U.S. Sci-Fi Channel grid for December 2, 1992

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1. Sunday
 Time   Title                                   Notes
 4:30am Gamepro                                 
 5:00   Fantastic Voyage                        (animated)
 5:30   Return to the Planet of the Apes        (1975 animated TV series)
 6:00   Adventures of Flash Gordon              (1980s animated TV series)
 6:30   Star Trek                               (1973  animated TV series)
 7:00   Voyagers!                               (early 1980s TV series)
 8:00   Powers of Matthew Star                  (early 1980s TV series)
 9:00   Incredible Hulk                         (Bill Bixby as the Fugitive)
10:00   Lost in Space                           (both color and B&W episodes)
11:00   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea         (both color and B&W episodes)
 noon   2 hour movie
 2:00pm another 2 hour movie
 4:00   Starman                                 (mid 1980s TV series) 
 5:00   Mysteries from Beyond the Other         (original satire/documentary
        Dominion                                        program)
 5:30   Sci-Fi Buzz                             (original news program)
 6:00   Inside Space                            (original documentary)
 6:30   Science                                 (original documentary)
 7:00   The Prisoner                            (1969 UK TV series)
 8:00   2 hour movie
10:00   Mysteries from Beyond the Other         (repeat of 5pm)
10:30   Sci-Fi Buzz                             (repeat of 5:30pm)
11:00   Inside Space                            (repeat of 6pm)
11:30   Science                                 (repeat of 6:30pm)
(midnight - 4am infomercials)

2. Mon-Fri

 4:00am Transformers                            (animated)
 4:30   Defenders of the Earth                  (animated)
 5:00   Transformers                            (animated)
 5:30   Stingray                                (puppets)
 6:00   2 hour movie                            
 8:00   Dark Shadows                            (B&W and color)(1st episode)
 8:30   Dark Shadows                            (2nd episode)                                    
 9:00   Dr.Who "Hour"                           (really only one episode)
 9:30   filler programming                      (old cinema cliffhangers)
10:00   Lost In Space                           (B&W and color episodes)
11:00   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea         (B&W and color episodes)
 noon   another 2 hour movie
 2:00pm One Step Beyond
 2:30   Incredible Hulk                         (Bill Bixby as Dr.Jeckle)
 3:30   Space:1999                              (1975-77 UK TV series)
 4:30   Alfred Hitchcock Presents               (updated 1980s TV series)
 5:00   Buck Rogers                             (1979 TV series)
 6:00   War of the Worlds                       (1989 TV series)
 7:00   Series Showcase: Darkroom               (1981 Host: James Colburn)
 8:00   Tales from the Darkside
 8:30   Night Gallery
 9:00   Buck Rogers                             (repeat of 5pm)
10:00   War of the Worlds                       (repeat of 6pm)
11:00   Series Showcase: Darkroom               (repeat of 7pm)
(midnight - 4:00am infomercials)

3. Saturday

 5:30am Gamepro
 6:00   Mysteries from Beyond the Other         (repeat of previous Sunday)
 6:30   Sci-Fi Buzz                             (repeat of previous Sunday)
 7:00   Inside Space                            (repeat of previous Sunday)
 7:30   Science                                 (repeat of previous Sunday)
 8:00   One Step Beyond
 8:30   Flash Gordon                            (animated)
 9:00   Doctor Who "Hour"                       (single episode)
 9:30   (filler programming)
10:00   Lost in Space
11:00   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
 noon   Time Tunnel
 1:00pm 2 hour movie 
 3:00   Space:1999
 4:00   Alien Nation
 5:00   another 2 hour movie
 7:00   Amazing Stories
 7:30   Tales from the Darkside
 8:00   another 2 hour movie
10:00   another 2 hour movie
(midnight - 4am infomercials)

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