Revision date: January 12, 1992

Compiled by Loren Heisey


Series notes

Show type: Anthology series of tales of suspense and the supernatural
Host: James Coburn
Show originally ran on ABC


Guide notes

This guide was started by Russ Perry Jr.



original airdate: November 27, 1981
1. Closed Circuit
   A TV newsman (Robert Webber) finds he is being replaced -- by his
   projected image. Beckwith...Mary Frann
2. Stay Tuned - We'll Be Right Back
   A man (Lawrence Pressman) discovers his child's crystal radio is
   receiving clear broadcasts -- from 1942. Janet...Joanna Miles

original airdate: December 4, 1981
1. The Bogeyman Will Get You
   A teenager (Quinn Cummings) believes she's discovered a vampire
   (Randolph Powell). Nancy...Helen Hunt, Louise...Gloria DeHaven
2. Uncle George
   A poor couple (Claude Akins, June Lockhart) try to find someone to
   pose as their late uncle, whose pension they can't afford to lose.
   Dixie...Dub Taylor

original airdate: December 11, 1981
1. Needlepoint
   A woman (Esther Rolle) uses voodoo to avenge her granddaughter's death.
   Young Man...Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs
2. Siege Of 31 August
   A farmer (Ronny Cox) is tormented by his memories of war when his
   son's toy soldiers come to life. Helen...Gail Strickland, Ben...
   Patrick Brennan, Colonel...Pat Corley

original airdate: December 18, 1981
1. A Quiet Funeral
   A quiet funeral is the setting for a double-crossed forger's revenge.
   Charlie...Eugene Roche, Marty...Robert F Lyons
2. Make-Up
   A magic makeup case transforms a loser (Billy Crystal) into a winner.
   Roland...Brian Dennehy, Sam...Jack Kruschen

original airdate: December 25, 1981
1. The Partnership
   An old man's eerie partnership allows him to live well in a crumbling
   town. Tad...Pat Buttram, Biker...David Carradine
2. Daisies
   A botanist (Lloyd Bochner) is working with plants to learn a way to
   communicate to them. Louise...Rue McClanahan
3. Catnip
   A ruthless young man (Cyril O'Reilly) is stalked by a demonic black cat.
   Mrs Mingle...Jocelyn Brando, Loretta...Karin Argoud

original airdate: January 8, 1982
1. Lost In Translation
   An archaeology professor (Andrew Prine) seeks power over others through
   a magic formula.
   Jeanette...Cyndy Garvey
2. Guillotine
   A 19th-century Frenchwoman tries to save her lover from the guillotine.
   Monsieur De Paris...Michael Constantine, Babette...Patti D'Arbanville,
   Pierre...France Benard, Louis...Dick Balduzzi

original airdate: January 15, 1982
1. Exit Line
   An aspiring actor (Stan Shaw) takes revenge on an acerbic critic
   (Samantha Eggar). Bert...Jack Carter
2. Who's There?
   A husband (Michael Lembeck) sets a trap for his unfaithful wife (Dianne
   Kay). Steve...Grant Goodeve
3. The Rarest Of Wines
   A Son (Henry Polic II) is unhappy about what he received in the will of
   his recently deceased mother. Pamela...Judith Chapman