Young Indiana Jones Trading Cards

Young Indy trading cards

This is a list of what is on the back of the Young Indiana Jones Trading Cards. The 114 card set had 95 story cards, 10 3-D cards, 8 hidden treasure cards, and a 3-D viewer. There was also a counter box where the picture above is from.

  Curse of the Jackal [part 1]

  1. Young Indy prepares to travel with his family. England is their first stop. Indy's father has a surprise waiting for him there - Miss Helen Seymour, tutor supreme.
  2. Sitting at the Captain's table with a bunch of seasick people, Indy proceeds to inform them, in gory detail, about how ancient Egyptians turned the dead into mummies.
  3. In Egypt, Indy, Helen, and a camel driver head for the pyramids. The camel driver rides off with the camels, leaving Helen and Indy stranded. A distant figure approaches on bicycle. It is T.E. Lawrence!
  4. On his first archaeological dig, Indy meets Rashid Sallam in the Valley of the Kings. Bassam Ghaly has been frightening the workers with stories of the tomb's curse.
  5. Pierre photographs clay seals from the 18th dynasty. While showing the artifacts to Indy, Howard Carter is astonished as Indy deciphers hieroglyphics: Ankh, Wedja, Seneb - Life, Prosperity, Health.
  6. Indy and the others enter Kha's tomb and step down to a dark tunnel. As they go into the chamber, the room looks completely burnt-out. They lift the coffin to find Kha's mummy but no artifacts!
  7. Ned, Indy, and Helen discover a life-sized painted wooden bust of Kha. Ned examines the hieroglyphics that indicate Kha was wearing a precious headpiece adorned with the sacred Jackal with eyes of fire.
  8. Indy stands as lookout while Ned searches Pierre's tent for clues to Rashid's murder. Indy follows Pierre to the tomb. He stands frozen and screams as the mummy crashes on top of him.
  9. Pierre denies killing Rashid. Indy discovers a dynamite plunger covered in dried blood. All fingers point to Demetrios who has vanished. Ned hops on his bike to chase after him.
  10. Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) organized the Arab revolt that ended Turkish rule over Arabia. His military intelligence was some of the most remarkable in the history of the British army.

    Curse of the Jackal [part 2]

  11. In 1916, Indy and his cousin Frank decide to hitch a ride to Mexico. While they are in the border town of Columbus, New Mexico a gang of horsemen ride in and blown up the bank shouting "Viva Villa! Viva Mexico!"
  12. Indy takes off after a Villista who has stolen dresses from a dress shop. After pulling one free and chasing the Villista across Mexican border, Indy is surrounded by a circle of mounted Villistas.
  13. Indy is tied up with two other prisoners, a Mexican banker and a Federal Colonel. As they face the firing party, Indy prepares for death, but Pancho Villa orders the shooting to be stopped.
  14. Jose and Remy explain to Indy why they joined the Mexican Revolution. Pancho Villa states they are fighting for a man's right to own a piece of land and then tells Indy to go home to his fat, rich country.
  15. Indy joins the Mexican Revolution. As he helps Remy and Jose unload machine guns, he sees Cardenas and the man with a steel claw. Indy recognizes Claw - he is Demetrios, the man who killed Rashid and stole the Jackal's head in Egypt.
  16. Indy, Remy, and Jose sit in the back of the bar as U.S. Lieutenant George S. Patton walks in and makes a toast to the U.S.A. Cardenas and two Villistas draw their guns and are killed in a shoot-out.
  17. Lieutenant Patton drives into the army camp and joins General Pershing and his troops. There is word out that Villa plans to attack Ciudad Guerrero.
  18. Villistas load explosives onto the railroad car. Pancho Villa tells Remy when to light the fuse as Jose switches the track to send the railroad car crashing into the wall of Ciudad Guerrero.
  19. Jose sneaks through the crowd in Ciudad Guerrero. He is shot and collapses over the switch. Indy races over just in time to pull the switch and send the railroad car crashing through the wall with a mighty explosion.
  20. Indy is paralyzed by shock as he finds himself face-to-face with a Federal Captain. Indy shoots on instinct, hitting the Captain's shoulder. When Indy apologizes the Captain punches Indy in the mouth. Remy shoots the Captain and saves Indy's life.
  21. The Villistas retreat and camp in the desert. Later, they raid a poor pueblo and steal an old man's chickens. The old man tells Indy that his chickens are taken in each revolution.
  22. Indy sneaks into Claw's hacienda and finds the Jackal. Suddenly, the claw smashes into the woodwork above Indy's head. Indy grabs a whip and he and Claw fight for the Jackal.
  23. During their fight, Claw crashes through a trap door and falls to the cellar floor. Flames spread and there is a huge explosion. Indy rescues the Jackal to put it in the museum where it belongs.
  24. Francisco Villa, better known as Pancho Villa, was a Mexican revolutionist. In 1910, he joined Madero in revolution against Diaz. Throughout the Mexican Revolution, he was the irrepressible leader of the rebels.

    London 1916

  25. Indy and his friend Remy arrive in London after participating in the Mexican Revolution. With only a few minor complications "Henri Defense" and Remy enlist in the Belgian Army.
  26. Indy boards the double-decker bus. Vicky invites him to a meeting of Suffragettes (people who advocated voting rights for women). With a zeppelin overhead, Indy unknowingly hides under the petrol tank!
  27. Seeking safety from the zeppelin, Vicky drags Indy to a doorway. As the bomb explodes the blast knocks Indy and Vicky off their feet and they land in each others arms.
  28. Indy enters the Suffragette meeting and spots Vicky. She sees and ignores his approach. Indy suddenly stands up and voices his opinion on behalf of the Suffragettes.
  29. Indy and Vicky visit Helen, Indy's tutor, in Oxford. They meet Winston Churchill. Vicky and Churchill get into a heated discussion that results in a glob of trifle being splattered on his head!
  30. Indy and Vicky hire bikes in Oxford. As they are riding Vicky gives a "conducted tour". They pass by University College, which Vicky's father attended, and then have a romantic picnic.
  31. Indy, suited in his Belgian uniform at Victoria Station, says his farewell to Helen before he leaves for training in Le Havre. They exchange hugs, and Indy joins the rest of the recruits.
  32. Indy meets up with Remy and his new bride, Suzzette, and her flock of children. Remy picks up the children in turn to hug and kiss them. He and Indy say goodbye and board the train.
  33. Indy is about to board the train when he sees Vicky. The train begins to move, and Indy catches Remy's outstretched hand to be hauled aboard. Glancing back, he sees Vicky still gazing at him.
  34. In 1940, during World War II, Winston Churchill succeeded Neville Chamberlain as prime minister of England. Churchill was a noted author and in 1953 received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

    British East Africa 1909

  35. Richard Medlicot, one of Professor Jones' friends points out the sights of British East Africa as they ride on the special seats mounted to the front of the train.
  36. A wagon pulls Helen, Anna and Professor Jones while Indy and Richard ride on horseback. They arrive at Roosevelt's main camp, overlooking the bush and grasslands.
  37. Indy stands in awe as Theodore Roosevelt rides in on horseback and has a heroic picture taken by his son Kermit and his friend Frederick Selous.
  38. Indy meets Mr Heller, a taxidermist from the Smithsonian Institution. Richard calls Indy to inform him that Theodore Roosevelt and the other men have returned from hunting.
  39. Indy shows Roosevelt a drawing of the root-melon that is eaten by Burton's Fringed-Eared Oryx and explains why the oryx is no longer living within the territory. After Indy is frightened by a lion, Roosevelt teaches him how to fire a gun.
  40. Indy watches the Masai kraal far below. He sees a Masai boy and tries to introduce himself. The Masai men call to the boy, Meto, to bring in the goats. Indy decides to follow.
  41. Indy's lesson includes the topic of antelopes. He sketches the Burton's Fringed-Eared Oryx in his notebook and vows to find it with the binoculars Roosevelt gave him.
  42. Meto takes off for the plains with Indy running close by. They come to a water hole and stare at the masses of zebras and gazelles and the thousands of birds.
  43. Indy and Roosevelt play checkers outside near the fire. They discuss the mystery of why the Burton's Fringed-Eared Oryx is missing. Indy promises to find them.
  44. Meto saves Indy from a slithering snake. An old woman leads them to Laibon. The wise man tells them that if they find the root-melon, they will find the Burton's Fringed-Eared Oryx.
  45. Indy is totally lost in the bush. A large Askari rescues him and takes him back to camp. Indy's parents are very angry with him but are glad he is alive.
  46. Meto takes Indy to the root-melon. They watch as the oryxes emerge from the bush to eat the melon. Indy explains to Roosevelt the theory of the melon and how he and Meto found the Burton's Fringed-Eared Oryx.
  47. Indy, Meto, Roosevelt, and the others saddle up and head for the Burton's Fringed-Eared Oryx grazing area. Three oryxes are shot, and Indy refuses to let Roosevelt shoot any more.
  48. It is time for Indy to leave British East Africa. He places his binoculars around Meto's neck. Meto then takes out his flute and hands it to Indy.
  49. Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States, was an advocate for administrative, political and social reforms. In 1905, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Verdun 1916

  50. General Charles Mangin toasts to General Robert Nivelle's appointment as Commander of the French 2nd Army.
  51. General Joffre has no objections to the attack on Fort Douamont, but General Petain protests it. He reminds the generals that an attack of this magnitude needs to be planned down to the last detail.
  52. Major Marat asks the sergeant to choose the fastest Belgian courier to deliver the official cache. Indy is picked and rides like the wind to battalion headquarters.
  53. Indy spins through to find Colonel Barc. The Colonel tells Indy to take the orders to Major Gaston. Gaston prepares his men for the attack.
  54. The French soldiers charge across the battlefield. Shells explode turning the ground into crater holes. Indy runs through rounds of machine gun fire to rescue one of the French soldiers.
  55. Indy returns from his assignment to join the other couriers for dinner. They do not know why they are fighting, but they conclude it is to protect Serbia, a tiny country that no one has ever heard of.
  56. Indy writes to Ned concerning his war thoughts. He cannot sleep. The next day, Indy finds Remy at the hospital, where he is recovering from battle wounds.
  57. Sergeant Jean DeMille explains the basic 105-millimeter field gun to Indy. It fires only a 35-pound shell. He next explains the Rimailho 155-millimeter howitzer but states that nothing compares to Big Bertha.
  58. Indy is sent to spy on the Germans. He reports back that the Germans are bringing up two Big Berthas. General Nivelle believes this is inconceivable.
  59. Indy falls in line with the infantrymen to say goodbye to Remy. Indy sets off to do his little contribution for the war. On his way to receive his orders, he stuffs the document in the gas tank. The motorcycle explodes like a fireball.
  60. During World War I, Petain drove the Germans out of Verdun, France. He was appointed Chief of the General Staff of the army and then Commander-in-Chief of the French armies, both in 1917.

    Peking 1910

  61. Young Indy and his mother travel in one rickshaw while Helen and Li, their guide, travel in another. They set off to see the sights of China.
  62. Young Indy stands in front of the Great Wall of China. The wall extends 3000 miles. Helen explains that earlier parts were built as fortifications and watchtowers.
  63. Young Indy grabs Li and points to the man who followed them on the train, on the boat, and now to the inn. The man vanishes before Li can spot him.
  64. Young Indy climbs the steps of the Big Goose Pagoda, built in A.D. 652. He complains to his mother that his head hurts.
  65. Indy and the others stare at the Meng Jiang Temple, overlooking the sea where the Great Wall merges into a rocky promontory.
  66. Young Indy is very sick and stays with Mai-Ling and her family. Mai-Ling picks up leaves and herbs along the muddy roadside with her grandmother.
  67. Helen leaves with Ah Pin to find the American doctor at the Mission. Li stays behind with Indy and his mother.
  68. Helen and Ah Pin return with Dr. Morton, who explains that the Chinese doctor, Dr. Wen Ch-iu, has some remarkable successes with typhoid. After undergoing acupuncture, Indy soon recovers.

    German East Africa 1916

  69. Indy and his Askari troops swarm from the trenches toward the German opposition. The Germans uncover a machine gun and open fire.
  70. General Boucher orders the troops to retreat. Indy sees the machine gun jam, disobeys the retreat orders and charges forward. Indy is shot but continues to fight leading the reverse retreat.
  71. The Askari troops celebrate their victory over the Germans. They call Indy "little god" because they think he came back to life after he was shot. Indy shows the locket that was struck by the bullet.
  72. Colonel Mathieu, Major Boucher, newly promoted Captain Henri Defense (Indy) and Remy discuss plans to retrieve their weapons shipment from France. The troops set out to journey across the Congo.
  73. As the expedition proceeds through the Congo, the men are beaten by the sun and tormented by insects. While they hike through the treacherous jungle one of the Africans collapses on the trail.
  74. The troops come upon a Ubangi village. It is unusually quiet. There is a vile odor that gets stronger as they approach. The entire village, except for one little boy, has been wiped out by smallpox.
  75. Boucher refuses to take the young boy along. Remy later finds that Barthelemy has hiding the little boy. Boucher then threatens to shoot Barthelemy, so Indy pulls a gun on Boucher.
  76. It is Christmas Eve and the rain falls in solid sheets. La Fleur, the troops' doctor, becomes very ill. He dies the next day, and they bury him with a half-dozen other bodies.
  77. Boucher falls to the ground doubled over. He is shivering and wheezing. Indy is now in charge and decides to hire a boat to Port Gentil where the weapons are waiting.
  78. Separatist rebels open fire at Indy and the troops. Barthelemy is shot, and the boat heads hopelessly toward the shore. The little boy spins the wheel, directing the boat safely down the river.
  79. The boat makes it to Port Gentil and the French garrison. Indy is responsible for a successful mission. Barthelemy dies in military hospital. Indy names the boy Barthelemy after his friend.
  80. At the age of 30, Schweitzer decided to change his career from theology to medicine. In Africa, he treated 2000 native patients in nine months before being deported to Europe. He was awarded the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize.

    Congo 1917

  81. Indy is determined to get the guns back to East Africa. If Remy refuses to go, Indy will consider it an act of desertion. Remy decides to go and gives Indy a "Belgian Salute" - a slug in the mouth that knocks him off his feet.
  82. The crates of weapons and ammunition are secured on the boat. Remy, in a rage of madness, suddenly opens fire into the surrounding jungle. Indy is nearly unconscious at the helm.
  83. Indy opens his eyes and thinks Germans are creeping onto the boat. He grabs the detonator to blow up the boat, but the "German" (Joseph) severs the dynamite wire. As Indy grabs a rifle, Joseph knocks him unconscious.
  84. Indy screams in his delirium as he is hoisted into the air. The natives carry Indy off the boat, followed by more natives carrying Remy and the Askari men.
  85. The German holds a glass of water and makes Indy take a pill. He says if he had wanted Indy dead, he would have left him on the boat to die.
  86. Indy stumbles out to the boat to fix the severed dynamite wires. He sees the German and quickly grabs the rifle. The German introduces himself as Albert. He says that he is concerned only with Indy's health.
  87. Indy is huddled in a corner with his rifle and awakens to a clanking sound. It is Helene, Albert's wife. She has brought Indy a tea tray.
  88. Joseph throws his hands up in mock terror. He gives Indy a pill and helps him to his feet. Joseph explains that the droves of natives pour in to see Oganga - Dr. Albert Schweitzer.
  89. Indy seeks out the rest of his crew. He finds Zimu, who is feeling much better, eating breakfast. Schweitzer takes Indy to Remy, who lost two toes because of the jiggers.
  90. Schweitzer sits at the piano and explains that Bach's music is transcendent. Indy joins Schweitzer for a ragtime rendition of "Chopsticks."
  91. Three natives arrive in a dugout canoe. They breathlessly explain that they need Oganga. They are from the Pahouin tribe, and their chief's son is dying.
  92. Indy and Joseph hold down the sick man as Schweitzer injects him. Schweitzer performs surgery for a strangulated hernia. The patient is going to live.
  93. The villagers send Indy and Schweitzer off with a gift of goats and food. Schweitzer discusses the subjects of moral choices and Reverence of Life with Indy.
  94. The French soldiers have orders to remove Schweitzer from French territory. Indy tries to appeal the decision to Colonel Pernod.
  95. Indy and Remy fight the crowd to say goodbye to Schweitzer and Helene. Schweitzer reminds Indy of how they used Indy's boat, the promise of death, and subverted that promise to save a life.


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