Proportions Calculator Help

To use Proportions Calculator is easy. Just enter 3 numbers in any 3 entry boxes and press calculate to find the unknown value.

For practical examples of using this app see the examples page.

To hide the pop up keyboard use the back button on your device.

Use the A<->B button to swap the values of A and B.

Each value has a separate clear button to make changing values easy.

The reduced ratio results are only meaningful for ratios of whole numbers but are displayed for all results. Euclid's Algorithm is used for reducing the ratios.

The menu (or action bar depending on the Android version) has selections for:

  • this help
  • about this app
  • change the color theme
  • user license for this app

Errors will be displayed as pop up toasts for:

  • entering zero for any value
  • not entering 3 numbers before calculating
  • not having 1 blank value before calculating

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