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Series notes

Aaron Miller was a strict, bearded Amish patriarch whose son Noah Miller had forsaken Amish ways. Noah perished in a surfing accident and left behind a pregnant girlfriend, Susannah, with a vineyard she couldn't maintain alone. Aaron uprooted his tight-knit family from their cloistered environment in Pennsylvania and moved to California to help.

Stories revolved around the Millers' culture shock as they adjusted to modern California ways, while trying to retain their deep-rooted moral values and peculiar style of dress.

The series was filmed near San Francisco and ran on NBC. It has rarely run since except for the first episode which is shown under the title Circle of Love.


Guide notes

The only guest stars included are those listed in TV Guide.


Principle production credits

Music by: Mark Snow
Associate Producer/Design Consultant: Fredric P. Hope
Film Editors: Andrew L. Cohen, Marv Adelson
Production Designer: Ross Major
Director of Photographer: Ron Hagen
Supervising Producer: R.W. Goodwin
Produced by: Bonnie Raskin



Merlin Olsen: Aaron Miller
Belinda Montgomery: Sarah Miller
Jessica Walter: Connie Lo Verde
Erin Chase: Martha Miller
Scott Curtis: Frank Miller
Christopher Gartin: Mickey Lo Verde
Samantha Mathis: Roseanne Miller
Kathleen York: Susannah Lo Verde



1. & 2. The Harvest (Circle of Love)

U.S. original airdate: March 9, 1988
Production number: ?
Directed by: Noel Nosseck
Synopsis: Amish farmer Aaron Miller confronts a conflicting way of life when he uproots his family to help his late son's pregnant girl friend and her family harvest grapes in Northern California.
Guest Stars: Richard Tyson [Blue Macomber], Pierrino Mascarino [Benvenuto] John Anderson [Bishop Yoder]

3. New Growth

U.S. original airdate: March 16, 1988
Production number: ?
Directed by: Robert Scheerer
Synopsis: The birth of her baby brings changes for Susannah that she's not prepared for, while the new school year brings a cultural adjustment for the Millers.
Guest Stars: Carol Mayo Jenkins [Mrs. Seward], Barbara Townsend [School Clerk], Burke Byrnes [Animal Control Officer], Pierrino Mascarino [Benvenuto]

4. A Plain Path

U.S. original airdate: March 23, 1988
Production number: 186207
Directed by: Robert Scheerer
Synopsis: His nonviolent ways do not render Aaron noncompetitive in a biker bar's arm wrestling contest, which he hopes to win to pay for damages he caused to the Lo Verde truck while learning to drive. Frank innocently springs the coyote traps on neighboring property, unaware of the consequences. Connie gives a favorite customer new hope to live.
Guest Stars: Jessica Nelson [Laurie Haden], John Matuszak [Puque], Pierrino Mascarino [Benvenuto]

5. The Healing Power

U.S. original airdate: March 30, 1988
Production number: 186206
Directed by: Noel Nosseck
Synopsis: Roseanne, thought by classmates to have mystical powers, is invited to join an exclusive literary club. Sarah hesitates to give Martha permission to accept a small part in the school play. Aaron must cut through a lot of red tape to get his driver's license.
Guest Stars: Julie Condra [Tricia], Bess Meyer [Matisse], Tommy Puett [Coaster]

6. Patches of Light

U.S. original airdate: April 6, 1988
Production number: 186214
Directed by: Robert Scheerer
Synopsis: Sarah becomes obsessed with ensuring a proper burial for an unidentified man found in a field by Frank and Martha. Aaron searches for the perfect anniversary gift for Sarah.
Guest Stars: David Hart [Travis], Christopher McDonald [Richie], Michael Currie [Officer Kilgallen], Sam Vincent [Deputy Keefer]

7. High Note

U.S. original airdate: April 13, 1988
Production number: ?
Directed by: Noel Nosseck
Synopsis: Aaron's first encounter with a sightless singer is fraught with misunderstandings, but subsequent attempts at kindness seem wasted on the angry man, who doesn't want pity.
Guest Stars: Tom Sullivan, Pierrino Mascarino [Benvenuto]

8. The Men Will Cheer and the Boys Will Shout

U.S. original airdate: April 20, 1988
Production number: 186217
Directed by: Robert Scheerer
Synopsis: Connie receives an unexpected visit from her manipulative ex-husband which signals trouble for the Lo Verde family when he reveals the reason for his return: to fight for custody of Mickey.
Guest Stars: Ron Leibman, Pierrino Mascarino [Benvenuto], Dakin Matthews [Wyler]

9. Man and Boy at the Crossing

U.S. original airdate: April 27, 1988
Production number: 186216
Directed by: Robert Scheerer
Synopsis: Faith accomplishes much for the Miller women when a construction project lures a bevy of "working women" to town. Mickey sets out to prove to the family that he's a grown-up.
Guest Stars: Kari Whitman [Charmaine/Bobby Jean], Ann Nelson [Mrs. Felker], Karen Hensel [Cecile Webster]

10. Teachers

U.S. original airdate: May 4, 1988
Production number: 186202
Directed by: Noel Nosseck
Synopsis: A free-spirited Berkeley student hired to tutor the Miller children brings with him an air of intrigue and some questionable teaching methods, but it's his growing fondness for Susannah that most disturbs Sarah.
Guest Stars: Robin Strand

11. Strong Foundations

U.S. original airdate: May 11, 1988
Production number: ?
Directed by: Noel Nosseck
Synopsis: Moonlighting on a carpentry job at a neighbor's home gets Aaron in hot water with a contractor, who takes him to court. Martha is taken to task at school for refusing to wear the customary gym attire.
Guest Stars: Howard George [Mr. Falcone], Harold Pruett [Tony Falcone], Beatrice Colen [Mrs. Beeman]

12. The Invisible People

U.S. original airdate: May 15, 1988
Production number: 186210
Directed by: Noel Nosseck
Synopsis: ?
Guest Stars: ?

13. Solid Ground

U.S. original airdate: May 18, 1988
Production number: 186215
Directed by: Noel Nosseck
Synopsis: Mickey is saddled with more responsibility than he bargained for when he's hired by Connie's suitor at a high-tech computer firm. A school bully gives Frank's nonviolence a true test.
Guest Stars: Jim McMullan [Jim Packer], Joshua Goddard [Eddie Matzdorff], Vinnie Argiro [Bob Dietrich]

14. New Patterns

U.S. original airdate: May 25, 1988
Production number: 186209
Directed by: Robert Scheerer
Synopsis: Aaron finds that his carpentry skills don't qualify him for a job in the area's high-tech industries, and he's enraged when Sarah finds a way to earn money. Frank's desire to play baseball is dampened by a perfectionist coach.
Guest Stars: Peter Brown [Coach Grady], George McCann [Brian Neuner], John Furlong [Patrick Dwyer], Eugene Lee [Employment Officer], Nadia DeLeye [Darleen]