Outer Limits old news

This is the Outer Limits news between 1998 and 2009

May 2009

The Outer Limits has been airing on This TV network which is a channel MGM created for TV stations to air on their digital TV sub-channels. More info on the This TV network is on this Wiki page.

February 2009

After a 4 year absence the U.S. Sci-Fi Channel has some original Outer Limits episodes scheduled to air at the end of March. See the U.S. Sci-Fi Channel schedule for the episodes.

October 2008

This month marks the tenth anniversary of the Inner Mind web site. A lot has changed during that time but the mission of this section of web site remains the same - to provide information on the Outer Limits TV shows without all the flash. Over the years I have gotten a few emails saying the web site is boring but those looking for a multimedia extravaganza will need to go elsewhere.

August 2008

In yet another DVD release of the original Outer Limits, all the episodes are being released in a box set on October 21, 2008 with a list price of $59.98. This has previously been available exclusively at Borders but will now be sold at other retailers.

June 2008

On June 10, 2008 La-La Land Records is releasing a limited edition 3 CD set of music from the first season of the original Outer Limits. For information on what music is included see the music page.

June 2007

Season 1 of the original Outer Limits is being released in volumes with a list price of $29.98. The first volume with 16 episodes was released in the U.S. on June 5, 2007, and the second volume is scheduled to be released August 28, 2007. For details see the info page. Presumably this is to appeal to those who think the season 1 box set is too expensive.

September 2006

Joseph Stefano co-creator of the original Outer Limits died August 25. He was 84. This is the news article

October 2005

After a 5 year absence Showtime is rerunning the new Outer Limits starting October 5. See the Showtime schedule for the episodes and times.

August 2005

MGM will release a new Outer Limits DVD box set on November 1, 2005. It will contain all season 1 episodes and the list price will be $59.95. Other seasons are expected to be released in 6 to 9 month intervals.

June 2005

For those in the U.K. the first 2 theme based new Outer Limits DVDs came out in April, and the 2 original Outer Limits DVD box sets will be released in July. For details see the info page.

May 2005

MGM will release 4 more theme based new Outer Limits DVDs on June 21, 2005. As before each DVD will have 6 episodes from throughout the 7 seasons. For the episodes see the info page. There will also be a box set containing all 6 of the theme DVDs.

December 2004

MGM shareholders approved the acquisition of their company by a consortium lead by Sony on December 17. Hopefully they can now get on with things like deciding when to release more of the new Outer Limits on DVD.

November 2004

A second DVD collection of new Outer Limits episodes was released in Canada on November 16, 2004. This time there are 18 episodes from season 3.

September 2004

Sony reached an agreement to acquire MGM. This was after Sony raised its offer and the other primary contender, Time Warner, dropped out. It is not known if this will help or hurt releasing more Outer Limits on DVD.

April 2004

On April 22 it was reported that Sony along with 2 other firms were looking at buying MGM. One of their primary interests is MGM's vast library of films and TV shows which includes the Outer Limits. The following day it was reported that Time Warner was also considering buying MGM.

TV Shows on DVD reports there is a DVD collection of new Outer Limits episodes being released in Canada on May 25, 2004. There will be 5 discs with 19 season 1 & 2 episodes (20 if Sandkings is counted as 2).

January 2004

At the 41st Annual National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) conference held this month MGM was working on lining up stations for another year of syndicated Outer Limits re-runs. Have not heard if they were successful.

October 2003

There is another auction of things from the Outer Limits show this time featuring props, costumes, and prosthetics. It will run October 6 thru 31. For info see the Legends Memorabilia (formerly members.ebay.com/aboutme/legends-memorabilia/) ebay section.

September 2003

The first 3 days of October the U.S. Sci-Fi Channel is running marathons of original Outer Limits episodes. See the U.S. Sci-Fi Channel schedule for the episodes.

The second set of Outer Limits trading cards featuring the new series is out now. See the Rittenhouse Archives for info.

The season 2 DVD boxed set of the original Outer Limits is out now. See the links page for some online places that sell them.

August 2003

The U.S. Sci-Fi Channel is running an Outer Limits marathon on September 1 with 12 episodes. See the U.S. Sci-Fi Channel schedule for the episodes.

Rittenhouse Archives is doing a second set of Outer Limits trading cards due out in September. This time the cards will feature the new series with an 81 card base set plus some special cards which include autographed cards.

July 2003

A limited edition print with over 40 images for the 40th anniversary of the Outer Limits is available from fantasticpromotionsinc.com

June 2003

An administrative note: the contact email address for the Outer Limits section of the website has changed.

May 2003

The season 2 DVD boxed set of the original Outer Limits is coming in September in the U.S. So far I have seen two dates listed: September 2 and 16. No mention of any more new Outer Limits DVDs.

Coming soon is the book Filet of Sohl: The Classic Scripts and Stories of Jerry Sohl. Included are two stories adapted for the original Outer Limits - The Invisible Enemy and Counterweight. For more info see the publisher's site (formerly at bearmanormedia.bizland.com/id25.html).

April 2003

For those in Australia the original Outer Limits season 1 DVD box set is being released April 23.

Ben Brady who was producer of the second season of the original Outer Limits died March 20. He was 94.

The Outer Limits was among the Saturn nominations for Best DVD TV Programming Release. The nominations were:
Babylon 5 (season 1)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (seasons 1 & 2)
Highlander (season 1)
The Outer Limits - The Original Series (season 1)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (seasons 1 - 7)
The X-Files (seasons 5-6)

February 2003

The U.S. Sci-Fi Channel is taking a break from running the Outer Limits starting February 17 to dust off the tapes of some old series. The Outer Limits returns in March on a rotation basis airing a block of 5 episodes once or so a week. Also remember the new Outer Limits is still being re-run in syndication. For the episodes see the syndicated schedule.

December 2002

With the Canadian SPACE channel running both the original and new Outer Limits in January a schedule has been added.

November 2002

New Outer Limits figurines are coming out in the next several months based on episodes The Zanti Misfits, The Man Who Was Never Born, and O.B.I.T. More info can be found on Slideshow Toy's website or Entertainment Earth's website.

October 2002

The November issue of Star Trek the Magazine has an article by makeup artist Bradley M Look on some of the influences the Outer Limits had on Star Trek.

September 2002

It appears all the new Outer Limits episodes are available to rerun in syndication for those stations that choose to carry it. This is another chance to catch the episodes you missed or want to see again See the 2002-2003 Syndicated schedule for the first episodes.

Issue #92 (August/September 2002) of Filmfax magazine has an article on Wah Ming Chang who created many of the monsters in the original Outer Limits.

The Outer Limits DVDs are out now though one would never know it from the MGM Outer Limits or MGM DVD (mgm.com/dvd) websites. I added some more details about them.

WNBC has a few comments by David McCallum and David Schow on the original Outer Limits. (formerly at html.wnbc.com/sh/idi/entertainment/the_outer_limits/).

August 2002

The Outer Limits DVD releases are almost here. They can be pre-ordered from most stores that sell DVDs. They can also be pre-ordered on-line. The links page lists a few of these. Some places offer discounts for pre-orders so it might be worth checking about buying before September 3.

The October 2002 issue of Sci-Fi magazine has an article on the 10th anniversary of the Sci-Fi Channel. The Outer Limits is number 2 in the list of top 10 shows the Sci-Fi Channel saved (Stargate SG-1 was #1).

July 2002

TV Zone magazine special #45 is about TV Heroes: The Television We Love and includes comments by two people on the Outer Limits.

June 2002

The first Outer Limits DVDs are scheduled to be released on September 3, 2002. There will be a DVD box set of original Outer Limits episodes. There will also be two DVDs with sets of new Outer Limits episodes. For details see the info page. How well these sell will most likely determine how soon (or possibly even if) more Outer Limits DVDs will come out.

April 2002

At the NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) meeting held earlier this year the end of the syndicated Outer Limits was reported. This makes it unlikely there will be another season of Outer Limits. However the Sci-Fi Channel has not made any announcements regarding the fate of Outer Limits. The Sci-Fi Wire reports progress is being made on the first Outer Limits feature film. The movie was first mentioned in May 2001.

March 2002

For those in the U.K. I added a schedule of the Outer Limits episodes airing on the U.K. Sci-Fi Channel. I hope people there noticed they have been running series 7 since 14 January.

February 2002

The new Outer Limits trading cards are finally available. See the 2002 trading card list for info.

December 2001:

Issue 145 of TV Zone magazine has an article on Brad Turner. It has behind the scenes info on some of the Outer Limits episodes he directed.

In January the Sci-Fi Channel will start to run the 1960s Outer Limits episodes weekdays at 2pm and 2am eastern/pacific. They will also run the last 3 new season 7 episodes the first three fridays at 10pm and 1am.

November 2001:

Looks like the Sci-Fi Channel dropped the Outer Limits airings in the second half of November and all the airings in December. Not a good sign as this most likely means Outer Limits was doing poorly in the ratings.

Coming November 22 is the first Outer Limits CD Cardz. The CD-ROM will feature 4 episodes with trivia, photos, sounds, behind the scenes, and other things.

October 2001:

The October/November (Volume 33 No 5) issue of Cinefantastique magazine has some behind the scenes articles on several new Outer Limits episodes.

Legends in Time Memorabilia (formerly members.ebay.com/aboutme/legends-memorabilia/) is having a charity auction of Outer Limits and Stargate SG-1 memorabilia. All of the proceeds from it will go to The September 11th Fund.

Though the new Outer Limits tradings cards are not due to be released until December 13, Rittenhouse Archives has started taking orders. There will be 90 cards taken from 10 of the original Outer Limits episodes, some autographed cards, and a few other things.

Season 6 episodes run for the first time on the Sci-Fi Channel starting October 1.

September 2001:

The new Outer Limits picked up 8 Gemini Awards nominations. These are the Canadian version of the Emmys. They were for Best Dramatic Series; Best Direction in a Dramatic Series (Helen Shaver for Simon Says, Michael Robison for Revival, and Brent Karl Clackson for Something About Harry); Best Writing in a Dramatic Series (Scott Peters for Simon Says); Best Achievement in Make-up (Fay von Schroeder, Joel Echallier, Debra Regnier for Glitch); Best Visual Effects (Steve Anker, Joe Farrell, Patrick Halm, Lydia Hamilton for Abbadon); and Best Original Music Score for a Dramatic Series (John Van Tongeren for Simon Says).

Season 7 episodes start to run in syndication the week of September 17.

MGM has started an Outer Limits store for those that have always wanted Outer Limits tee shirts, caps and things like that. (formerly at www.theouterlimitsstore.com).

July 2001:

The Sci-Fi Channel moves the season 7 airings of the Outer Limits to Saturdays starting July 21.

June 2001:

Issue 55 of Xpose magazine has an article on the new season of the Outer Limits. The fantasy flashback section of issue 138 of TV Zone magazine features The Invisibles episode of the original Outer Limits. For info on both magazines see the Visimag web site.

May 2001:

The Sci-Fi channel has started running promos that they will be running new episodes of their original series all summer long so there should be lots of new Outer Limits to look forward to.

April 2001:

There will be an online chat with Outer Limits Executive Producers Mark Stern and Pen Densham. The chat will take place on Thursday, April 26, beginning at 6 PM PT/9 PM ET.

The May episodes are all repeats. It is common for the Sci-Fi Channel to show re-runs during the network sweeps period.

March 2001:

The Home Theater Forum had a chat with MGM Home Video on March 6. This was what was said about the Outer Limits and DVD:

[todd_s] Thanks for coming. Any chance that episodes of the Outer Limits (both old and new) will be coming out. Like Stargate SG-1? Also, any other tv shows coming?

[MGM] We have thought about releasing many of our TV properties, but they tend not to do very well on video. We are considering Outer Limits though.

The Sci-Fi channel has started running promos for the new episodes so it looks like the premiere will be March 16 at 10pm. They even added info on the first episode to their website.

The Writers Guild of Canada has given two nominations to Scott Lee Peters for the Outer Limits episodes Simon Says and Skin Deep.

February 2001:

The Sci-Fi channel made a number of schedule changes which include the Outer Limits. The new season 7 episodes will run on Fridays instead of Mondays beginning March 16. They dropped the Outer Limits marathon which was to have lead up to the new episodes. There were also some changes in the earlier episode airings in both February and March.

For those looking for a little something different Dimensional Designs is selling some resin model kits of some of the monsters of the original Outer Limits.

January 2001:

Looks like the run of the Outer Limits on Showtime is over as no episodes are listed for January. The season 7 episodes now being filmed are presently scheduled to start airing on the Sci-Fi Channel in March.

December 2000:

The new book The Outer Limits Armageddon Dreams is out now. It has Harlan Ellison's original teleplay for Soldier plus a new sequel to it called Prisoner of War. There is also The Man Who Was Never Born and The Human Factor from the original series. There is a new story Memories on Ice and some other things. The publisher is Quadrillion Media.

The Sci-Fi Channel moves the Outer Limits to Tuesdays starting December 26. They will also stop the Sunday airings.

November 2000:

The Showtime Beyond cable channel will be having an Outer Limits marathon on December 31 showing all 21 season 6 episodes.

Rittenhouse Archives will be coming out with an Outer Limits trading set in May 2001. There are no details yet other then it will include some autographed cards.

October 2000:

In the Gemini Awards, which are the Canadian version of the Emmys, John Van Tongeren won for Best Original Music for a Dramatic Series for the episode Tribunal. The other three Outer Limits nominations did not win.

For those wondering how the Outer Limits is doing in ratings, the first season 6 syndicated episode was 18 out of 25 weekly syndicated shows. For the numbers and shows see this list.

September 2000:

The sixth season will start to run in syndication the week of October 2.

The Outer Limits has been renewed for another year of 22 episodes according to Fandom and the Sci Fi Wire. The new episodes will start production in November and will air on the Sci-Fi Channel starting early next year. They will then run in syndication beginning in the fall of 2001. Also included in the deal are the rights for the Sci-Fi Channel to run the original Outer Limits.

The new Outer Limits picked up 4 Gemini Awards nominations. These are the Canadian version of the Emmys. See the Fandom site for the details.

For those wondering what the tops picks in the Sci-Fi channels Outer Limits viewer choice the 4 episodes were: Dead Man's Switch, A Stitch In Time, Quality Of Mercy, and The Light Brigade. Viewers could vote for 4 of 70 episodes out of the 87 season 1-4 episodes.

The Sci-Fi Channel which has been running seasons 1-4 will start to run season 5 on October 23.

August 2000:

The Sci Fi Wire and other sources report that the Sci-fi Channel is talking to MGM TV Entertainment about extending Outer Limits for one more year of 22 episodes. Showtime would not be involved with the series. Do not get your hopes up too high until a deal is actually made.

Though not listed on the Showtime website, other TV schedules list the Outer Limits farewell tribute airing twice in August. Showtime's website also does not list the episodes in the marathon but other TV schedules do. Showtime's website does list some changes in the September episodes.

Showtime is having a big event for the last episode on Sunday September 3. It starts with an 8 episode Outer Limits marathon (the episodes are not yet listed). Then the final episode followed by a farewell tribute. Showtime is also re-running some episodes on Wednesdays in additions to Friday airings.

The TNT airings have been moved to the schedules section. I only have access to TNT schedules for a week or two so the airdates will be updated frequently as long as TNT continues to run them.

July 2000:

MGM now has a web site for the Outer limits auction (formerly at www.theouterlimitsprops.com) though it presently only has a few samples. The auction starts on August 11 and runs through September 5 and will have more than 500 items from the new Outer Limits TV series. Included will be props, costumes, prosthetics, set decors and other things. If you have ever wanted to own something from the Outer Limits you now will have a chance.

Issue #277 (August 2000) of Starlog magazine has an article on Kevin Conway. He has done many things but he is best known to visitors of this site as the control voice of the new Outer Limits.

Once again Showtime put next month's schedule up early and there are 3 new episodes and 1 repeat in August. The last episode will not run as originally announced. Showtime added a repeat on July 14 which follows the new episode. Showtime also added a boxing match on July 21 but for a change scheduled it after the Outer Limits episode.

June 2000:

On the Fandom website is an article on highlights of the final new Outer Limits season. It has some comments by the Outer Limits production staff on some of the sixth season episodes and also some of the reasons why the series is coming to an end.

TNT continues to run some original Outer Limits episodes.

The June 16 Showtime airing is pre-empted by boxing. Showtime put the July schedule up early and there are 4 new episodes.

May 2000:

TNT started running a few original Outer Limits episodes.

It is official now. Season 6 presently airing on Showtime will be the last for the new Outer Limits. This will make 132 episodes in all. Showtime will air the final episode in late August. Season 6 will start to air in syndication this fall. The Sci-Fi channel will still re-run the new Outer Limits. This is from the Sci-Fi Wire and other sources.

Just 1 new episode on Showtime again in June. Also 3 repeats.

April 2000:

Showtime will run 1 new episode and 3 repeats in May.

March 2000:

Showtime Beyond begins running Outer Limits repeats again in April. On the regular Showtime there are 3 new episodes and 1 repeat.

February 2000:

There are 2 new episodes and 3 repeats in March on Showtime.

January 2000:

There are 4 new episodes in February on the regular Showtime. There are no episodes on Showtime Beyond again next month.

December 1999:

The new Showtime season starts on January 21, 2000. There are no other episodes on the regular Showtime next month.

No Outer Limits episodes are listed for the Showtime Beyond cable channel in January.

November 1999:

The Sci-Fi channel is running an Outer Limits marathon on November 28 with 14 episodes. Showtime is starting off next year with an Outer Limits marathon of 5 episodes.

October 1999:

The Sci-Fi channel added an Outer Limits section to their website. It has info and pictures for the episodes that are running and a discussion board for the show.

September 1999:

The December 1999 issue of Sci-Fi Entertainment magazine now at news stands has a feature article on the new Outer Limits and a side bar on the original Outer Limits. It has background and other info.

Season 5 of the new Outer Limits starts to run in syndication the week of September 20 with the Alien Radio episode. The run of the new Outer Limits repeats on the U.S. Sci-Fi Channel will now start on October 3. The new cable channel Showtime Beyond is also re-running the new Outer Limits.

August 1999:

All the Showtime episodes in September are repeats.

July 1999:

In a change from recent years Showtime will actually show all season 5 episodes before they start to run in syndication. There are the last 3 season 5 episodes and 1 repeat in August.

The run of the early episodes of the new Outer Limits on the Sci-Fi Channel is presently scheduled to start on September 27. The fifth season should also start to air in syndication in September.

June 1999:

In July on Showtime all the episodes are new. Note that 2 of the 5 episodes have slightly different starting times.

MGM also has an 100th episode page (formerly at www.theouterlimits.com) for those that can not access the Showtime site. It has some comments by the people behind the show. There are also pictures of them for those that want to put faces to some of the names in the credits.

May 1999:

There is only one new episode in June and 3 repeats on Showtime.

On Showtime's 100th episode special Richard Barton Lewis mentioned that the Outer Limits had recently gotten the official go ahead for season 6. The Showtime website has some clips and other things on the 100th episode special.

April 1999:

There are 8 different episodes 3 of them new scheduled in May on Showtime. On May 14 the Outer Limits even bumps the rest of the Friday night sci-fi lineup for the 100th episode.

The revised Outer Limits Companion is out now and can be purchased online directly from the publisher. Several of the Outer Limits books for younger readers have come out recently. These can be purchased from places like Amazon.com. See the books page for more on both.

TNT will air two original Outer Limits episodes on April 11. At 1:50am is Cold Hands, Warm Heart and at 3:05am is I, Robot.

The new Outer Limits got a Saturn nomination for best series on syndication/cable television. The others nominated were Babylon 5, Psi Factor, Sliders, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Stargate SG-1.

March 1999:

Showtime will run 5 episodes in April, 3 of them new.

February 1999:

In March there is just 1 new episode on Showtime. However one of the repeats is The Alien Radio which will give those who save the series a chance to tape the episode without the call to subscribe telepone number every 5 minutes.

January 1999:

There will be 4 new episodes in February on Showtime.

December 1998:

Season 5 starts on Showtime on January 22. There are also several repeats.

November 1998:

In December Showtime is making up for lost time. There are 7 different episodes, 3 of them new, and 4 on the 4th.

On Showtime another episode gets preempted by boxing on November 13.

The Syndicated schedule has been updated with airdates through September 1999. There are 2 more episodes not yet aired by Showtime: Black Box and In Our Own Image but there is no info on them yet.

There is a contest running through November 21 for a chance to win a walk on role on the Outer Limits. Details are at Best Buy stores, P.O.V. magazine and the MGM web site (formerly at www.theouterlimits.com).

October 1998:

In November on Showtime there is one new episode scheduled. So The Origin Of Species should run first on Showtime but Phobos Rising should be first in syndication.

September 1998:

September 16 marks the 35th anniversary of the premier of the original Outer Limits on TV.

On Showtime in October is all repeats.

The fourth season starts to run in syndication the week of September 21 with Criminal Nature. It looks like again this year there are a few episodes Showtime has not shown.

August 1998:

The Cinefantastique magazine September issue is an Outer Limits special double issue. It has about 19 articles with around 80 pages on the series. It is also an article on the each of the Stargate and Poltergeist series.

May 1998:

TNT ran a couple of original Outer Limits episodes late night on May 27/28 as part of a Harlan Ellison birthday tribute. The episodes were Demon With a Glass Hand and Soldier.

On May 22 Showtime had a pick-a-flick for its Friday night sci-fi line-up where viewers could vote for which one of three episodes they wanted to see. For the Outer Limits the results were:
The Glyphic 27%
The Joining 36%
Relativity Theory 38%

April 1998:

The Sci-Fi Channel has purchased rights to air the new Outer Limits, Stargate SG-1 and Poltergeist: The Legacy. The deal allows 132 episodes of each (6 seasons). However, the Sci-Fi Channel will not be able to run Outer Limits until September 1999 and Stargate until September 2002.

Showtime has ordered more episodes of Outer Limits and Stargate (I do not know how many) but not Poltergeist. MGM will do 22 new episodes of Poltergeist for the Sci-Fi Channel and presumedly for syndication as well as.

January 1998:

MGM has animated versions of both Outer Limits and Stargate SG-1 in development.