Young Indiana Jones Historical People Listing

This is a list of some of the historical people Young Indy meets. In most cases this is just a very small sampling of their accomplishments. Those that want to know more should look them up.

The epsiodes are listed as in the Young Indy episode guide for TV series.

1. Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal [part 1]
T.E. Lawrence - scholar, archaeologist, diplomat, and military hero
Howard Carter - British archaeologist who discovered King Tut's tomb
25. Florence, May 1908
Giacomo Puccini - Italian opera composer
19. Paris, September 1908
Norman Rockwell - American illustrator best known for magazine covers
Pablo Picasso - Spanish-born artist who was one of founders of Cubism
George Braque - French painter who was also one of founders of Cubism
Edgar Degas - French painter who was one of founders of Impressionism
Henri Rousseau - French painter who explored "primitive" or folk art
15. Vienna, November 1908
Sigmund Freud - Austrian who founded the Psychoanalytic movement
Carl Jung - Swiss psychiatrist co-founder of analytical psychology
Alfred Adler - Austrian psychiatrist
Archduke Franz Ferdinand - Habsburg heir to Austro-Hungarian throne
Princess Sophie - daughter of heir to throne
3. British East Africa, September 1909
Theodore Roosevelt - 26th President of the United States
21. Benares, January 1910
Jiddu Krishnamurti - Theosophy Society messiah until renounced title
Annie Besant - English-born Theosophist leader
20. Peking, March 1910
Yen Fu - one of pioneers in China's endeavor to understand the West
32. Young Indiana Jones Travels With Father
Leo Tolstoy - Russian author who wrote novels and other works of fiction

12. Princeton, February 1916
Edward Stratemeyer - author of books such as *The Hardy Boys*
Thomas Edison - inventor who holds 1093 patents
1. Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal [part 2]
Francisco "Pancho" Villa - Mexican revolutionary leader and guerilla
John J. Pershing - U.S. Army General of Spanish American War era
George S. Patton - U.S. Army General of WWII era
18. Ireland, April 1916
W.B. Yeats - Dublin-born poet
Sean O'Casey - Irish playwright
Sean Lemass - Dublin-born political leader
2. London, May 1916
Winston Churchill - British Prime Minister
Sylvia Pankhurst - leader in suffrage movement in England
8. Somme, Early August 1916 [part 1]
Siegfried Sassoon - British poet and novelist
Robert Graves - English poet, novelist and critic
9. Germany, Mid-August 1916 [part 2]
Charles DeGaulle - French General, Statesman and President of France
4. Verdun, September 1916
Henri Philippe Petain - French Army officer and head of state
Robert Nivelle - French General who was chief assistant to Pertain
Charles Mangin - French General also a commander at Verdun
Joseph Jacques Joffre - Commander-in-Chief of the French Army
22. Paris, October 1916
Mata Hari - Holland-born who became an exotic dancer throughout Europe
17. Young Indiana Jones and the Phantom Train of Doom
Fredrick Selous - English-born hunter and explorer
Jan Christian Smuts - South African soldier and statesman
Paul Von Lettow-Vorbeck - German-born Prussian military leader
Richard Meinertzhagen - involved with British intelligence operations
5. German East Africa, December 1916 [part 1]
Barthelemy Boganda - African statesman
6. Congo, January 1917 [part 2]
Albert Schweitzer - did medical missionary work
31. Young Indiana Jones Attack of the Hawkmen
Manfred von Richthofen - fighter pilot with the German Air Force during World War I
Anthony Fokker - aircraft designer for German fighter planes in World War I
7. Austria, March 1917
Emperor Karl I - last Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary
Ottokar Graf Czernin - Foreign Minister in Austro-Hungarian Empire
Empress Zita - last Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary
Prince Sixtus - son of Robert, the last Duke of Parma
10. Barcelona, May 1917
Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev - Russian ballet impresario and art critic
Pablo Picasso - Spanish-born artist who was one of founders of Cubism
13. Petrograd, July 1917
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - founder of Bolshevism and Soviet leader
26. Prague, August 1917
Franz Kafka - Czech-born who was influential writer of 20th century
27. Palestine, October 1917
T.E. Lawrence - scholar, archaeologist, diplomat, and military hero
Richard Meinertzhagen - had a British military career
Harry George Chauvel - Australian commander
M.W.J. Bourchier - Australian commander
William Grant - Australian commander
28. Transylvania, January 1918
Prince Vlad IV the Impaler - Transylvanian-born ruthless leader
16. Northern Italy, June 1918
Ernest Hemingway - American novelist and short story writer
Emanuel Victor Voska - Bohemian native who worked in U.S. intelligence
23. Istanbul, September 1918
Kemal Ataturk - born in Greece and became founder of modern Turkey
Halide Edib - she was a nationalist and novelist in Turkey
30. The Young Indiana Jones Treasure of the Peacock's Eye
Bronislaw Malinowski - known for his contributions in social anthropology
24. Paris, May 1919
Woodrow Wilson - 28th President of the United States
David Lloyd George - British statesman
George Clemenceau - political figure and twice Premier of France
T.E. Lawrence - scholar, archaeologist, diplomat, and military hero
Feisal of Arabia - later became King Feisal I of Iraq
Gertrude Bell - British traveler of varied accomplishments
Arnold Toynbee - British scholar and diplomat
Ho Chi Minh - became Vietnamese leader
11. Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues
Sidney Bechet - clarinetist and soprano saxophone player
King Oliver - played cornet and was at forefront of New Orleans jazz
Louis Armstrong - trumpeter and singer
Eliot Ness - law enforcement officer of "Untouchables" fame
Jim Colosimo - crime lord of Chicago
Johnny Torrio - one of chief crime lords
Al Capone - gangster who was king of the Chicago rackets
Ernest Hemingway - American novelist and short story writer
Ben Hecht - novelist, playwright and screenwriter
Charles MacArthur - newspaper-man, and wrote and produced plays
14. Young Indiana Jones and the Scandal of 1920
George Gershwin - pianist who composed popular tunes, musicals, etc.
George White - Broadway actor, dancer, and producer
Irving Berlin - songwriter and Tin Pan Alley composer
Dorothy Parker - wrote short stories, poems, and screenplays
Alexander Woollcott - journalist, critic, lecturer, actor, etc.
29. Young Indiana Jones and the Hollywood Follies
Erich von Stroheim - director, actor and producer of the silent movie era
John Ford - American motion-picture director and filmmaker

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