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The Outer Limits Companion

In depth coverage of all things in the original series.

OL Companion front cover OL Companion back cover
  • Author: David Schow
  • Publisher: GNP/Crescendo Records
  • ISBN: 0-9665169-0-7
  • Published: First edition 1986 and Second edition 1998

Second edition sections:

  1. The Awe and Mystery of the Universe
  2. We Are Controlling Transmission
  3. Fear of the Unknown
  4. The Devil's Puppeteer
  5. Man's Endless Thirst for Knowledge
  6. Beyond the Outer Limits
  7. The Ravages of Time & Taste

The Outer Limits at 50

Coverage of the original series with an episode guide, merchandise, many previously unpublished photos, and what has been happening with the original series over the 50 years.

OL at 50 front cover OL at 50 back cover
  • Author: David Schow with Ted C. Rypel
  • Publisher: Creature Features
  • ISBN: 978-0-9839175-2-6
  • Published: February 2014


  1. We're All Aliens on This Ship
  2. We are Controlling Transmission
  3. The Infinity of Limits
  4. Merchandising Limits

Outer Limits Novels

Armageddon Dreams

New novelizations as well as follow-on stories of Outer Limits episodes. Also included is the original script of Soldier.

Armageddon Dreams front cover Armageddon Dreams back cover
  • Story Author: Kevin J. Anderson
  • Publisher: Quadrillion Media (company dissolved on 23 August 2016)
  • ISBN: 1-58185-700-4
  • Published: 2000
  • Editor: Emanuel Bergmann
  1. Introduction: Working Beyond My Limits by Harlan Ellison
  2. Soldier (original script)
  3. Prisoner of War (Soldier follow-on)
  4. The Man Who Was Never Born (Adapted from a screenplay by Anthony Lawrence)
  5. The Human Factor (Adapted from a script by David Duncan)
  6. Memories On Ice (The Human Factor follow-on)

volume 1 front cover volume 2 front cover volume 3 front cover

This three book series contained stories adapted from episodes of both the original and new Outer Limits series. Also included was one story predating the series. They were published by Prima Publishing which is now a division of Random House .

Volume 1 published 1996, ISBN:0-7615-0619-5
  • Soldier by Harlan Ellison
  • It Crawled Out of the Woodwork adaptation by Diane Duane, original screenplay by Joseph Stefano
  • If These Walls Could Talk adaptation by Howard V. Hendrix, original screenplay by Manny Coto
  • The Sixth Finger adaptation by John M. Ford, original screenplay by Ellis St. Joseph
Volume 2 published 1997, ISBN:0-7615-0620-9
  • Arena by Fredric Brown
  • The Choice adaptation by Diane Duane, original screenplay by Anne Lewis Hamilton
  • A Feasibility Study adaptation by Michael Marano, original screenplay by Joseph Stefano
  • The Message adaptation by Richard A. Lupoff, original screenplay by Brad Wright
Volume 3 published 1997, ISBN:0-7615-0621-5
  • I, Robot by Eando Binder
  • The Quality of Mercy adaptation by Phoebe Reeves, original screenplay by Brad Wright
  • The Voyage Home adaptation by Diane Duane, original screenplay by Grant Rosenberg
  • The Forms of Things Unknown adaptation by Richard A. Lupoff, original screenplay by Joseph Stefano

Outer Limits Story Books

Both original and stories based on episodes of the series, and are aimed at younger readers. They were published by Tor Books and are written or adapted by John Peel. Cover art is by Peter Bollinger.

The Zanti Misfits

The Zanti Misfits front cover
  • Book #1
  • Based on the teleplay by Joseph Stefano
  • Published September 1997
  • ISBN: 0-812-59063-5

Back cover teaser

Welcome to reform school...alien style.

The Zanti have landed. But who—or what—are these creatures? The rulers of the planet Zanti have found a solution to the problem of what to do with the undesirable misfits and dangerous malcontents who threaten their perfectly ordered society—exile them to Earth!

The leaders on Earth are powerless to object.The Zanti are far superior to us. All our scientific and military leaders can do is monitor the arrival of the Zanti misfits and wait. And wonder...why Earth?

Teenagers Ben Garth and Lisa Lawrence are about to find out.They're outcasts, too. Now they're on the run...and headed towards a terrifying showdown with the Zanti Misfits.

The Choice

The Choice front cover
  • Book #2
  • From the television script by Ann Lewis Hamilton
  • Published September 1997
  • ISBN: 0-812-59064-3

Back cover teaser

A case of kidnapping? Or a rescue?

Aggie Travers is different from her classmates. She has telekinetic powers...violent powers she has difficulty controlling. Her parents are baffled; they don't know what to do. Then Aggie is befriended by Karen—a substitute teacher with unique insights into Aggie and her powers.

The problem? A government agent is hunting for Karen. She has been linked to the disappearance of other children...children with similar powers. ls it really Karen the agent is after? Or Aggie? The Travers don't know who to trust.They will have to make...the choice.

The Time Shifter

The Time Shifter front cover
  • Book #3
  • Published November 1997
  • ISBN: 0-812-59065-1

Back cover teaser

A beautiful dream of a better future?

Or Brandon's worst nightmare...?

Twelve-year-old Brandon Mooney gets the scare of his life when he looks into a mirror...and sees a grizzled old man staring back at him! But things get really weird when the old man steps out of the mirror and introduces himself as Brandon Mooney...age 92!

No way! The old Brandon has traveled back in time 80 years. Why? It turns out the future isn't as great as it was cracked up to be. In fact, it's the pits. So the old man has decided to step back into the present in order to change the future—and he needs Brandon's help.

As Brandon will discover, however, tampering with time can have some unexpected—and very dangerous—consequences.

The Lost

The Lost front cover
  • Book #4
  • Published December 1997
  • ISBN: 0-812-59067-8

Back cover teaser

Brainwashed teenage zombies?

Or just another day in the 'burbs?

Stacy can't understand what's going on with the kids in her neighborhood.They just aren't acting normal. Her best friend Amy has thrown away her collection of Doc Martens and is wearing "sensible" shoes instead. Her boyfriend Justin is acting bizarre, too. ls that really Kenny G he's listening to on the radio? It's like everyone is turning into their parents. Now that is really scary!

Stacy is convinced that someone—or something—is brainwashing all the teenagers in town. Can she discover who and why before it is too late? Or will Stacy be turned into one of...the lost?

The Invaders

The Invaders front cover
  • Book #5
  • Published February 1998
  • ISBN: 0-812-59068-6

Back cover teaser

Feeling a little...saur today?

Every school kid knows that dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago. But what would happen if maybe some dinosaur DNA managed to survive? And what if it could be revived and transferred into a living host?

A host just like...you?

As a group of teenagers are about to discover, this Jurassic Iark is no fairy tale. It's real. People are beginning to mutate into monstrous creatures—part dinosaur and part human, but one hundred percent deadly....

The Innocent

The Innocent front cover
  • Book #6
  • Published April 1998
  • ISBN: 0-812-56455-3

Back cover teaser

School's out on the planet Tarshish...forever.

Humans have established a thriving colony on the planet Tarshish, until a native species of semi-insectoids awakens from a long incubation and attacks the colony. Only the children survive—and a computer.

The computer teaches the children how to form their own community. A community without adults and without boring adult rules and stupid adult regulations.On Tarshish, kids rule! Until the day a rescue ship arrives to bring them back.

But the kids don't want to be rescued.They like being in charge. In fact, they might go to war to prove it!

The Vanished

The Vanished front cover
  • Book #7
  • Published October 1998
  • ISBN: 0-812-57564-4

Back cover teaser

Where is everybody?

The alarm clock goes off. You wake up and get ready for school, just like every other day. So what's the big deal? Well, what if one morning you suddenly discovered that you were one of the last surviving people on Earth? That's right, everyone else has disappeared. No idea how, no idea why, just... gone—vanished. This has come true for a small group of teenagers who have just awakened to their worst nightmare.

But it gets worse. Someone—or something—is hunting them down.

The Nightmare

The Nightmare front cover
  • Book #8
  • Published December 1998
  • ISBN: 0-812-57565-2

Back cover teaser

It was only a nightmare...right?

When teenager Cassie Wilson volunteers for a study in psychic phenomena at the university, she figures it will be a lot of fun. But the experiment goes terribly wrong and Cassie ends up in the hospital. She's fine, except for the terrible nightmares—and each one is worse than the last. Cassie makes a startling discovery: what she sees in her nightmares comes true. But when she tries to warn people of the coming danger, no one believes her! Instead, her friends turn on her. Then her neighbors. Fear turns to anger. Mobs hunt Cassie down like an animal.

But the nightmares grow stronger....

Beware the Metal Children

Beware the Metal Children front cover
  • Book #9
  • Published February 1999
  • ISBN: 0-812-57566-0

Back cover teaser

Welcome to the seventh grade...again. And again.

Fitting in at a new school is tough for any kid. But what if you were a robot? Roger is one of the new children—sophisticated androids created to act and talk and think just like normal kids.Only these "kids" are machines. A mysterious toxic plague has infected the human population, and the only way to have children is to manufacture them. But machines don't grow up like normal children.They can't grow.They just keep repeating the same year over and over again. At some point Roger's owners—er, parents—will replace him with an older Roger. The problem?

Roger doesn't want to be replaced.

Alien Invasion From Hollyweird

Alien Invasion From Hollyweird front cover
  • Book #10
  • Published April 1999
  • ISBN: 0-812-57567-9

Back cover teaser

In this movie, the special effects seem so real...maybe a little too real?

Melanie and Jeff are thrilled to be cast as extras in the newest alien invasion epic being filmed in their hometown. It's so cool! And the special effects are awesome! The movie has everything, including an army of freaky alien invaders with high-tech laser annihilators.

But it turns out the movie is just a cover for a real alien invasion. And so are all the other hit alien movies. Melanie and Jeff have to warn someone. But no one will listen!

This time when the director yells "It's a wrap!" it could mean the final cut for the human race.

The Payback

The Payback front cover
  • Book #11
  • Published May 1999
  • ISBN: 0-812-57568-7

Back cover teaser

Puppy love—but with a real bite!

When the pets in her neighborhood suddenly go on a rampage, it's Devra Thomas who ends up in the doghouse. It seems a group of primates in a "brain enhancement" experiment have escaped from a nearby research facility. Somehow they are passing on their enhanced brains to all the other animals, and they want their revenge for all the years of humiliation at the hands of their human masters.The animals take over the town and no human is safe.

Luckily, Devra's beloved pooch would never turn on her. Or would she? It's time for a little...payback—bow wow style.

The Change

The Change front cover
  • Book #12
  • Published July 1999
  • ISBN: 0-812-57569-5

Back cover teaser

These growing pains are...monstrous.

Thirteen-year-old Lucas Wright is hiding out for his life.The space research station he and his family live on has been invaded by a dangerous alien. One by one each member of the station team has disappeared. Captured. But why?

Part of the answer is revealed when Lucas stumbles upon a series of strange cocoons on board. Inside he finds the imprisoned crew members, including his family. Even more horrible, each is undergoing a slow metamorphosis. But into what? Lucas has only a very short time to discover the answer before he, too, undergoes...the change.

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