The New Adventures of Beans Baxter

[Beans Baxter cast]

Revision date: July 15, 1997

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Series notes

Beans Baxter was a typical teen-ager living in Kansas when his postal carrier father is transfered to Washington D.C. After his father is kidnapped, Beans finds out his father was actually a courier-spy for an intelligence agency known as "The Network." Beans turns junior spy after school delivering top-secret messages while trying to free his dad from the subversive U.G.L.I. (Underground Government Liberation Intergroup) lead by the diabolical Mr. Sue. Beans' mother, little brother, and friends at Upper Georgetown High School are oblivious to his spy goings on.

The series was one of the early offerings of the FOX network back when they tended to try things different then the establised network fair, and this was a very tongue-in-cheek series. Apparently it was a little too wierd for viewers as it only lasted 15 episodes.


Guide notes

Just the first air date is listed. The synopses were adapted from TV Guide listings.



Jonathan Ward      Benjamin "Beans" Baxter, Jr.
Jerry Wasserman    Number Two
Karen Mistal       Cake Lase
Stuart Fratkin     Woodshop
Elinor Donahue     Mrs. Susan Baxter
Scott Bremner      Scooter Baxter
Kurtwood Smith     Mr. Sue
Bruce Wagner       Vlodia
David Longworth    Henry
Kristin Cumming    Darla


  1. A Hill O'Beans (Beans' First Adventure) - July 18, 1987 [1 hour]
     Beans witnesses the abduction of his father - a top-secret courier -
     and embarks on an after school intelligence career pursuing his
     father's captors.
  2. Beans Meets Shawn Weatherly (Beauty and the Beans) - July 25, 1987
     It's two much of a good thing for Beans when he's asked to shelter
     a Soviet informant and Darla pays him a surprise visit from Kansas.
  3. Beans Runs For President - August 1, 1987
     Beans has to put his campaign for class president on hold when he's
     called on to rescue the U.S. President's daughter from terrorists.
  4. Beans and the Satanical Backwards Masking Conspiracy - August 8, 1987
     Beans gets an assignment right from the top: find out if there's a
     connection between subversive backward messages on records and the
     erratic behavior of Number One's son. [Dee Snider of "Twisted Sister"
     plays a deprogrammer].
  5. Beans' Wicked and Awesome Adventure At College - August 15, 1987
     Beans' investigation into a possible link between a student radical
     and UGLI gets sidetracked when he's mistaken for a pledge during
     fraternity hazing week.
  6. Beans In Ski Heck - August 22, 1987
     A trip to the ski slopes amounts to more than a hill of beans when the
     junior spy stumbles over a plot to take diplomats hostage.
  7. There's No Place Like Omsk - September 12, 1987
     Beans is reunited with Soviet defector and double agent Svetlana, who
     misses the motherland and is having an attack of "Omsk-sickness."
  8. Beans Finds His Dad... But... - September 26, 1987 [part 1]
                                   - October 3, 1987 [part 2]
     Beans finally finds his captive father, but the evil Mr. Sue manages
     to keep them apart... for now.
  9. Beans' Unpleasant Introduction To Modern Science - October 10, 1987
     Beans tests a new robot for the government, but "HAP" goes haywire,
     terrorizing small children and animals and interrupting Beans' reunion
     with Darla.
 10. Beans and the Nuclear Warhead (Beans Goes To Camp) - October 17, 1987
     Beans goes to work as a parasailing camp instructor to find a nuclear
     warhead stolen by UGLI.
 11. A Nightmare On Beans' Street - October 31, 1987
     A deadly pumpkin unleashed by Mr. Sue and the evil Pumpkin Princess
     makes Halloween miserable for Beans and friends.
 12. Beans' Home Life Gets U.G.L.I. - November 7, 1987
     An UGLI operative [G. Gordon Liddy] woos Mrs. Baxter, hoping to get
     her photographed in a compromising position in order to get Baxter
     Senior to talk.
 13. Beans Under the Weather - November 14, 1987
     UGLI has plans for the amazing weathermaking machine Scooter invented
     for the school science fair.
 14. Beans Gets His Driver's License - November 21, 1987
     Beans is steered away from getting his long-awaited driver's license
     when UGLI's Jack and Henry do their best to wreck his test.
 15. Beans In Jungleland - November 28, 1987
     When Scooter is accused of selling drugs, Beans joins the Bad Seed
     gang to track down the source of the trouble.