Original guide released: February 11, 1989
HTML format revision date: November 19, 2010

Compiled by Loren Heisey

The information was obtained from Starlog magazine: TV Episode Guides Vol. II. It was scanned by Chad Fogg, and made into a troff formatted episode guide by Michael Brown (Mr. Vidiot) which is available in PDF format on the Innermind site.



In the late 1960s, the United States government issued a report officially denying the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects. The government agency designed to look into the phenomenon, Project Blue Book, was also closed down and people were led to believe that (as far as the government was concerned) UFOs had not come to Earth.

The format of the television series takes this occurrence as a cover-up by the government in an attempt to hide the fact that we were not only visited by creatures from space, but brutally attacked. Their reasoning was that mass hysteria and panic would result if the common man discovered that his world was being invaded by extraterrestrials. So, in secret, the major governments of the world created SHADO -- Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defense Organization. From it's center of operations hidden beneath a film studio (where bizarre comings and goings would remain commonplace), SHADO commands a fleet of submarines (armed with sea-to-air strike craft), aircraft, land vehicles, satellites and a base on the Moon.



COMMANDER ED STRAKER-Leader of SHADO. He is totally dedicated to his job, almost to the point of obsession.
COLONEL ALEC FREEMAN-Straker's second-in-command.
COLONEL PAUL FOSTER-Former test pilot recruited to SHADO.
CAPTAIN PETER CARLIN-Commander and interceptor pilot of Skydiver 1.
MISS EALAND-Straker's secretary for his film studio president cover.
LT. MARK BRADLY-Moonbase interceptor pilot.
LT. LEW WATERMAN-Moonbase interceptor pilot, later promoted to Skydiver Captain.
LT. JOAN HARRINGTON-Moonbase Operative.
LT. FORD-SHADO Control Radio Operator.
LT. GAY ELLIS-Moonbase Commander.
COLONEL VIRGINIA LAKE-Designer of the Utronic tracking equipment needed to detect UFOs in flight.
GENERAL HENDERSON-Originally helped to build SHADO, now the watchdog for the world governments.
DOCTOR JACKSON-SHADO's interrogator and psychologist.
MISS HOLLAND-Substitute secretary for Straker.



Cmdr. Ed Straker-Ed Bishop
Col. Alec Freeman-George Sewell
Col. Paul Foster-Michael Billington
Capt. Peter Carlin-Peter Gordeno
Miss Ealand-Norma Ronald
Lt. Mark Bradley-Harry Baird
Lt. Lew Waterman-Gary Meyers
Lt. Joan Harrington-Antona Ellis
Lt. Nina Barry-Dolores Mantez
Lt. Ford-Keith Alexander
Lt. Gay Ellis-Gabrielle Drake
Col. Virginia Lake-Wanda Ventham
Gen. Henderson-Grant Taylor
Dr. Jackson-Vladek Sheybal
Miss Holland-Lois Maxwell
SHADO Radio Operator-Anouska Hempel
SHADO Operative-Ayshea
Skydiver Engineer-Jon Kelly
Skydiver Navigator-Jeremy Wilkin
Skydiver Operative-Georgina Moon
Voice of S.I.D.-Mel Oxley



Executive Producer-Gerry Anderson
Format-Gerry & Sylvia Anderson with Reg Hill
Century 21 Fashons-Sylvia Anderson
Producer-Reg Hill
Visual Effects Supervisor-Derek Meddings
Art Director-Bob Bell
Production Supervisor-Norman Foster
Assistant to Producer-Des Saunders
Lighting Cameraman-Brendan Stafford, B.S.C.
Music & Electronic Effects-Barry Gray
Script Editor-Tony Barwick
Wardrobe-Kim Martin, Iris Richens
Casting Director-Rose Tobias Shaw



This series was Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's first live action television program after 12 successful years doing puppet series like Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds. Not only did UFO feature the glossy special effects that have become a trademark of the Anderson's, but an incredibly realistic portrayal of the world of the 1980s. Filmed in 1969, the Anderson's guessed that the basic change in the look of the world would be in the form of fashion. Sylvia Anderson's team of designers created new and exciting costumes for the civilian characters (as well as SHADO personnel during off-duty hours). Adding to this, Derek Meddings, supervising director of special effects, designed a set of cars and jeeps of futuristic design to help jazz up the live action exteriors.

Despite a successful first season and requests for additional 24 episodes, however, ITC Entertainment had the entire series revamped and eventually, the second season of UFO was transformed into Space: 1999.

The show was syndicated by ITC Entertainment and originally aired in the U.K. September 16, 1970 to July 24, 1971 on ATV.




Writers: Gerry & Sylvia Anderson with Tony Barwick
Director: Gerry Anderson
Guest Cast: Basil Dignam, Shane Rimmer, Matthew Robertson

Alec Freeman is assigned to pilot Seagull X-Ray, SHADO's SST transport plane, from the United States to England. Aboard the craft is the vital tracking equipment SHADO needs to plot the UFOs and it's design team, headed by Virginia Lake. The Aliens learn of the equipment transfer and send a UFO to destroy the SST. Evading SHADO lunar Interceptors, the UFO closes in on the Seagull X-Ray, but is shot down by Peter Karlin aboard Sky 1. Shortly after the UFO crashes into the Atlantic Ocean, the body of an Alien rises to the surface. He's found alive and quickly transported to SHADO's secret medical center for tests. Dr. Shroeder discovers that the Aliens are able to travel faster-than-the-speed of light by existing in a liquid environment, but the most horrible secret of all is uncovered in the electro-medical exam; many of the Alien's organs are human. It soon becomes apparent to Straker why there have always been mutilated corpses and missing people after every attack. Worst of all, the Alien's heart came from the body of Peter Karlin's sister, Leila who disappeared after a UFO attack ten years earlier.


Writer: Tony Barwick
Director: David Lane
Guest Cast: Matthew Zimmerman, Jean Marsh, Robin Bailey

This episode introduces Paul Foster to the ranks of SHADO. A civilian test pilot, Foster and his crew are flying an experimental air craft high above the clouds when they witness a battle between Sky 1 and a UFO. Foster photographs the battle, but his plane is damaged when the UFO explodes. He manages to eject, but the rest of the crew cannot and the plane crashes, killing them. After recovering in a hospital, Foster attempts to convince a man who claims to be from Military Intelligence of his sighting of a UFO, but when they view Foster's film no UFO is seen. Foster is convinced that the film has been doctored and with the help of Janna Wade (Marsh), sister of his co-pilot, he attempts to expose the cover-up. He is unaware that he is being tested by Straker to become a member of SHADO.


Writer: Ian Scott Stewart
Director: Ken Turner
Guest Cast: George Cole, Sonia Fox, Keith Grenville

Moonbase operative Paul Roper (Cole) is being blackmailed by the Aliens to feed certain information to SID. Freeman investigates and discovers that the life of Roper's wife, Carol (Fox), is being threatened. Straker learns that the figures fed into the orbiting computer are for a flight path that will allow a UFO to attack Moonbase during heavy sunspot activity, when it will be undetectable. However, SID reports that two of the figures Roper gave the Aliens were wrong, either accidentally or deliberately. Carol is attacked and during the struggle, both she and her assailant are killed. The assailant is revealed as SHADO medical technician Dawson (Greenville) who had been controlled by some implant. Roper is unaware of Carol's death, but he volunteers to go out on the lunar surface and wait, armed with a rocket gun, to destroy the UFO.


Writer: Ruric Powell
Director: Ken Turner
Guest Cast: Drewe Henley, Michael Kilgarriff

Straker attempts to persuade General Henderson, the head of the International Astrophysical Commission, to clear Earth orbit of its dead satellites and rocket boosters when he believes that SHADO Lunar Module Pilot Maddox (Henley) was killed by an Alien satellite that's using the debris for cover. Henderson insists that the destruction of the Lunar Module was nothing more than pilot error. Incensed by the accusation, Foster takes matters into his own hands and takes up another Lunar Module against Straker's orders. Following the exact flight path flown by Maddox. He comes perilously close to disaster, but lands with the proof. Henderson accuses them of rigging the evidence and Straker is forced to launch all of the Moonbase Interceptors and orders them to destroy the debris. Henderson is enraged by this and arrives at SHADO HQ to discover that the Interceptors were busy with the killer satellite, a UFO has penetrated Earth's atmosphere and is homing-in on them.


Writer: Tony Barwick
Director: Alan Perry
Guest Cast: Gito Santana, Suzan Farmer

The Aliens use a meteorite storm as a cover to land on the Moon. Armed with a rocket gun, the Aliens blast out the window of the Moonbase Leisure Sphere, killing one astronaut and nearly killing Foster. Straker orders Foster to comb the lunar surface with Moonmobiles to find and destroy the UFO. Just as the craft is uncovered, it takes off, straight into the gunsights of the Interceptors. Badly damaged, the craft crashes into Foster's Moonmobile. He is miraculously thrown clear with nothing more serious than an injured ankle. Presumed dead by his comrades, Foster has no immediate hope of an early rescue and must try to walk back to the lunar base. Using his rifle as a crutch, he begins his long trek back, but comes face to face with an Alien (Santana). To his surprise, the Alien makes no attempt to kill him. Marooned as well, the Alien offers Foster aid and friendship as the two struggle to reach Moonbase.


Writer: Ruric Powell
Director: Alan Perry
Guest Cast: Tracy Reed, Clinton Greyn, Phillip Latham

Foster suspects the cause of Moonbase's telecommunications blackouts to be the geological scanner at the nearby Dalotek base. When a Lunar Module crashes after a second blackout, he shuts down the Dalotek equipment despite the lack of proof. However, a third blackout leaves Foster baffled as the source until the Dalotek personnel suggest the fault may be at SHADO's other installation in a crater near the Dalotek base. Foster, unaware of any SHADO construction near them, orders a Moonmobile to investigate.


Writer: Tony Barwick
Director: David Lane
Guest Cast: Michael Mundell, Hain Vilijoen

An interceptor is destroyed in a collision with a UFO and Straker believes that Moonbase commander Gay Ellis may have made a misjudgment that caused the crash. He orders her and the two surviving pilots to back to Earth while SHADO ground and air forces search for crippled UFO which landed somewhere on Earth. Psychoanalyses tests seem to indicate that Lt. Ellis gave Mark Bradley evasion orders first because she was in love with him. Freeman believes Straker is relying too much on the computers and he decides to prove the data wrong when he is ordered to select a crew to go to Northern Canada to find the UFO. He takes the Moonbase crew along and they manage to capture one Alien alive before the UFO self-destructs. Straker attempts to get the Alien to talk, but he dies before he can speak. Later, Freeman learns that Lt. Ellis made a correct decision on Moonbase, any other alternative would have resulted in the loss of all three men. Straker, however, gets the last word in when Bradley calls from a restaurant to report that he and Gay have, in fact, grown fond of each other.


Writer: Tony Barwick
Director: David Lane
Guest Cast: Suzanne Neve, Burnaby Shaw, Richard Aylen, Mary Merrall

After enjoying his monthly outing with his son John (Shaw), Straker takes the boy back to his ex-wife, Mary (Neve). No sooner has Straker pulled away than his son comes running back out of the house to show him something. The boy fails to see the other car and is struck down. John is rushed to the hospital, but because he is allergic to antibiotics, there is little the doctors can do to save him. His one chance is a drug that has just been developed in America and Straker orders a SHADO transporter to collect it and bring it back to England. Meanwhile, SHADO is tracking two UFOs. One suddenly veers off, apparently damaged by an explosion between the two. The remaining craft races toward Earth at breakneck speeds, but before it crashes off the Irish coast, the pilot (Aylen) ejects. He makes his way to a lonely old cottage occupied by a blind old woman (Marrall). There, he sets up a communication device and attempts to contact SHADO control. When the second UFO reappears and begins to home-in on the signal, Freeman realizes they have little time to reach the Alien and orders the nearest SHADO transporter to the area. Unknown to him, he diverts the transporter carrying the drug. Straker must now choose between the life of his son or the defector from space.


Writer: Tony Barwick
Director: Ken Turner
Guest Cast: Quinn O'Hara, David Healy, Mark Hawkins

Foster makes the mistake of getting himself stone drunk at a party the night before he is to report to SHADO's Health Farm for a complete medical workout. He passes out in the sauna only to be helplessly carried off when Aliens raid the Health Farm. Foster's friend, Gordon Maxwell, is at the controls of Sky 1 when Straker orders the UFO shot down, but he cannot bring himself to do it. Maxwell manages to cripple the craft so that it cannot get beyond the Moon. The UFO crashes and Foster is rescued by Gay Ellis and taken back to Moonbase. They discover that the Aliens have adapted him to breath liquid and they must find a way to reserve the process without killing Foster.


Writer: Tony Barwick
Director: Alan Perry
Guest Cast: Jane Merrow, Patrick Jordan

Acting under his cover as a film executive, Straker falls for the beautiful Jo Fraser (Merrow), a reporter who has come to interview him. Straker is worried when he learns that she had left her tape recorder in his office after she departed and some classified SHADO business was recorded. He hands over command to Freeman when he discovers that she does not work for the agency she claimed to be with. As Straker pursues her, both in the interest of security as well as his own, Freeman learns what it is like to be in Straker's chair. His admiration for Straker increases as he learns the split-second decisions needed, especially when a mobile Russian oil rig goes out of control and is on a collision course with Moonbase.


Writer: Alan Pattillo
Director: David Lane
Guest Cast: Adrienna Corri, Patrick Mower, Anthony Chinn, Allan Cuthberton

Straker allows a UFO to land in England hoping to capture the craft and its pilot intact. Not far away from the UFO's landing site, Liz Newton (Corri) and her lover (Mower) are plotting the murder of her husband, Jack (Cuthbertson). They plan to shoot him when he arrives home late and pretend Liz thought he was an intruder, but the first to appear is an Alien (Chinn) who is shot by Liz. Foster arrives with his search party and takes the two back to SHADO HQ where they will be give an amnesia drug that will make them forget the murder of the Alien. But the question remains, will they still try to kill Jack Newton? This episode does not end with the standard end title footage. We see Liz standing in a cemetery looking at a gravestone and are left without knowing if her husband is really dead.


Writer: Tony Barwick
Director: Ron Appleton
Guest Cast: Louise Pajo, Noel Davis, Pippa Steel

Straker is staggered when evidence points to Paul Foster as the source of a leak concerning the information on a Skydiver's rendezvous with a supply ship. Even more baffling is the accusation that Foster is selling industrial secrets concerning special film projects on the studio lot. Straker cannot understand why Foster would be involved in selling such a wide variety of information. With the help of Alec Freeman, he sets out to uncover the truth. In the meantime, Foster has appeared before a military review board and been found guilty of espionage and the penalty is death. Searching Foster's apartment, Straker and Freeman discover a bugging device. They trace the equipment to an industrial spy (Pajo) who admits to have recorded the information Foster is accused of selling, but that still doesn't explain the large sum of money that was deposited in into his bank account. They have little time left to find out, Foster's execution date is nearing.


Writer: Tony Barwick
Director: Alan Perry
Guest Cast: Neil Hallet, Alan Tucker, Jon Kelly

A B.142 tracking probe is placed in lunar orbit and is equipped with an electron telescopic camera. Straker lures a UFO into the probe's path and forces the Alien craft to head back to its home planet with the B.142 on its tail. Straker hopes that the probe's cameras will transmit back to Earth pictures of the Alien homeworld. Months later, the day arrives and SHADO awaits the first picture. Straker is surprised by what he sees.


Writer: Tony Barwick
Director: David Lane
Guest Cast: Suzanne Neve, Shane Rimmer, Jeffrey Segal

A flashback episode that tells how Straker's obsession with the foundation of SHADO destroyed his marriage. From the moment their honeymoon in Greece is postponed, Mary Straker (Neve) grows increasingly suspicious of the Top Secret work that continually calls her husband away at all hours. His pleas that she must trust him and stop begging for answers he cannot give fall on deaf ears. Even her pregnancy fails to keep Straker home and she learns that he has been seen leaving a girl's apartment late at night (Straker was, in fact, at Nina Barry's apartment with many of SHADO's early recruits). Shortly before the baby is born, Mary falls down the stairs. She must struggle to save the life of her unborn son, the only person she cares for.

15. E.S.P.

Writer: Alan Fenell
Director: Ken Turner
Guest Cast: John Stratton, Deborah Stanford, Douglas Wilmer

John Croxley (Stratton) is on the point of mental collapse after his wife Stella (Stanford) is killed when a UFO crashes into their country home. Straker and Freeman investigate further when a film script describing every detail of SHADO appears on the Commander's desk written by Croxley. They learn from his psychiatrist (Wilmer), that Croxley has every advanced powers of extra sensory perception and Straker believes that Croxley was able to learn all about SHADO from reading Paul Foster's mind. Foster had been near the house after the UFO crash and was caught in the explosion of the Alien vehicle. He had reported seeing someone in the hospital that may have been Croxley. When Croxley asks that Straker and Freeman meet him at the ruins of his home, they discover that his mind had somehow been taken over by the Aliens and he intends to shoot them.


Writer: Donald James
Director: Alan Perry
Guest Cast: David Sumner, Steve Cory

Straker is deeply hurt when Paul Foster takes in a campaign to remove him from the command of SHADO. The campaign begins shortly after Foster and Frank Craig (Sumner) are endangered by an attacking UFO. Straker orders them to fly their Lunar Module in at a dangerous angle to avoid the UFO while they are on re-entry. Craig attempts to murder Straker, but fails in the attack. He soon realizes that, somehow, the Aliens have managed to program Foster and Craig with one obsessive task and Straker must find a way to release his friend without killing him.


Writer: Alan Fennell
Director: David Lane
Guest Cast: Anthony Chinn, Burnell Tucker

Straker suspects that the Aliens have discovered a way to travel under the sea when a freighter is sunk. He joins the crew of Skydiver 1 as they search the area where the ship went down. Suddenly, they are attacked and the crippled sub sinks to the bottom. Straker orders Captain Waterman to escape in Sky 1 and brings the SHADO rescue force back. The navigator (Chinn) soon dies from his wounds and Nina Barry is trapped when an emergency escape hatch fails to open. She joins Straker and the two await their rescue ... or death.


Writers: David Lane & Bob Bell
Director: David Lane
Guest Cast: Susan Jameson, Michael Jayston, Nigel Gregory, Richard Vernon

The trail of a UFO leads Foster to the family farm of International Showjumping champion Russel Stone (Jaytston), who mysteriously disappeared after he was thrown from his horse. Stone's father (Vernon) and sister Anne (Jameson) fear that Stone has met foul play at the hands of a local tramp (Gregory), but Foster is certain of an Alien presence when both the tramp and his dog turn up horribly murdered. Foster's search takes him to a nearby lake where he finds it odd that the birds are ominously quiet. Acting on a hunch, he orders in the Mobiles and they depth charge the lake. The missing UFO is forced to the surface in the ensuing battle. As the wreckage settles, Foster notices a cylinder rise to the surface of the lake. It is recovered and taken back to SHADO HQ where they discover a regular pulse beat. Is it a bomb or.... ?


Writer/Director: David Tomblin
Guest Cast: Alexis Kanner, Geraldine Moffatt

Home on leave, SHADO Interceptor pilot Jim Regan (Kanner) and his wife, Jean (Moffatt), see a Siamese cat on the way home from a party. As they return to their car with the cat, they see a UFO in the forest, but before they can escape, they are captured by the Aliens. Regan awakens hours later in his car and helplessly watches the UFO speed starward with Jean aboard. Regan begins to take on some cat-like manners, especially when he tries to "claw" Paul Foster. Dr. Jackson has a theory that the Aliens may be nonhumaniod and have the ability to program other creatures with their brain patterns. Regan's cat-like mannerisms may be the result of his mind being controlled by an Alien in the guise of the Siamese cat. To his horror, Straker learns that Regan has sabotaged the other Moonbase Interceptors and is nose-diving his at Moonbase. Their only hope in releasing Regan from the Alien mind control in time is to find the cat.


Writer: Dennis Spooner
Director: Ken Turner
Guest Cast: Philip Madoc, Stephanie Beacham, Edwin Richfield, Peter Blythe

Straker discovers that SHADO's tight security is matched by that of the Navy's when he tries to investigate a report that a Naval ship has shot down a UFO. Foster finds himself with the "unpleasant" task of wining and dining Sarah Bonsanquet (Beacham), secretary to Admiral Sheringham, the man in charge of the Navy's Top Secret project. While Foster is out with Sarah, Straker and Col. Lake search the girl's flat and discover that her telescope has a powerful transmitter built into it. The girl has fallen under control of the Aliens who want to destroy the Navy ship while it is on that mysterious mission. To his horror, Straker soon learns that the ship is assigned to dump a special nerve gas into the sea. The Aliens want the gas released into the atmosphere because it is capable of destroying all life on Earth. Straker must break through security and learn the secret location of that ship, which has already fallen under attack.


Writer: Terence Feely
Director: David Lane
Guest Cast: Derren Nesbitt, Gary Raymond, Roland Culver

Straker's old friend, Craig Collins (Nesbitt), is presumed killed during re-entry when he is caught amidst a UFO attack to disable SID. Two months later, Collins is found alive and he is soon assigned to join Col. Grey (Raymond) on the mission to repair SID. However, all does not proceed well. Col. Lake, who was on close terms with Collins, now finds herself unexplainably repulsed by the man and bizarre accidents follow in Colins' wake. Straker has to step in an join Collins on the mission when Foster is accidentally injured during training. Dr. Jackson, meanwhile, tells Col. Grey that he's discovered that Collins has had the personality centers of his brain burnt out and all tests show that Collins may be under outside control. Grey realizes that the Aliens plan to use this zombie to murder Straker, but Collins nearly splits Grey's skull open in a mad attempt to stop him from warning Straker. Dazed in a hospital bed, Grey desperately tries to warn Straker who is already in Earth orbit aboard SID.


Writer/Director: David Tomblin
Guest Cast: James Cosmo, Keith Bell, Mark Griffith

When the freighter Kingston is sunk near a volcanic island in the North Atlantic, Straker is intrigued by the Captain's report of an attack by "flying fish." Skydiver is sent into the area where a huge underwater dome is discovered. Believing the dome is somehow connected with the buildup of UFOs in space sector MNL-12, Straker and Foster launch their own, personal investigation of the dome. Spying through the portal, they are shocked to see the face of Lt. Anderson (Cosmo), but even more so when he turns up at SHADO HQ after a 24-hour leave. Anderson is put under interrogation, but refuses to acknowledge he was ever in the dome. Straker has the bewildered man confined and he returns to the dome with Foster. They succeed in gaining access to the Alien construct and soon discover an exact replica of SHADO HQ -- complete with duplicate personnel! Straker now understands that the real Anderson was never in the dome. The Aliens have copied SHADO HQ in an attempt to confuse the defense network and allow the invasion fleet to pass through to Earth. Straker and Foster must make their way back through the maze of corridors to Skydiver before the sub launches the attack on the dome he ordered if they did not return in 1-hour.


Writer: Tony Barwick
Director: Ken Turner
Guest Cast: Al Mancini, Stuart Damon, Charles Tingwell, Larry Taylor, Richard Montez, Bill Morgan, Craig Hunter

Straker and Foster arrive on Moonbase to investigate the bizarre self destruction of a UFO only three miles away. Interceptor pilots Conroy (Mancini) and Dale (Hunter) are sent out to investigate and return empty handed except for a diamond-like moonrock Conroy has collected as a souvenir. When Conroy enters the control sphere, he finds it occupied by three grubby Mexican bandit-types (Taylor, Montex, Morgan). He proceeds to take each one of them on, unaware that he is actually battling Nina Barry and to other women. Nina sounds the alarm and a search for Conroy is ordered, but not before he has shot and killed Dale, mistaking him for a bandit. A gun battle ensues and Conroy is killed. Straker attempts to find some connection for the astronaut's irrational behavior, but his only connection seems to be that he loved the old west. His personal effects are sent back to Earth. They are sorted out by Captain "Beaver" James (Tingwell), who finds the moonrock within the container. Shortly thereafter, James sounds the alarm that Aliens have invaded SHADO HQ. James begins to shoot everyone in sight, convinced that they are all invaders. He takes Col. Lake hostage, but is fatally shot in an attempt to rescue her. Eventually, Conroy's moonrock ends up on Straker's desk and as the SHADO commander locks horns once again with General Henderson, a film director yells, "Cut" and Straker finds himself in a studio and the entire SHADO setup, nothing more than a film set (This episode offered an amazing behind- the-scenes tour of the UFO set and bizarrely disturbing look into how films mimic real life as Straker runs from set to set in attempt to find his "real world.")


Writer: Terence Feely
Director: Cyril Frankel
Guest Cast: Patrick Allen, Ron Bember, Jean Vladon, Kristen Lindhom

After picking up Col. Lake at the airfield, Straker and the woman are attacked by a UFO. Puzzled by SHADO's apparent ignorance of the UFO's presence, Straker drives into the studio lot only to find that it's day when it should be night, and backlot crews frozen in motion. Straker and Lake surmise that the Aliens have bypassed Moonbase defenses by travelling beyond the time barrier. SHADO HQ had been caught within the barrier and the Aliens are awaiting for time to right itself before they can attack. Straker attempts to shoot down the UFO with a rocket launcher, but his plans are subverted by a SHADO operative named Turner (Allen), who has sold out to the Aliens.


Writer: Tony Barwick
Director: Jeremy Summers
Guest Cast: Deborah Grant, Mike Pratt, David Collings, Tom Adams

Three ordinary humans (Grant, Pratt, Collings) become pawn of an Alien plot to destroy key SHADO installations from within. After Straker is attacked in his car by one of them, he finds a note that warns SHADO of three major attacks that will commence if SHADO does not cease all operations. First the Fairfield Tracker Station is totally destroyed, then Skydiver 3 as it departs it's hidden base. In each attack, one of the group has died in the explosion and only the girl is left alive. Straker has Foster bring her to SHADO HQ unaware that she is now a living bomb who has been programmed to destroy the underground base. Unless Sky 1 can locate and destroy the UFO before it can beam its destructive power to the girl, SHADO HQ is doomed.


Writer: David Tomblin
Director: Jeremy Summers
Guest Cast: Tessa Wyatt, Christian Roberts, John Garrie, Christopher Robbie

A ten year-old unsolved UFO case is reopened when Catherine Ross (Wyatt) emerges from the coma she has remained in since the day she was accidentally struck down by Ed Straker's car. Gaining her confidence, Straker helps the girl recall the time when she had run away from home and joined up with a hippie named Tim (Roberts). The two were camping out in a farm house when a UFO landed and two Aliens planted some sort of liquid container in the ground. She remembers Tim grabbing a piece of the mechanism and fleeing with the Aliens in pursuit, Tim falling to his death from the rooftop and the Aliens dragging the body back to the spacecraft. Straker believes that the Aliens planted some kind of special bomb and it must be located before it goes off, but there's still the mystery of why the Aliens haven't set it off yet. Meanwhile, Catherine complains that she believes her male nurse bares more than just a faint resemblance to Tim. In fact, it is Tim, resurrected by the Aliens to find that irreplaceable piece to the bomb that Catherine had hidden somewhere. Straker is reluctant to inject the girl with any more memory recollection drugs, for he is beginning to fall in love with her, but he must find the bomb. Catherine soon remembers the location of the farmhouse, and the missing piece, but it is Tim who gets there first. The bomb is primed and set and no one on Earth can stop it. (This episode was seldom seen because of the heavy use of drugs. It is interesting to note that the flashback sequences were presented with a brown tone as opposed to full color and the attack by the aliens on Catherine and Tim was filmed in slow motion to simulate their LSD trip.)