art La Fleur
         Dawn Jeffory                Irina
     Special Appearance by
         Pat Morita               as Nazzer
         Danielle Zuckerman
         Gregg Daniel
         Gary Lee Davis              Thick-Neck
         James Cooper                Zed
         Thomas Rosales              Gambler
         Mario Roberts               Helpful Man
         Dan Zukovic                 Arran
         Gary Byron                  Pilot
         Susan Fallender             Alien Tech

  1. Space Rangers - original CBS airdate: January 27, 1993
     When a ship carrying Boon's old friend crashes on a desolate planet
     that's also a sacred Graaka burial site, the Rangers attempt a rescue
     mission that could cost them their lives.

         Teleplay by                 Pen Densham & M. Jay Roach
         Story by                    Pen Densham
         Directed by                 Mikael Salomon

  2. Banshies - original CBS airdate: January 13, 1993
     Col. Weiss asks the Rangers to trap a deadly alien - a request that
     Boon refuses until he learns a young boy is trapped on an abandoned
     spaceship with some of the creatures.
     Zed: James Cooper, Schmitty: Gary Byron.

         Written by                  Herbert J. Wright
         Directed by                 David Burton Morris

Space Rangers: The Chronicles II

     Guest Starring
         Richard Grove
         Keith Berger
         Leon Russom
         Richard Marcus
         James Lew
         Tony Amendola
         Mark Venturini              Lieutenant
         Aixi Clemente               Matty
         Gregory Phelan              Technician #1
         Tony Montero                Jed
         Wendy Way                   Technician #2
         Richard Hoyt Miller         M.P.

  3. The Replacements - original CBS airdate: January 6, 1993
     The Rangers are assigned a new android while they try to uncover the
     reasons behind a mining ship's hijacking.

         Written by                  Gregory Widen
         Directed by                 Ben Bolt

  4. The Trial - not aired by CBS
     Zylyn is accused of murder and the rest of the Rangers defend him
     in court.

         Teleplay by                 Gavin Scott
         Story by                    Pen Densham
         Directed by                 David Burton Morris

Space Rangers: The Chronicles III

     Special Guest Star
         Buddy Hackett            as Lenny
     Guest Starring
         Claudia Christian           Marla
         Arlen Dean Snyder
         Sherman Howard              alien dignitary
         Cec Verrell
         Dana Gladstone              Muk'Toh
         Sam Whipple
         John Mahon
         Jeremy Roberts
         Keith Berger
         Peter Looney
         Duane Whitaker              Roacher
         Ron Howard George           Dirk
         Sheila Johnson              April
         Sandra Spriggs              Announcer
         Larry Marks                 Vee Lon Guard

  5. Death Before Dishonor - original CBS airdate: January 20, 1993
     After Boon twice offends an alien dignitary, the crew is sentenced to
     death and war is declared on Fort Hope. The crew's only hope: Boon
     must challenge the alien to a duel.

         Written by                  Ed Speilman & Howard Speilman
         Directed by                 David Burton Morris

  6. To Be... Or Not To Be - not aired by CBS
     The Rangers race to a prison planet to rescue a comedian.

         Written by                  Jess Hugh Mann
         Directed by                 Thom Eberhardt