Nanny and the Professor

[Nanny & Professor cast]

Revision date: January 2, 1995

Compiled by Loren Heisey


Series notes

Show type: Comedy
Original run of show on ABC: 1970-71


Guide notes

The original broadcast order is not known so the episodes are listed in alphabetical order.



Juliet Mills            Phoebe Figalilly
Richard Long            Professor Howard Everett
David Doremus           Howard Jr. (Hal) Everett
Trent Lehman            Bentley (Butch) Everett
Kim Richards            Prudence Everett


Elsa Lanchester         Aunt Henrietta
Eileen Baral            Francine Fowler
Patsy Garrett           Mrs. Florence Fowler

Cast notes

Juliet Mills was daughter of actor Sir John and sister to actress Hayley. Besides Nanny, Juliet has done a number of guest appearances on shows. Richard Long was a popular leading man starring in several series and doing many guest appearances on shows. He died in 1974 at the age of 47. David Doremus did a few guest spots after Nanny. Trent Lehman committed suicide on January 18, 1982 when he was about 20. Kim Richards was a busy child actress. Her last known role was in 1989.



Art of Relationships, the
Astronomers, the
Aunt Henrietta and the Jinx
Aunt Henrietta and the Poltergeist
Aunt Henrietta's Premonition
Back to Nature
Balloon Ladies, the
Cholmondeley Featherstonehaugh
Communication Gap, the
Conversation of Brother Ben, the
Diller, a Dollar, a
Element of Risk, an
ES Putt
Flower Children, the
Fowl Episode, a
From Butch With Love
Games Families Play, the
Good-bye, Arabella, Hello
Great Broadcast of 1936, the
Great Debate, the
Haunted House, the
How Many Candles....?
Human Element, the
Human Fly, the
Humanization of Herbert T. Peabody, the
I Think That I Shall Never See a Tree
India Queen, the
Kid Stuff
Letter For Nanny, a
Man Who Came to Pasta, the
Masculine-Feminie Mystique, the
My Son the Sitter
Nanny and Her Witch's Brew
Nanny and the Smoke Filled Room
Nanny On Wheels
Nanny Will Do [pilot episode]
New Butch, the
Oh, What a Tangled Web...
One For the Road
Philosopher's Stone, the
Prodigy, the
Professor Pygmalian Plays Golf
Scientific Approach, the
Separate Rooms
South Sea Island Sweetheart
Spring, Sweet Spring
Star Bright
Strictly For the Birds
Sunday's Hero
Tryannosaurus Tibia, the
Unknown Factor, the
Visitor, the
Whatever Happened to Felicity?
Wimblet Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out, the