Young Indiana Jones Miscellaneous Info

Filming locations

     first production              second production
     ----------------              -----------------
     London, England               Dublin, Ireland
     St. Petersburg, Russia        Liverpool, England
     Almeria, Spain                London, England
     Prague, Czechoslovakia        Cortina, Italy
     Barcelona, Spain              Feltre, Italy
     Lamu, Kenya                   Florence, Italy
     Tana River, Kenya             Pisa, Italy
     Nairobi, Kenya                Taita Hills, Africa
     Paris, France                 Mombasa, Africa
     Benares, India                Nairobi, Africa
     Beijing, China                Malindi, Kenya
     Shanghai, China               Istanbul, Turkey
     Vienna, Austria               Prague, Czechoslovakia
     Cairo, Egypt

     third production              fourth production
     ----------------              -----------------
     California                    Venice, Italy
     Czechoslovakia                Morocco


Indiana Jones program notes

His full name is Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr.

He studied under Abner Ravenwood at the University of Chicago.

He had a romance with his daughter Marion Ravenwood and a falling out with Abner around 1926 at the age of 26 or 27.

He is a "professor of Archeology, expert on the occult, and...obtainer of rare antiquities."

He and his father Dr. Henry Jones Sr. taught at the same university.

Address Indy Sr. used to mail the Grail diary to Indy:

	 Prof. Indiana Jones
	 Barnett College
	 Hamilton Hall
	 Grove Avenue
	 Fairfield, New York


Young Indiana program notes

The segments with Old Indy are called bookends. Filming a pair of them typically takes a day. Most are shot at Carolco Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina and on location in Wilmington. A majority of them are directed by Carl Schultz.

Each episode costs about $1.5 million and the filming with Young Indy takes around 3 weeks. The first production filming alternated between Sean and Corey episodes.


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