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Other quote files

Sources for other quote files to use with GUIquotes.

  • Jar of Fortune Files - an archive of various fortune files. Some but not all of the fortune files are formatted for use with GUIquotes.
  • Wiki fortunes archive - a wiki containing many of the original Unix fortunes. Copy the quotes to a text editor and save as a text file.
  • Shlomi Fish’s Fortune Cookie Files - an assortment of quote files. Save the Plaintext file to use with GUIquotes.

Other quote programs

One size does not fit all so if GUIquotes does not fit your needs here are some others to look at.

  • Fortune 4 all - Windows program for displaying Unix fortunes. Can be compiled for other OSes.
  • PopUp Wisdom - Windows program for displaying quotes. It is fortune file format compatible.
  • MacFortune - Mac program for displaying Unix fortunes.
  • PyFortune - A Python fortune program for Windows, Linux, and other Unix-like operating systems.
  • Python fortune - Another Python based fortune program.
  • App Store FortuneNix - iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app which displays Unix fortunes.
  • Message of the day Widget - Android widget which displays Unix fortunes.
  • PHP-fortune - PHP script for displaying a quote on a webpage. This is used for displaying TV show quotes in the Episode Guide part of this website.
  • TheySaidSo - provides a way (api for those that know what that means) for displaying a quote on a webpage. Also has plugins for displaying quotes on Wordpress and Joomla sites.

Websites displaying quotes

These websites will display quotes by category or/and randomly.


Other links related to GUIquotes or the making of this website


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