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Name:  Frank Carmen, Ph.D.       
Favorite:  "A Stitch in Time"
Via:  "Sci-Fi's" TOL Board.
010   Saturday November 10, 2001 - 04:29:20pm  
Just found you on 11/10/2001.
This is GREAT! Exactly what we TOL Freeks needed.
Thanks for doing ALL of this!
Name:  Glenn       
Location:  ky 
009   Thursday October 25, 2001 - 04:17:14pm  
I grew up with the television OOL and watch the NOL. I love both, and your site is the best.
Name:  Tracy Bellows       
Location:  Chicago, Illinois United States
Favorite:  the old one
Via:  Just surfed on in!
008   Wednesday October 3, 2001 - 11:36:57am  
How I just love the 60's verion.This is my favorite science fiction anthology series.Im trying to enjoy the new version of the show,but I grew up watching the original.I have some of these episodes on videotape and my favorite episodes are
The Sixth Finger
Keeper Of The Purple Twilight
The Architects Of Fear
The Zanti Misfits
Fun And Games
The Man Who Was Never Born
The Mice,and O.B.I.T!
These are truly magnificent episodes and I enjoy them very much.The special effects were okay and the alien monsters were bizarre and great!!!!.I will enjoy the series always!!!
Name:  DON SHILLING       
Location:  navarre, oh usa
Favorite:  old
Via:  Search Engine
007   Sunday September 2, 2001 - 05:32:16pm  
What an outstanding web site for all outer limit junkies.I am 41yrsold and can remember alot of the episodes.There has never been another sci. fi. series like it. I am planning on starting a collection of series videos.Any fans of the old series can contact me at my email address.Keep up the fine work.
Name:  mike the video trader       
Location:  margate, FL usa
Favorite:  old
Via:  Just surfed on in!
006   Friday August 31, 2001 - 01:48:52pm  
Hi Outer Limits junkies:My name is Mike I live in south Florida, and collect and trade for my favorite scifi TV shows, and one of them is the Outer Limits. I have have of the old series for trade and looking for the other half and any and all of the new episodes. I also have Star Trek, ST Next Gene, DS9,X Files, Battlestar Galactica, and Dr Who for trade. Email me for details for trade and or barter. Mike/videotrader
Name:  Pam       
Location:  London, Canada 
Favorite:  Last Supper
Via:  Just surfed on in!
005   Sunday August 26, 2001 - 03:06:14am  
Hello everyone,I was wondering if anybody had the episode "last Supper" on tape and if i coulod buy a copy of it.I would like to see it cause my fave actor was a guest star on that episode.(Scott Vickaryous).
Name:  Betty Ward       
004   Saturday August 18, 2001 - 07:13:04pm  
I just wanted to comment on the show I saw tonight 8/18
I did not get the title.But I really feel like this
should be shown in our school systems.What a profound
message was in this show.I cried! I have never written
about anything on TV before but I was truly moved.
Thank You,Betty Ward
Name:  John Poole  
Location:  Ardmore, PA USA
003   Thursday August 9, 2001 - 06:22:10pm  
I remember vaguely that the opening (theme) for the old series was done perhaps by a composer named Dominic Frontier (sp?). Not sure though-it could have been he did THRILLER or SciFi series. Did I see something years ago about him being arrested for embezzlement or was it murder? Fairly rare for Hollywood TV and film "composers" Does anyone know for certain the story?
Name:  Aaron Goodell  
Location:  Los Angeles, CA USA
Favorite:  old
Via:  Search Engine
002   Thursday August 2, 2001 - 02:27:47pm  
What a great old science fiction show. It made quite an impression on a lot of us kids. When will Vol 2 of the CD soundtrack come out?
Name:  Loren Heisey       
Location:  Corvallis, Oregon USA
Favorite:  see comments
Via:  this site
001   Wednesday July 25, 2001 - 01:19:00pm  
A fancy new guest book program has been installed. The main reason for moving to this one is it is easier to maintain.
As for picking a favorite between the old and new Outer Limits series since I have both on this site I do not want to pick sides. However I do know some visiting this site do not care for one or the other so I added a place for your preference.
Even if you made an entry previously feel free to add an entry here.

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