Young Indiana Jones Cast

This summarizes their acting through 2000. For more details and roles since then check the Internet Movie Database links.

Corey Carrier

[Corey Carrier]
Birth date: August 20, 1980. Corey has been a comedian since about the age of 3 and opened for Jay Leno when he was 4. He has performed his stand-up routines on *Live With Regis and Kathie Lee* and *The Pat Sajack Show* as well as comedy clubs around the country. One of his early on-screen roles was a touching performance in the "Christmas Presence" episode of *The Equalizer*. This was noteworthy as it was the first time a child actor played an AIDS victim on TV.

Before Corey got the YIJC role he had seen all the Indy movies a few times and his favorite was *The Last Crusade* because of Sean Connery. While filming the YIJC around the world, Corey was accompanied by his family: father, mother, and sister. His mother is a certified schoolteacher and served as his on set tutor.

His other TV guest starring roles include a very small part in "The Choice" episode of *Spenser For Hire* (1985).

His movie roles include *The Witches of Eastwick* (1987), *When the Time Comes* (TV 1987), *After Dark, My Sweet* (1990), *Crazy People* (1990) [his part ended up on the cutting room floor], *Men Don't Leave* (1990), *My Blue Heaven* (1990), *Bump In the Night* (TV 1991), *Savage Land* (1994), *Treasure Island: The Adventure Begins* (TV 1994), *Bushwhacked* (1995), *Nixon* (1995), *Shock Treatment* (TV 1995), and *The Adventures of Pinocchio* (1996).

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Sean Patrick Flanery

[Sean Patrick Flanery]
Birth date: October 11, 1965. He was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana and raised in Houston, Texas. His mother was a real estate broker and his father owns a line of medical supply companies. He went to the University of St Thomas in Houston where he majored in business with a focus on law. While there he took a drama class because of a girl. The girl turned out to be a flake but he fell in love with drama and did all kinds of college theater. After graduating in 1988 he moved to Los Angeles and waited tables. He got an agent and after 8 months of looking got a part in "Just Perfect", a multi-part movie shown on the *Mickey Mouse Club*. Connections he made on it led to the second of these which was "My Life As a Babysitter". He also did some television commercials including Kelloggs, McDonalds and "Milk Does a Body Good" for the National Milk Board.

When Sean first saw the *Raiders of the Last Ark* film he thought it was the most exciting film he had seen at that time. After Sean was cast for the YIJC he flew to England which was his first time outside of North America. He spent four months in rehearsal which included a couple months of horse-back-riding lessons. Part of his makeup includes a fake scar fashioned after the real scar Harrison Ford has on his chin.

Sean was to have been in the new *Lost in Space* movie, but when everyone was assembled in London to shoot the picture it was decided the role of Don West required a different look and physical presence. Sean stepped aside and the part was re-cast.

Some of Sean's other interests include music, sports, and racing cars in some of the celebrity races at least one of which he won.

His movie roles include *Guinevere* [also called *Lie Down With the Dragon*] (Cable 1994), *Frank and Jesse* (1994), *Powder* (1995), *The Glass Harp* (1995), *Raging Angels* (1995), *Just Your Luck* [also called *Whiskey Down*] (1996), *Eden* (1997), *Pale Saints* (1997), *Best Men* (1997), *The Method* (1997), *Suicide Kings* (1997), *Zack and Reba* (1998), *Girl* (1998), *The Boondock Saints* (1999), *Body Shots* (1999), *Simply Irresistible* (1999), *Run the Wild Fields* (2000), and *Detox* (2000).

He was also in the short lived UPN series *The Strip* in 1999.

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George Hall

[George Hall]
Birth date: November 19, 1916. A seasoned theater actor who has performed in more than nineteen Broadway plays beginning in 1946 with *Call Me Mister*. Others include *Lend an Ear*, *High Button Shoes*, *The Boy Friend*, and *Bent*. On television he has been in *Another World*, *As the World Turns*, *Loving*, and the cable series *Remember WENN*.

He passed away on October 21, 2002 after complications from a stroke.

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Ronny Coutteure

[Ronny Coutteure]
Birth date: July 2, 1951. In France is well known for his work in theater, film, radio, television and the opera.

Since English is not his native language, he spent time going over his lines before the filming started. His wife journeyed with him during the production.

He died on June 21, 2000. For more info see the Old News page

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Margaret Tyzack

[Margaret Tyzack]
Birth date: September 9, 1931. Attended Angela's Ursuline convent in England and then was educated at the RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art). She has a long career in the performing arts working in television, film, and theater where she won a Tony award in 1990. Her TV roles include the BBC series *The Forsyte Saga*, *I, Claudius*, and *Quatermass*.

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Ruth De Sosa

[Ruth De Sosa]
Her TV guest roles include *Hotel*, *MacGyver*, *Monsters*, *Freddy's Nightmares*, *Tales From the Crypt*, *ER*, and *3rd Rock From the Sun*.

Her movie roles include *Do You Know the Muffin Man?* (TV 1989), *Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection* (1990), *My Life* (1993), *Champion Killer* (1994), *Dreamers* (1999), and *Santa and Pete* (TV 1999).

Although she is in a number of episodes there was very little written about her character. This allowed her to use her own interpretation based on the basic formula George Lucas provided.

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