The Voyage of the Mimi

Revision date: January 12, 1992

Compiled by Loren Heisey


Series notes

Show type: Childrens educational/adventure
Show originally ran on PBS


Guide notes

Episode titles are in original broadcast order.



Cast for first voyage:

    Peter Marston       Captain Granville
    Victoria Gadsden    Anne Abrams
    Edwin De Asis       Ramon Rojas
    Judy Pratt          Sally Ruth Cochran
    Mary Tanner         Rachel Fairbanks
    Mark Graham         Arthur Spencer
    Ben Affleck         C.T. Granville


The First Voyage of the Mimi titles (1984):

1.  All Aboard
2.  Setting Sail
3.  On the Shoals
4.  Counting Whales
5.  Going Fishing
6.  Home Movies
7.  Hunting the Whale
8.  The Storm
9.  Shipwrecked
10. Making Dew
11. The Feast
12. Rolling Home
13. Separate Ways

The Second Voyage of the Mimi titles (1989?):

1.  A Charter To the Past
2.  A Tomb In the Jungle
3.  A Light In the Dark
4.  The Underworld
5.  A Stone Puzzle
6.  Cracking the Code
7.  The Quest Begins
8.  A Road To Danger
9.  A Friendly Village
10. Discoveries
11. Found and Lost
12. The Fate of a King