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GUIquotes is a program which will display a quote from a quotes file. It can be set up to display a quote when your computer starts up or you can run the program when you are in the mood to see a quote. This site has more than 60 quote files from an assortment of TV shows.

The program will also work with UNIX fortune format files. There are an assortment of these quotes files on a wide range of topics. The links page has pointers to some sites were these can be found.

Quote from Firefly


  • Cross-platform and works on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms
  • The quotes can be chosen in random or sequential order
  • Quotes can be picked from multiple quotes files with several modes for picking among the files
  • The quote being displayed can be copied to the system clipboard
  • Which file the quote is from can optionally be displayed
  • Font and background color of the quote display is user selectable
  • Size and position of the quote display is user selectable
  • Supports text files conforming to the standard UNIX fortune format
  • GUIquotes is freeware
Quote from Doctor Who