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Travels With Father

awesome9219%poll results
liked it9119%poll results
was ok5912%poll results
just so so194%poll results
thumbs down112%poll results
have not seen15433%poll results

Attack of the Hawkmen

awesome17738%poll results
liked it12526%poll results
was ok234%poll results
just so so61%poll results
thumbs down40%poll results
have not seen10422%poll results

Treasure of the Peacock's Eye

awesome17938%poll results
liked it13328%poll results
was ok5411%poll results
just so so173%poll results
thumbs down71%poll results
have not seen5411%poll results

Hollywood Follies

awesome15834%poll results
liked it9320%poll results
was ok5311%poll results
just so so122%poll results
thumbs down122%poll results
have not seen11123%poll results

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